July 16, 2019


Blessings Beloveds,

As many of you may have noticed, I have been offline and unavailable for much of these past nine months. I have not said much about what I was doing as my journey required. The time has come for me to share.

I have been going through physical body ascension as experienced through quantum realities versus linear realities. This has allowed for an accelerated ascension process that called for a disconnection from all. It has been a birthing of that which I AM into this physical body and physical reality; a complete restoration of the Diamond Sun Body, 12th Dimensional HUman body. This was also the extinguishment of the ego or subconscious mind to allow for a full consciousness experience as Source. It was an intense process that pushed the mind and body to its limits multiple times.

My personal ascension has come to its completion. On July 1, I began the process of Source embodiment. This continued for several days as numerous aspects had to be birthed from across all dimensions and lifetimes. I also received the Solar Flash on July 2, at 2:22. It was an intense experience as my heart stargate portal was directly connected with Source’s heart and I received all the Light that I AM. My ascension journey was complete. It was a remarkable process and one that I have written about in a book covering my entire ascension journey. The book is a publication of the journals kept during the entire process along with narrations to provide context. It will serve as an example and activation for anyone guided to read it. This experience and many more are delivered in detail in the book as part of my service here. I will be interacting and writing more as we move forward. There is much to share in the coming weeks and months in support for the collective ascension to New Earth.

For those that may not understand what is written above, this may assist. Our planet is undergoing a massive shift in consciousness known as ascension. This is the next evolutionary step for our species. It has been happening for some time on our planet and there are souls here now who are completing and have completed the ascension process. Some of you may have noticed changes within yourself and/or those around you. Perhaps you have noticed the gaining popularity of Spirituality in the mainstream. These are all signs of consciousness expansion taking place collectively. With the coming months and years all will change as humanity makes its great ascent to New Earth. It will be a positive change as we unite as a species and learn the truth of who we are and our place in the Cosmos. We will build heaven on Earth together.

There are many guides available on our planet to assist during this transformation; Individuals such as myself who will assist humanity through the ascension. Some of us work directly with people, some with Gaia, some the grids etc. There will be some of us that lead the way in bringing new technologies and infrastructure to the planet that support global unification and living in harmony with our environment. There will be new education systems and we will unite in a self governing, equality for all, abundance for all way of life. This is a reality for our planet and it is very much in motion. Trust your soul will be guiding you along through this process.

There will be more information flooding the planet as more and more Wayshowers step into their roles here. Ascension is in short an expansion of one’s consciousness from perceiving oneself as separate from everything to perceiving oneself as ONE with everything. This process is embodied during the ascension process by upgrades to the human mind and body. These changes come about when triggered through our own DNA. It is a heart based operation supported by a new neural network system in the brain and a new crystalline structure in the body. There are DNA activations that occur along the way to assist your brain and body with the embodiment process. There are many DNA activations, heart expansions, unfathomable sensations of love, bliss and so much more. The year 2020 will bring great change to our planet beloveds; All positive and in line with the evolutionary timeline of our species. We are going from the human design to the HUman design, a biological light ship that houses the light of your Soul, Oversoul and Source. Our carbon based bodies rewrite themselves to a silicon base in order to process light – our light. For in truth beloveds, YOU are Light, Pure photonic light that is the living intelligence of Creation. These are amazing times for all. Benevolent times for all souls choosing ascension. There is nothing to do but to love! Starting with yourself. All else will fall into place.

There will be more posted in the coming weeks and months as we move through this time as ONE unified family of light. Together we will work to form a new collective hologram, a new reality, a New Earth where love and unity are the foundation that supports us all. The book, Birthing Creation, will be available on Amazon and Kindle within the week. I will also have copies on hand for anyone local (South Alabama/Pensacola) that may want a one. Please message me directly. Blessings and love eternally beloveds. I love you all so very much!

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