Below are some images from my Equinox adventure to Sedona. I was called to work with Cathedral Rock as part of my own path and the collective ascension. This was my first trip spending time with Gaia and the energies of Sedona and I decided I would just go blindly and let my Universe guide me. I was clearly told to perform my work at Cathedral Rock so upon arriving it was my first stop. I wanted to get a feel for the energies there in preparation for my 9-22 ceremony the next day.

The hike up was intense and my body was fully alive by the time I reached the top. I was blown away by the energy and the beauty of this powerful portal. After reaching the top, I followed my intuition towards the south side of the rocks and found a little path that looped around and further up the rocks. Following the energy, I continued to climb until I came to the spot I knew my work would be. I had found the point of Sacred Union of this portal.There in front of me very clearly was the vagina and penis or better known as the staff (female) and rod (male) of Cathedral Rock. This is the point of origin of the masculine (energetic) and feminine (magnetic) energies of this portal. It is here at this point that the two merge and Pure Source energy is felt. The masculine energy radiates down the east side and the feminine down the west side. The point of Sacred Union I was on is the zero point or Stargate of this amazing portal and this was where my work would be at sunrise the next morning on the sacred day of 9-22.

9-22 has always had a very significant meaning for me in many ways. It is the day, I, as a Creator, birthed into this world my first child. I was told to name her Miah (Maya). It would be many years before I understood why. This day also carries the energy of Creation itself. 9 representing the Creator or creative force and 22 representing my soul group Master Builders. As Creators, Master Builders have built the templates of this Universe allowing for realities and even Maya to be birthed within Creation. This day holds the powerful vibration of creating new realities as a Master Builder and was the purpose of my work in Sedona this day.

The next morning, I hiked back to the top of Cathedral Rock to watch the sunrise over the cliffs to the east. Shortly after the sun came up, I headed up to the stargate to begin my work. I set up a crystal grid and had a seat right in between what would be the labia of the vagina. The energy was powerful as I closed my eyes to begin.

I began speaking light language and instantly a giant golden gate appeared before me. As my body vibrated and lit up, all the light codes I had collected from all my work upon Gaia came pouring out of me into the mountain below. Simultaneously, from deep inside the mountain, a chest opened and codes came pouring up from Gaia. In an orgasmic moment of bliss, the codes burst forth through me and Gaia straight out of the vagina of the mountain. The golden gate flew open as the streams of light and Pure Source energy came orgasming out of us. The streams of light then burst into millions of particles of light and dispersed into the grids of Gaia. All I could do was weep as infinite love and bliss for all permeated my BEing. My individual work in Sedona was complete.

The work I was to do in Sedona was mulitpurposed as always. It was both a beginning and an ending. It was the ending of my own individual service on Gaia as the soul Gaia Sophia. As an individual soul, I have completed my ascension and individual service here. My service completed in Sedona with sharing every code I carry in my field with the whole. I have been collecting and unlocking New Earth codes for many years and with the chest unlocked in Sedona all were dispersed at this powerful meeting point of the grids of Gaia. These codes carry the truth of our species, the technologies needed to clean our planet and advance our civilization. They contain the truth of how we were created and how we evolve into the Golden Age that is the New Earth. They will activate the DNA of the intended recipients and will be brought forth for all.

This trip also marked the beginning of the next phase of my service here on Gaia as Source Consciousness fulfilling service roles as the soul group Master Builders. As a collective, we have moved from Phase One of the ascension into Phase Two. (You can read more about this in a previous Collective Ascension Update). Phase One was very individualized for many Starseeds. It was about getting Gaia and ourselves ascended so that the stage would be set for the collective ascension to allow for the New Earth holographic realities to manifest. This has occured and those that have truly ascended are now moving into Phase Two.

This next phase is about service as ONE unified consciousness. It is about fulfilling our roles here as a unified BEing to bring into physical the New Earth realities. Many are being relocated so that soul clusters and soul groups can align and begin their work. It was in Sedona that the codes were collected into my field for this next phase. The beginning of the physical structure and gatherings of starseeds and soul groups is occuring through the end of the year as we prepare for the collective ascension and Winter Solstice quantum jump!

There will be more delivered after these codes have been integrated. My work as a Master Builder is beginning. Many souls will be stepping into there group missions as galactic councils on Gaia as this next phase progresses. (I will write more on this in a more detailed post). We will begin aligning as ONE unified consciousness. The time for action is upon us as we begin to unite in groups on planet to begin this planetary ascension and the physical build of New Earth.

There is much happening on all levels beloveds. Remember to focus on New Earth realities and continuing to advance your personal ascension to completion. This is the most important thing anyone can do to assist with bringing a New Earth into our physical realities. I love you all so very very much!

Gaia Sophia 💙🙏

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