February 28, 2019

The past few weeks have been magical! I have literally been creating heaven on Earth with each footstep I take. Opening myself up to each and every person, animal or plant I encounter. Meeting them there in that space where nothing seperates us. Even when they are not conscious of it, I can feel our energies engaged in the dance. The dance has taken me to places I never could have imagined on my own. Dancing with the beloved in every breath I take upon this earthly plane is exquisite, spellbinding and addictive! I’ve spent weeks unable to feel my physical vessel. I only feel myself as energy dancing and swirling through this dream. Names are useless and often I don’t identify with my own. Honestly, it is quite a sight at times and I look high as a kite as I glide along the streets. The feeling is that of floating above it all while simultaneously being all of it. It is both incredible and blissful and hard to describe. This is the dance of Creation unfolding in the absence of space and time. Being both the dancer and the dance and greeting the entirety of Creation heart wide open. Here the heart illumines, guides and creates the path in the eternal NOW.

There is something so very profound about following one’s heart. The entire fabric of space and time begins to melt away into a sensual timeless moment that never ends. Any and all things become a cause for joy and celebration. Life itself reflects the eternal truth of existence in every encounter, in every interaction, in every particle of your being… the reflection of LOVE!

My journey has been just that.. a quest, a thirst to BE this reflection in every moment! Ahh reflections, everyday I am inundated with them. The sky, the ocean, a passerby on the street, a familiar face , a street sign or a book. The reflections are endless and always supportive of deeping my understanding and embodiment of Divine Love!

Recently I have had the privilege of spending precious moments with one of my most treasured reflections. This being represents so much to me and holds a very dear space in my heart. Throughout my journey his reflections have pushed and challenged me to look deeper and harder into my own essence. Never forceful and always endearing, he is an invaluable mirror! The reflection is flawless and truly is Self reflecting Self. This latest reflection was one of the most pure and prized I have ever had the pleasure to experience. It was a crystal clear image of how following and living from your heart affects your entire reality in the most amazing way! How when one really honors their own heart and own path they are able to truly be happy for everyone and everything else in an unbiased unconditional way. When one honors their own journey there is only space for unconditional love of all of Creation. As I struggled with holding onto the past, this beautiful being showed me how to appreciate it’s beauty while creating more beautiful moments NOW! My beloved, I AM once again grateful for your reflection!

So here I AM, following my heart and creating new beautiful moments to be offered to the Creator in the never ending NOW. Carving memories of love and beginning to build a new reality once more. Listening to the subtle whisper of my heart as it guides me once again into the deep realms of sacred union and meaningful levels of service. Allowing the space to be guided blindly into a new chapter without the need to know, label or understand the outcome. Today I fall ever so softly into the arms of the beloved in Divine Union.

These past few weeks I have not only felt the swirling of my own light body, I have also felt the swirling and merging of myself into another. The sacred merging of the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine. Our energies forming a vesica pisces, aligning with the flower of life, and allowing for co-creation as ONE. Ever so soft and subtle the merging has provided yet another mirror that is deepening my embodiment of unconditional love. Another reflection that is enabling me to dive even deeper into the depths of Self. A reflection in which I AM able to explore, create with and honor the beloved in all new ways. The path of the heart has once again led me to treasure! I AM overflowing with gratitude!

I came to Mexico this year with a message from Spirit. That the course of my life would be altered forever and a new direction revealed to me while in this magical country. Patiently I have waited each and everyday since arriving. Heart wide open, I resolved to just BE and allow for the Universe to speak to me. No agenda, no return date and no direction for the future, I AM here in this amazing country ready to receive. As promised Creator has been guiding me along. Dropping sweet breadcrumbs to help me unlock the mystery. The magic of Creation alive and thriving in every clue! It seems once again that this puebla magico of Mazunte has provided me with mana. I stumbled upon a book this week in which Creator poetically confirmed my intuition for the next chapter of my service to the whole. The trajectory for my work, Awakening the Love, coming more into focus! Mexico has long had my heart! This place has provided the space for so much growth along my journey. I am honored I will have the chance to return the favor. I followed my heart every step of the way. I have found union, I have received clarity on my path forward and I continue to deepen into BEing all that I AM….LOVE!

May each and everyone of you have the courage to follow your heart! May you all come to know how supported you are when you do. May you all feel the truth of your being awaken from deep within and may you all take the time to listen to the subtle whispers of your own heart. The journey to Self, ascension, enlightenment or awakening lies within the heart! It is YOU! I love you all unconditionally and infinitely!

Gaia Sophia 💙🙏

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