I’ve worked with a few individuals lately in regards to stepping into their Divinity by admitting to themselves that they are God. This is not something that usually happens instantaneously. You see, most people are reluctant to admit that they are God. From the limited human perspective, the world seems to be in such a mess. The separate self doesn’t want that kind of responsibility. I mean if I claim I’m God then that makes me responsible for all I see around me. Holy smokes that’s too much! I’ll just stay attached to my mortal limited human persona…it’s safe. So we play it small, shrink down, and deny ourselves of the true eternal essence that we are. From a human perspective, this seems very reasonable given the state of affairs of the world. Or is it?

It is the very act of forgetting that we are God that has caused the world to run a muck. And it will be the very act of remembering that we are God that will bring the world back to our natural state – love. The separation from our own Divinity causes us to see the world through the eyes of duality. Good and bad, safe and unsafe, I and they etc. It seems impossible that this world will ever become heaven on Earth when we are in a state of separation.

When we release our attachment to the human persona, to the separate self, and claim our Divinity, we step into our true essence which is love. GOD IS LOVE! Pure unconditional love that defies all human definitions. It is a love outside of judgment and duality. It is a vibration, a frequency, an essence that one embodies and emits into the world. The very act of remembering you are God radically changes the way you view and interact with the world. Gone are the dualistic overlays of the ego mind that continually keep us in karmic loop cycles on an individual and collective level. Gone are the fears and judgements about this world and what is happening. Gone is the separation! Gone is the fear that if I claim I am God then I am responsible for this world. The fear is replaced by an immense love and compassion for all. All is seen for what it is …God.

One begins to see beyond the humaness of another and expand their awareness to view each as the God Head. Yes, our world has gone far far out from itself as the God Head. However, every time another person chooses to remember and accept their Divinity, the world moves closer to completely shifting back to this Divine state as a whole. Everytime a human steps into their Divinity, this unconditional state of love, the entire organism moves closer to self realization and unity consciousness. It’s all an inside job. The shift in the world outside of you only comes when you shift yourself from the inside.

When you see yourself in all beings, you loose all fear. You learn to love the world for all that it is as it is. Just as you learn to love your own shadows, you love those of the whole as well because they are all you. Judgements are replaced with undying compassion, understanding and ultimately acceptance. Unconditional love and compassion for others is quite different than condoning their behaviors. It is that you can now truly grasp the teaching of Jesus when he said “Forgive them father, they know not what they do” Because you can now see God, love, completely asleep in another. Buried under lifetimes of trauma and forgetfulness. You see with the frequency of love and compassion and act according to what is best for the whole.

The limited self is always trying to control the world. The Divine self is always in a state of surrender and allowance of BEing and radiating unconditional love. Operating in accordance with what serves the greatest good of all.

Embodying your Divinity, walking through this world as the God Head becomes much easier and enjoyable than it ever was as your limited human self. Kindness, generosity, compassion and love fill every exchange. You become grace in every moment. There is a fluidity of your interactions with all of life. This essence transmutes everything into a radiant symphony in which you engage in the eternal dance of Creation. Creator and Creation become ONE! How could the separate self ever compare to that…

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