the advent of the new technological year 2020 on the planet Earth in outer space, conceptual representation of pressing the button with the hand of artificial intelligence

12D/144 Harmonics Templates/Geometric Grid Structure

Pillars of Light are Activating

Since late last year many have been rewriting, completing and anchoring within our bodies and Gaia the 144 harmonic templates of all 12 dimensions available on Multidimensional New Earth. Many have been rewriting and anchoring templates like crazy while also working to complete our own ascension as both were interconnected and multipurpose as most everything is in a quantum multidimensional experience. The 12D/144 templates create the gridwork within the body to support the New Earth hologram/realities at all levels. The gridwork created by the Pillars of Light creates the planetary gridwork to support the collective hologram or realities. These templates form a geometric structure that allows all 144 frequencies within the 12 dimensions to materialize as realities in our personal or collective hologram. Each template completed adds to the structure creating a multilayered, interconnected geometric structure that allows for a multidimensional experience. It is both independent dimensionally and ONE at the same time depending on the consciousness of the individual and/or collective experience.

Each person currently completing this is known as a Pillar of Light (because we have to use a word to explain it). All Pillars are the living grid work that allows for New Earth realities to manifest on a collective scale. Each strategically placed on Gaia to support the gridwork similar to acupuncture points in the body. It is the active templates and geometric structures each hold in their field (simultaneously with Gaia) that creates the New Earth planetary structure to support the manifestation of multidimensional realities for the collective. The grid structure of these individuals as a unified consciousness have been/are anchored into Gaia in order to hold the collective hologram in place once the collective migrates to New Earth. This will allow for the collective consciousness to manifest multidimensional realities on the New Earth hologram. The pillars will be the anchor points that will hold the New Earth grid structure in place until the collective energies can support them on their own. All 144 have been/are anchored in and are stabilizing and harmonizing at present through Lions Gate. This completion was necessary to align with the 2020 ascension timeline currently in place.

This is essentially the framework that will allow for the collective hologram of New Earth to manifest in form. Think of a house being constructed, it must be framed before the rest of the house is completed and livable. This is what we have been doing since the Winter Solstice in December. We are the framers and we are the frame. By constructing this “frame” the collective can migrate to New Earth realities and the infrastructure for New Earth can begin being built. These are the physical manifestations of New Earth realities that will one day be supported by the energy of the collective. Once this happens the hologram will stand on its own without the need for the Pillars.

Many Wayshowers/Pillars have been accelerated since November to complete their ascension so that this structure could be completed and fully anchored by the 2020 timeline to allow for the collective ascension to take place. We are moving closer towards this reality. Wayshowers, the last several months have pushed us hard to complete this process. Remember you are supported at all times. Continue to purify every part of your life stream and your being as this will assist the process. Service roles are shifting for many as we embody Source Consciousness and complete our personal ascension. Honor the changes and stay open to the new. Allow your highest realities to manifest by staying unattached and open to change. Trust the new realities will always be for the better.

This completion marks a major milestone in the collective ascension to New Earth. We are getting closer to the collective migration to New Earth realities. Freedom for humanity is upon us. Enjoy this experience as it unfolds for all.

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