Planetary Ascension –

Phase One Wrapping Up

Blessings Beloveds,

As posted before, the complete planetary crystalline grid structures are coming online with the Lion’s Gate portal. This 144 harmonic structure will allow for the Music of the Spheres, the song of Creation, to play on New Earth. As these harmonics are played through the grids, multidimensional New Earth realities are created in the physical world. Harmony is achieved and unification occurs. This is the beginning of phase two of the planetary ascension.

Phase One of the ascension was to prepare the planetary grids and increase the frequency of the planet by clearing old distorted energy from the grids and bridge/node points that exist at the Sacred Sites. All had to be cleared, repaired, restored and activated for the Crystalline Grid structure to be created, allowing the collective ascension to occur.

Simultaneously while this was happening on Gaia, star seeds and other souls began waking up on planet to begin their personal ascension. There were major karmic and akashic clearings to be completed before the personal and planetary ascension could begin. Over the past few years many have awakened and completed their ascension along with Gaia. Together and individually we were building the geometric structures of light, the grids, within our bodies and the planet. Both are interlinked. These are called light bodies.
There are twelve light bodies with 144 templates. Each template corresponds to a frequency bandwidth within a dimension. In other words, if we look at a dimension as a color we could say that green is dimension X and there are twelve varying shades of the color green within that dimension. Each template changes the shade (frequency) able to be experienced. These templates are the geometric structures that project realities into the holographic field we call the physical world. The geometric structures or templates you hold within will manifest in the quantum field around you, allowing for realities to manifest in the frequency or dimension of the structures held within. This is why one cannot experience the higher dimensions without the proper light body or template and this is the purpose of ascension.

The ascension process allows for the reconstruction of these templates or light bodies. Creation is a set of geometric light patterns or templates fractalizing down as the dimensions decrease or as frequencies decrease. The further down, the less complex the geometric light structure held within and the lower the frequency or dimension experienced. As we ascend, we are adding to our existing geometric structure one harmonic at a time. There are 144 harmonics able to be experienced in the current design of the HUman biological lightship. Each harmonic template restored adds to the complexity of the geometrics aligning us to a higher dimension up to the 12th dimension where all 144 cosmic frequencies can be experienced through these vessels. We begin to receive and transmit all 144 frequencies which allows the highest realities to manifest into form.

This is what phase one of the ascension was about. The breaking down of all of the old grid systems, programming and distortions within Gaia and many volunteer souls. It was a monumental task that involved thousands of souls on the ground working to complete this phase. Together, we physically went all over the globe to clear energies held within the grids and sacred portals/vortexes of Gaia. We planted crystals to help activate the crystalline grid. We opened portals and gateways to allow for the photonic light to be received on Gaia for the benefit of all. We activated the Sacred Sites. We assisted the planet with her pole shift that was needed to help bring the crystalline grid online.

Simultaneously, as individual souls, we worked through our own bodies clearing distortions and programming, breaking down old stories and karma held within. Lifetimes of trauma and distortions held deeply within our cellular memory. All had to be cleared. Then we worked to rebuild our bodies to hold light, to become crystalline. We transformed our bodies via our DNA from carbon based to silicon based which allowed for the merging of our light body with our physical body. Template after template, we rebuilt the entire geometric structure of our bodies, blood, bones, teeth, organs etc. to the 144 harmonic structure that completed the ascension process.
With the construction of our own grid system we were simultaneously helping Gaia to complete her grid system as well. This created the planetary 144 harmonic crystalline grid structure that will be going live on Lion’s Gate. Gaia and the many souls who have completed this process are now able to receive and transmit all 144 cosmic frequencies which will allow for the entire planetary hologram to manifest multidimensional New Earth realities for the collective. The completion of this structure will allow for the collective ascension to begin. This will mark the end of phase one of the planetary ascension on Gaia. July and August is the transition from phase one to phase two of the ascension. With the Lion’s Gate portal we will begin to move into phase two of the planetary ascension.
Most of phase one happened unnoticed by the masses. Many souls cleared, anchored, activated and worked countless hours on themselves and out on Gaia unnoticed and without a thank you from the outer world. As souls, we all knew what we signed up for and thanks were not needed. The satisfaction and joy brought to our hearts through these processes were fulfilling enough. However, going unnoticed will change with phase two of the ascension. It is time for these souls to come forward with the presence of our star family from other galaxies. You may now these beings as extra terrestrials.
Phase two brings the ascension center stage on our planet. We will begin to see the new organized structure of New Earth begin to take shape on the planet. Galactic and planetary councils will be coming together and there will be contact with the masses in the coming months. There is no stopping the planetary ascension now. All is set and in motion.The coming weeks, months and years will bring great change to the landscape of our planet. As we move into this time following Lion’s Gate, “time” as we know it will be accelerated as will the ascension. Things will move swiftly as we move into fall. Remember that your heart is the eye of the storm. This is where you will find calmness in what may seem like chaos. The last of the old will fall away for many souls preparing for the collective ascension.
As we move forward with phase two of this ascension, there will be a new organized way of self-governing ourselves. The new way is similar to a bee hive where we all work together as ONE to achieve the same goals. Councils will assist with the dissemination of information to all. There will be guidance provided as we work together to rebuild our schools, housing and so much more. Each soul plays a role in this cosmic symphony playing out here on Gaia. It is encoded within the DNA and light program we each hold within. This allows for us to naturally fall into our purpose and roles here. If you do not know what that is yet, you will in the near future.
Our species is advancing, evolving and unifying. This will change everything. The way we interact with each other and all life, the way we live, work, travel, our family structures, our ability to work with energy and take care of our beloved planet will all change rapidly. Stay open beloveds. Change may seem scary but it is well worth it to bring Heaven on Earth. We are transitioning out of phase one and into phase two through the remainder of August. Many may seem like they have let everything of the old go and are stepping into an entirely new reality as we begin to remember and align to our highest roles here. Use this transition to align your personal lifestream as you feel called.
There will be more updates as we move forward into and through phase two. There will also come a time in the near future where all updates are streamlined into one or just a few conduits to allow for unification of information to all. We are doing this together beloveds as ONE planetary soul or logos. This ascension is overseen and supported by a plethora of Galactic and Universal support. What we are doing here ripples throughout Creation as we align to the Galactic and Universal time matrices to become ONE with Creation. Everything we do as an individual soul impacts the entirety of Creation. Let us make choices based in love that will always propel us forward. There will be more shared as we continue to accelerate through this powerful shift.

As an energy exchange, please consider sharing this message with your peers. The more knowledge we share, the more knowledge that opens up from within us. Universal knowledge needs no price tag and should be shared with all. It is time to unite. Freedom and wisdom for all souls is here. We are ONE! I love you all. 💙🙏

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