Lion’s Gate

12D/144 Harmonic Planetary Crystalline Grid Structure goes “Live”

Blessed Galactic New Year Beloveds,

We have officially crossed over to a new year and the energies have never been more supportive for ascension. We are entering the Lion’s Gate passageway that will peak on August 8th as the star Sirius will align with our Sun and the Great Pyramid in Giza. This year’s Lion’s Gate will be the most powerful that the planet has ever experienced before. The passageway will mark the activation of Gaia’s Diamond Solar Heart. Her heart portal to the higher dimensions will be activated as well as her 12D/144 Harmonic Grid Structure. This will come as the most powerful blast of photonic light that the planet has ever had injected into her core and the planetary grid system. This will go straight to the heart of Gaia fully activating her as a SUN, her true God self. This is not the Event. It is the 12D/144 Harmonic geometric grid structure that will be going “live” with this major activation. This geometric structure is the grid structure needed to support the collective hologram of New Earth. The activation of Gaia’s Diamond Solar Heart, along with many major crystal beds on the planet and the structures created by the Pillars of Light will allow for the 144 harmonic crystalline grid structure to come online for the first time. This is the 5D grid structure that has been in place for some time with all the geometrics up to the 12D completed. This is the full geometric structure that allows for a complete multidimensional existence (5D -12D) on New Earth on a collective level. We along with Gaia have been progressively building this structure. This is the final template, the completion. There will be many anchoring this surge in and many amplifying the grids during this time to assist with holding the structure in place for as long as we can. This will allow as many souls as are ready to pass over the Rainbow Bridge during this passageway.

There are still more Pillars of Light to be fully activated as well as crystal beds on planet that need to be activated in order to permanently hold the structure in place. However, at this juncture there is enough to hold the structure in place for a short amount of time to allow for souls to migrate to New Earth. This is similar to the individual journey many of us have taken. We are able to hold a higher vibration for a while then its back to clearing to allow for more light to be received and fully anchored within before a permanent shift in frequency can be obtained. This is what is happening to the planetary grid as more and more anchor and hold the 144 harmonic structure, the planetary structure will permanently remain in place. All that applied on the individual journey applies on the planetary and collective levels and beyond as is the fractal nature of Creation.

The potency of this passage will have lasting effects on the collective and will push many to speak out. We will see a major shift in many and this will stimulate the beginning of the collective disclosure movement. The months of September through early December will see many truths revealed to the masses. This will begin with religion and will ripple through everything from politics to secret organizations and more. The disclosure will not come from something or someone outside of us or outside these institutions. It is an inside job, the truth shall be revealed to us by us. The entire truth will be laid out before the masses and the division between worlds will increase as each soul will stand before them self in their own “judgment” day. Things will get a little shaky but there will not be mass pandemonium or disruption. However, this is a necessary part of the collective ascension. We must as a collective open our sleeping eyes to the truth that we have hidden from ourselves for so long.

Wayshowers, this is a time more than ever to practice Divine Neutrality and compassion. Remembering on our own journey how we felt when we were awakened to the truth. It can be scary and overwhelming and we are here to stabilize this energy for the collective awakening. The best way to assist during this phase of the ascension is to stay out of it and hold the highest frequency possible. Allow all to unfold as per Divine Will and be the lighthouse for those ready to make the ascension to New Earth. Together we can stabilize the energy on Gaia during this time so that this is a much smoother and easier transition on all souls.

Freedom does not come without change. There will be immense change from the Lion’s Gate until the Winter Solstice. Let us keep our hearts open, our vibration high and our hands out to receive all willing hearts ready to embrace a New Earth. I love you all so very much!

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