Those who know me well, know that I am a mystic. I am in love with touching the Beloved in the intimate space of infinity. I live to dance with the cosmos in the swirling, provocative dance of Creation. My journey has taken me from the lowest, darkest places of Creation to the highest, blissful dimensions one can experience, including Source itself. A place where nothing exists except energy and a bliss so profound it cannot be written about. In it all I found the glory of God, the Source, the ultimate Love that is Self.

Often times I slip into days of silence and fasting to commune with Self in these spaces and places. I am always guided to deeper understandings and unfathomable feelings of unconditional love and gratitude. Below, I share an excerpt from my latest communion with Self, the Beloved that I AM. As I work to integrate the completion of a seven year cycle of my journey, this jewel came through as a sort of synopsis and closing message. From the heart of one who seeked hard to anyone who is seeking, may it serve the whole. I love you!

“Everything you experience is either a distraction to keep you looking outside or a catalyst to send you deeper within. The curious thing is in the beginning of the quest for Self, a seeker searches feverishly outside themselves for answers. Sifting through much knowledge to ultimately find a sense of truth of who they are. Often times this comes as sort of a reversal process – a peeling of layers of what a person is not – eventually the human persona is unmasked and the true self emerges. This is a precious time for a seeker as that which has been sought so ferociously has finally been found.

Now, some may say this is the end of the seeking, the final destination of the journey. However, if one is to venture into a quantum existence of multi-dimensionalality, the journey continues. The journey of realizing the multidimensional self is almost opposite of the human working to shed the persona. Instead of peeling away who you are not, one works to remember who you are throughout all dimensions of the cosmos. As a fractal of Source, where and what are you throughout all of Creation? A very fascinating adventure but this is also where things can get tricky. You see, things get exciting when you begin to recall your identity as a star being or member of a galactic brotherhood or where your soul orginated within Creation etc. It can be thrilling to play the game from these dimensions. The danger is that the seeker can get trapped on these levels similar to those trapped in their humanness. Just as one may identify with the human persona, one may begin to identify with a galactic persona as well. This attachment to an identity at any place of Creation creates separation and ultimately leads to suffering. One must realize that in ascending through dimensions/planes of existence that stopping and becoming identified with a higher aspect of self is another level of the illusion of Creation, another level of the game. Just as an intial seeker peels the onion to reveal the One true Self, so must the ascendee let the “remebered” layers of self fall away as one moves throughout the multiple dimensions back to the One true Self, the Source of it all. Here at last is the ultimate truth yet again, all is One, all is Source, this is who you are.

Whether you choose to awaken and just be, choose to awaken and engage ascension or choose to sleep through it all – it is all ONE consciousness! The shear simplicity of the journey seems to be the hardest part sometimes. Often times we want to continue to seek outside of ourselves, so sure there is more to experience and realize. Finally, one day, the same truth that has stared you in the face from the very beginning of the journey, hits you right in the heart. That is, there is nothing to seek, there is nothing outside of you – no answers, no one to ask, no one to tell – it’s all you. All you can really do is just be, just be that which you are, Love. There is nothing to do, to say, to learn, to find, to aspire to – You are it! All of it! For all the seeking, the unmasking, the ascending, you return to the very basic knowing in your heart that – Tat Tvam Asi, Though Art That – You are it!”

The paradox is that it takes the journey to open our eyes, our mind and especially our heart. Without the experience of awakening and ascension I would not be able to fully embody that which I AM. Eternally grateful for every step! I love you all as I love myself. Blessings to each on your journey home.

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