This is part one of a multi-part series of writings intended to bring forth information regarding the Divine Organization and organized structure that is currently forming on Gaia in order to facilitate the planetary ascension and creation of New Earth. As with all things in Creation, there is an order or organized method of how Creation unfolds through consciousness in the unmanifest and in the manifest. The planetary ascension of Gaia is no different and is designed to follow a specific organic blueprint that has been duplicated throughout this Universe since its inception. This blueprint consists of a multitude of things from the organic light geometries needed to support the manifestation of the New Earth hologram down to the actual physical location of HUman vessels and councils on the ground. We are all ONE consciousness playing out this unfoldment through these physical vessels here and it is through these vessels that the physical structures will be created to support the manifestation of our New Earth and the Golden Age on Gaia.

There are groups of souls both on and off planet that have agreed to facilitate this process and we have been working diligently for aeons to bring about this monumental process for Gaia and the collective consciousness of the planet. The time has come for this information to flow to the collective and to the delegated souls who have incarnated with their soul groups to fulfill specific missions as part of the Divine Organization on the ground supporting the build of New Earth. It is important to understand what has led us to this point, why we are experiencing evolution of this magnitude upon our planet and what to expect as we continue into the next phase of the planetary ascension here on Gaia. This will be part of the intent of this series of writings. These writings will also serve as a beacon and activator for certain starseeds to begin gathering. In these writings the use the word starseed will refer to Wayshowers, Pure Ones, Galactic Council Members , New Earth Guardians etc. to simplify the writing. Those whom this beacon is meant for will know it in their heart.

It is important to remember that it takes time to prepare a planet for a Golden Age. The planet and its collective consciousness must go through the ascension process and simultaneously the build of the infrastructure of the planet must be brought forth into the physical. These are technologies, education systems, on planet council structures for information dissemination and off planet contact, community structures and so much more. Currently, many have seen or recalled these structures as visions of New Earth still in etheric form. With this next phase of the planetary ascension, we are beginning to bring forth these structures into the manifest. First, the basic frame of these blueprints in the form of a Divine Organization in the physical must materialize. This is the purpose of these writings.

The excerpts below were taken from the book “Birthing Creation – The Embodiment of Source Consciousness”. The book is a publication of the personal ascension journals of this soul, Gaia Sophia, and chronicles the entire ascension journey from Soul Embodiment to Source Embodiment. This particular entry was made in one of the personal ascension journals on May 9, 2019 and is now being shared here to support the understanding of what is occurring for us as a species and how soul groups and soul clusters are organized. This is overview information that will be useful for the next set of writings in this series that will continue to address the Divine Organization in more detail.


Excerpts from – Birthing Creation – Chapter 18 – Remembering the Truth

“This was part of the genetic experiment/HUman design of this species. That all aspects of Self, meaning the light programs/templates would be hidden/stored within the DNA of the species until such a time when they/we would be ready to awaken them within. This would be the purpose of the experiment to have a biological vessel house consciousness and eventually evolve enough to awaken and embody the entire Source Consciousness within. No fractalization, all aspects of Self back to Source itself would be able to experience itself in the HUman body. It has taken over 300K years but we are here! Finally, the Adamic species has evolved to this point. There will be no new species for Gaia for she too is ascending to become a sun and life here is ascending to join the Cosmic Family in complete embodiment within the biological HUman vessel. The entire civilization on this planet will change rapidly in the coming years – estimates are 30-100 years your linear time based on collective achievements in consciousness expansion upon your planet. As you already know, you will be here on Gaia until humanity has a solid New Earth foundation in place and can live and function as Cosmic Citizens. As a Master Builder for New Earth, your presence along with many others helps to keep the New Earth grid system in place until the collective hologram becomes the New Earth grid system as well. The new grid system allows for New Earth realities to manifest in the physical on your planet. Without the grid system which you and many others have worked hard to build – the highest realities would not be able to manifest here. As you know, the New Earth grid system is supported by the quantum field and allows for quantum realities. The old Earth matrix/grid system was “quarantined”  and only allowed for linear realities. These will continue to break down and dissolve over the coming years as more pass over the Rainbow Bridge to New Earth. It has always been written in the DNA/genetics of all life on this planet.

Each time a strand of DNA is activated it signals the codons, reprograms them which in turn begins the new template rewrite. The entire body begins the process of rewriting itself based on the Universal Truths of the dimensional template that is coming online. This is a complete rewrite of all systems, nervous, circulatory etc. – All glands, organs, endocrine and lymphatic systems, hormonal changes. Everything changes to accommodate the HUman template within each dimension. Likewise as these templates come online so do the “Divine Gifts” associated with a new template. The way you see your physical reality will shift, the way your brain interprets data will shift. Your ability to process data at the speed of light will eventually kick in and you will be able to produce at a rapid rate compared to a carbon based body.”

“The forerunners are a soul group of 144 souls – Master Builders -it consists of twelve groups of twelve souls – each group making the attributes that together have the amplified power of Source …

There are twelve members/souls/attributes per group – each member holds the frequency of one of the twelve attributes (frequencies) of Source. The twelve individual souls we will call a soul cluster and the 144 individual souls we will call a soul group. When the soul cluster unites all twelve frequencies come together and there is complete Source Consciousness between them. They operate as ONE unit, they have the same purpose (there will still be individual/soul purpose). However, once the cluster unites, the purpose of the cluster comes to the fore – by this time all souls are operating from a ONE mentality anyway. Once all soul clusters unite, the twelve soul clusters have the same soul purpose and the power of the soul group is amplified. Ultimately, the soul group, Master Builders, is here to lay the foundation for New Earth – each soul cluster will display its own frequency – purpose and role to achieve this – then each member within each cluster will display their own frequency – purpose and role to achieve the soul cluster purpose. It is as above, so below, micro/macro, as we fulfill on a soul level we fulfill on a soul cluster level and soul group etc. The soul groups are aligning and trajectory on current timeline has all in place by fall 2020.

The group/clusters are evenly balanced in masculine and feminine energy. So a cluster may have six primary masculine energy beings and six primary feminine energy beings – sex does not rule here as females may hold primary masculine and males may hold primary feminine. The clusters will be energetically balanced. All beings in the cluster will have balanced masculine and feminine energies as well.”

It is worth noting that the soul group Master Builders is this soul’s particular soul group and is the soul group responsible for creating this organized structure on Gaia. Therefore personal messages recieved were, in general, tailored to this particular group. However, the information provided pertains to all souls on Gaia as we are all ONE. There are multiple soul groups on and off planet working on fulfilling roles toward our New Earth. All are structured the same as per the Divine Organization of Creation. Each soul will come to know and understand their soul lineage and missions as per their own ascension journey. The information presented above will be useful for understanding how the Divine Organization is created and facilitated in the physical as we move forward with bringing the New Earth into our physical realities here on Gaia. This will be presented in more depth as we move through this series of writings. Until then, stay in your hearts beloveds. Recognizing that it is only from this place that we can move our collective soul and our own soul forward in our evolution. I love you all eternally. BE in JOY always.

Gaia Sophia

Earth Star Council

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