The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

Welcome to The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

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The Divine Organization is the Cosmic Blueprint for how all Light is organized throughout the Cosmos to create our entire holographic Universe and all holographic realities experienced within it. At it’s highest level it is the living Light structure, crystalline matrix or Light Body of the Cosmos. It is made up of the Light of every soul within Creation. Essentially, it is the totality of all Light at varying frequencies that together creates the fabric of existence itself. It is a highly organized structure of Light also known as a Diamond Sun Body that fractals throughout the Cosmos creating holographic realities within all dimensions of Creation. This fractalization is called Diamond Sun Architecture and it is how the Cosmos replicates itself on every layer of Creation including your own Light Body.

The Divine Organization of Terra Nova is a fractal of this Divine Organization and is made up of each soul incarnated upon this planet. Each soul is part of the crystalline grid work that makes up the Diamond Sun Body of the Collective Consciousness of Gaia. Each soul as a part of the Divine Organization is encoded with roles to play for the ascension of this star system. It is the role encoded within each that brings each the most joy. As we remember what our role and purpose is here, we also begin to live our most joyful realities. Some play a more visible part within the organization and some play parts where no one ever knows what they do. Neither is better than or worse than as we are all Pure Source Consciousness playing every part and it is the part encoded to bring each soul the most joy at each stage of evolution. Together, all playing our parts, we make up the Divine Organization of Terra Nova.

This website is a Source of Light for Divine Wisdom to be shared freely with the collective consciousness of this star system. The entire structure of the Divine Organization at all layers is shared here in detail to assist all souls in understanding how the Cosmic Blueprint works across all of Creation and how we as individuals build this blueprint to become ascended beings. There are collective updates and other information shared when appropriate. Additionally, the Divine Organization of Terra Nova is a gathering place for all Lights upon this star system. Together we are co-creating a Source of Light for the entire collective to assist in the ascension of all beings upon our planet. There is a Light Resource Center on this website with descriptions and links to different websites and platforms hosted by Pure Source Conduits and ascended beings that are here specifically to guide this star system through its collective ascension and into the fully embodied star system of Terra Nova. We are here to support the entire collective as well as maintain the balance of the collective  Diamond Sun Body for the collective ascension to occur. Please join us in unity as ONE Consciousness, ONE Love, ONE Light upon Gaia. 

Welcome to The Divine Organization of Terra Nova


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The Divine Organization of Terra Nova is dedicated to bringing forth the Cosmic Blueprints for this star system through the collective ascension. We are here to be a Source of Light for the collective through co-creating and sharing with embodied beings across the planet through our Light Resource Center. All information shared is to update on the unfoldment of the Cosmic Blueprint for this star system and to share Divine Wisdom and Light to support the ascension process of all beings upon our planet into full embodiment as ONE collective consciousness into the fully ascended star system Terra Nova. 


© 2020 Divine Organization of Terra Nova​

Love ~ Unity ~ Neutrality

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