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Multi-Dimensional Trip to Magical Merida!

Ahhhh Merida..everyday here was sprinkled with a little magic! Called to the pyramid, El Castillo, at Chichen Itza, I decided that flying into Merida was a great alternative to Cancun. I am so glad I did! Not only was this city a great hub for travelling to the sacred site at Chichen Itza, it also turned out to be full of Divine suprises in nearly every interaction.

My very first day there started with a walk to the city center to find breakfast and get a feel for the city. It was a federal holiday so the streets were abnormally quiet and allowed for a great acclimation into the hussel and bussel of the city center. In the afternoon as I was walking down the street I heard Alan Watt’s voice blasting out of a speaker uttering

“What you are is existence itself”

YES! I am not kidding! There on the streets of Mexico I hear my favorite philosopher speaking to me. In that moment I found a patch of Earth near the sidewalk, fell to my knees in the dirt and professed aloud my love to the Creator as the shop owner watched curiously from her window. Everything stopped and I was able to sit with the beloved right there on the street. After several minutes, some laughs, lots of love and watching ants in their own micro-universe, I got up to resume my walk to dinner. Of course I bowed to Brahman (the shop keeper) for delivering a message so peotically to me. This was just the first real taste of the lucid dream I found myself in while in Merida.

I enjoy wandering the streets of Mexico at night when it’s quiet and empty. I find it to be a very personal and intimate way of taking it in. As I’m wandering around the first night, I look over and see a mural with the Tolken quote

“Not all who wander are lost”

Ha… Thank you Universe! Your always speaking. Affirmation that there is nothing more to seek. Your right…not all who wander are lost or looking. Some of us just enjoy the magic in wandering! What a wonderful message to end my first day in Merida!

My second day in Merida was reserved for my work at Chichen Itza. I had bought an early bus ticket the day before and headed out for the two mile walk to the bus station around 6am. Shortly after beginning my walk, I looked up at the sky to see Venus, the morning star, shining high and bright in the sky. She was sharing the sky that morning with Saturn and Jupiter. It was a beautiful sign from the Creator as the Mayans from Chichen Itza built an entire observatory complex at the site just to track Venus in the sky. Venus was instrumental in their creation of the Mayan calendar. There she was leading me right to my destination this lovely morning. Further along the walk I came across a police officer washing his car along the street. As I approached, we locked eyes and greeted each other with a very joyous “buenas dias” along with warm smiles. We exchanged pleasantries and then the officer looked straight at me and spoke something in Spanish that he could tell I didn’t understand. In perfect English he says to me

“In this now moment is everything”

What! Yes! I threw my hands in the air and agreed and we both smiled. Brahman I hear ya!! I finally made it to the bus and headed for Chichen Itza. The magic that transpired there is too much to write here. It involved an aspect of my multidimensional self, ancient ancestors, angels, dragons and so much more! It was an amazing day for humanity! I’ll share more about it in a book someday. Returning to Merida after a long day called for a big dinner! I wandered (😂) the streets in the centro and after much debate decided on a place. The magic of the day flowed right into dinner as a beautiful conversation with my waiter commenced! We talked about the shift in consciousness, God, Love and so much more. In filling his cup, mine began to overflow! Another magical ending to magnificent day in Merida.

My last day proved to be the icing on the cake. Through an unlikely series of events, I ended up booking a private tour with a guide to some local cenotes. I was excited to be heading out of town to a more rural area to spend time in nature and with the locals. My guide, Oscar, picked me up early and my first order of business was to give him a hug. His heart was wide open to receive and I knew the day was going to be perfect. Turns out Oscar is awakening! Not only did I get to spend quality time in nature, swim in underground cave pools, I also got to do my heart’s work of awakening the love!! We spent the day talking about life, the Universe, physics, ascension and so much more. When Oscar dropped me off at the bus station I stared into his eyes and light language poured out from my soul to his. I watched him cry and his body vibrate as all of his cells received the transmission. He looked at me and said

“You have changed my life”

We hugged, laughed, hugged again and I walked into the bus station to never see him again. Yet, I knew I had come here for him and that moment. My heart expanded so big all of Merida must have felt it. Being in service to another in that way is an honor and far more rewarding than anything I have ever experienced in this lifetime.

I am full of love and gratitude for my time in Merida. In August when I was told to buy a ticket to Chichen Itza I never would have guessed my time here would be so full of magic, gratitude and love. It was truly a multidimensional experience! Gracias to the people of Merida, gracias to the land, gracias to the ancestors who assisted me in Chichen Itza, the jaguar and eagle warriors, the mayan priests, the star beings, angels and dragons that presented, gracias Creator for this gift we call LIFE!! I love you all!

As the Mayans say: “In Lak’ech Ala K’in” which means I am you and you are me

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