Recently I have been called to work with the masculine and have assisted a few in regards to partnerships, sensuality and sexuality. Specifically as it relates to filling the need for a partner or physical affection to combat loneliness. Anytime we feel the need to reach out for a partner to fulfill a lack within ourselves both end up getting hurt. We can only truly be happy in union when we ourselves are whole. Anytime we engage is sensual behavior to fulfill a lack within we perpetuate the cycle of lust, physical indulgence of the lower mind and the inability to transcend into higher states of unconditional or Divine Love in ourselves and others. In lieu of engaging in this type of behavior it is highly recommended that we go inward to find the root cause of our loneliness and address it. To examine whether it is a temporary feeling due to a life circumstance, or a deep seeded lack of love for ourselves we need validated. No matter the cause, finding the root and addressing it is the only way to transcend the thought patterns that cause the emotional reaction of loneliness and keep us in karmic cycles trying to fulfill our presumed lack.
One such masculine who happened to hold a special place in my own heart came to me with the issue of sensuality versus sexuality. Initially, he was trying to validate being sensual with others as permissible as long as sex was not involved. Reasonably from a lower consciousness perspective this may seem true. However, when one looks at the situation from a higher perspective it becomes clear that such behavior is really damaging to all involved. In higher states of being all thoughts, actions and behaviors are done with the intent for the greatest good of all. In response to the solicitation for my advice, I wrote the reply posted below. Since this issue has come up more than once recently, I feel it appropriate to share for all. This is a challenging issue for both females and males in today’s society. I hope these words help to direct the compass of your own heart in the best direction for it’s health. Blessings and love beloved family.
As always your visit caused me to go into a period of self reflection. It is a beautiful by product of the relationship that we share. Our discussion on sensuality and sexuality sent me deeper into my heart to examine the love I embody and strive to always be. I will admit that the initial first few moments of you mentioning it caused a slight sting. However, this passed extremely quickly and that alone showed me more about myself than I could have ever asked for. There was no desire in my being to covet or hold on to you. Only the realization that unconditional love for another means opening your heart to all experiences – even those the human deems painful. What a beautiful opportunity to further refine my understanding and embodiment of Divine love. Gracefully I was able to go beyond the human emotions to the place you reside in my heart where nothing can taint the love I have for you or myself. I would like to share with you the guidance I received from my I AM presence in regards to this topic. I am sharing only as a reflective tool for growth and understanding since you mentioned you have been “working” on this subject. I trust your internal guidance and I AM presence will guide you wherever you need to be.In regards to sensual versus sexual and that most women correlate sensuality with sexuality leads me to believe that the Divine Feminine aspect, which is the love aspect of the ONE, believes that love is not about touching and physicality but about something more profound and deep within your being. I believe that it’s the masculine energy (not Divine Masculine) in males and females that still craves the physicality and wants to correlate it away from sexuality in order to be able to fulfill the desires of the flesh without having to feel it is not in alignment with the highest form of love. I do not believe that being sensual with another being is a form of pure Divine love when it is not coming from a place of Divine Union.
It is always best to search deep within your own heart to that pure Divine spark that lies within and see if the love is being generated from that area or if it’s being felt in the body in other areas and you will know if the act that you are engaging in is from a place of pure Divine love or lower-level “human” love or physicality that the that the body craves as an indulgence to the lower chakras.
While I believe that physical touch is important in this dimension and in the flesh, I see sensuality and sexuality as tied to a different kind of love something that you would share with a Divine partner in Divine Union. I believe that hugging, touching heads etc. are signs of affection and that they are a necessary part of our being and a way to share love with another being. However unless you’re in Divine Union with them I don’t feel that it is an appropriate place for sensuality and sexuality to be shared. It is still catering to the desires of the flesh.
It is actually worse for all parties when you engage in this behavior with people of a lower vibrational frequency because you are sending them the wrong impression and validating that where they are is from a pure place of Divine Love. Additionally, if you feel you wouldn’t share your partner in that way then this is a big indicator that you shouldn’t engage with other that way either. As a being who is more evolved it is your responsibility to engage with all beings from a higher standpoint to be the Light, to be the example, to be the Wayshower.
As always this is from the point of view of this I. All words used are in a context to convey meaning only and NOT direct guidance. There are infinite ways of viewing anything and each must search their own heart to find the ultimate truth within. I humbly submit my reflection for any that may resonate with it. Please feel free to share. Blessings and love

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