This is part two of a multi-part series of writings intended to bring forth information regarding the Divine Organization and organized structure that is currently forming on Gaia. The first part described the reason for planetary ascension as per the genetic experiment on our planet as well as an introduction to the structures of soul groups and soul clusters. This part will expand upon this information as well as describe the cosmic blueprint of the Divine Organization that is currently forming on our planet.

Every level of Creation is a fractal representation of the previous level. This is the basic principle of as above so below or macrocosm and microcosm. Essentially, each of us as a soul is an exact replication of the entire Cosmos presenting as an individual sovereign Being here in the physical. We are the central SUN of our own Universe just as our sun is a fractal replication of the Universe on a solar level and so on. When completely ascended, the HUman body becomes a Diamond SUN body that is comprised of twelve chakras (dimensional frequencies) all perfectly aligned opening our stargates to the higher dimensions and Source itself. (A much more in-depth topic than these few sentences) This concept of twelve dimensional frequencies is important to understand when we begin to talk about the structure of the Divine Organization taking place on the ground of Gaia.

Consciousness itself has the ability to experience itself at all levels or dimensions of the fractal or in its entirety as ONE organism. It is always a conscious choice of the soul or logos housing consciousness as to how it experiences itself. This is how we experience multi-dimensionality as HUman Beings on New Earth. The goal with planetary or collective ascension is to unify all aspects/levels of Self throughout the dimensions in order to experience the Self as Source Consciousness in a physical body; or to be able to experience ourselves as ONE organism or ONE planetary collective consciousness. This is part of the ascension path for the collective and why soul groups and clusters are beginning to unify on the planet.

Each soul group and soul cluster represents a logos structure in that the combined energies within form one soul or logos. All logos structures follow the organic architectural blueprint of the macrocosm. Each individual soul as the microcosm is a logos, each soul cluster is a logos, each soul group a logos and all souls on Gaia a logos structure known as the collective consciousness of Gaia. As the Divine Organization begins to form on Gaia, it will support the original architectural design of this pattern. This allows for the proper balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies to take place upon our planet to support the physical manifestation of collective New Earth realities.

As energy works on light quotient and not numbers, there will not be a need for every soul on Gaia to unify with their entire soul cluster or soul group. In fact, most soul groups are not all incarnated in the physical on a particular planet. Many are in the higher dimensions leading and guiding member souls on the ground that are experiencing soul growth and evolution. However, at this pivotal time on Gaia there are certain soul groups that have incarnated as a whole to assist with bringing the energetic balance needed to restore the original divine blueprint of the collective consciousness. These groups make up the frame work of the Divine Organization and structure that are the foundation of the New Earth.

As was discussed in the previous writing, a soul group is comprised of 144 individual souls and twelve soul clusters. The twelve souls in the cluster represent the 12 core dimensional harmonic frequencies of this Universe. The individual souls in the soul group represents one of the entire 144 harmonic frequencies of this Universe. When these individuals align in their physical places on the planet as members of the collective consciousness, they create the Diamond SUN body of the collective consciousness of Gaia. This is the energetic structure that creates the stargates needed to bring forth Pure Source Energy into the collective consciousness. This is an infinite amount of creative energy to manifest New Earth realities on a collective scale.

The soul group, Masters Builders, has incarnated as ONE soul group of 144 in order to bring forth into the physical the Divine Organization that will facilitate the build of New Earth. We are a specialized group of souls that incarnate on a planet with the direct mission of constructing and putting into place the Divine Organization of Creation once a star system is ready to evolve into Cosmic Citizens. This is the time that we find ourselves in on Gaia and the entire Master Builders soul group is currently mobilizing on the ground in order to fulfill this task. We have worked together many tines before on many other missions throughout this Universe. It is through energetic balance and proper alignment of each’s frequency as a unified logos structure that this is accomplished.

The Divine Organization is an energetic structure created in the physical that allows for abundance to flow in the form of infinite Pure Source Energy (and financial abundance until currency is phased out) to and through the collective consciousness of Gaia. This is an important structure to implement on the ground because it is this structure that links our collective consciousness with the Galactic and Universal matrices via the new stargates that this organization creates. There are twelve soul clusters of twelve Master Builders that will each come together in the physical upon Gaia. These individuals will be tasked with building a physical ascension center on multiple locations of the planet. Each cluster knows where they are to do this. These centers will become Temples of Light upon our planet. They will be living stargates that connect us as a collective consciousness to the rest of Creation.

Each soul cluster represents a galactic council of twelve, incarnated here in the physical. They will work as ONE unified Self that is Source Consciousness. All clusters have a direct purpose and will work with other starseeds and members of the collective to bring forth New Earth projects into the physical. The ascension centers created are an integral part of the Divine Organization. It is through these centers that the energy flows to support the collective holographic reality and the creative force of infinite energy flows in to support physical manifestation of New Earth projects. As we evolve as a unified consciousness, we will get to the point where we create only with Pure Source Energy. Essentially, this is the only energy needed to create and project our outer reality and there is always an infinite supply to create with. Until this time comes, the abundance will still flow from these centers in the form of currency until such a time as this energy method becomes phased out.

As the soul clusters come together and begin to understand their purpose and align their frequencies, they will subsequently align and fulfill on a soul group level. This will increase the energetic balance of the planet exponentially and will support the balancing of the collective Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies needed to assist with the collective ascension. As these clusters and groups come together and unify as Source Consciousness, they are also able to bring forth the pure infinite energy of Creation itself to use for manifesting New Earth projects. The soul clusters will work as a unified council of light or Galactic Council to facilitate local change on the ground. They will be funded primarily through a global foundation called the Earth Star Foundation. The Earth Star Foundation is overseen by the the Earth Star Council. This is the high council of the Master Builders and is made up of one member of each of the soul clusters.

These councils are made up of incarnated starseeds on Gaia working to facilitate the planetary ascension. There are many starseeds here all working toward this purpose and we are all uniting to assist with the collective ascension and New Earth build. Many were crucial to Phase One of the Ascension as it was necessary to prepare the planet and many starseeds for their personal ascension. These groups were instrumental in getting the collective timelines to this now moment. Immense gratitude and deep respect for everyone’s service. With Phase Two of the Ascension, many more starseeds have fully ascended and are ready to begin their work as galactic councils or ground crew to bring New Earth into the physical for all.

The starseeds are here as dimensional liaisons for the collective consciousness of Gaia. It is through the Divine Organization that the starseeds will be able to assist with balancing the collective energies needed for the collective to ascend and facilitating the physical build of New Earth. This organization will work globally with starseeds to begin unifying information, encourage funding to support New Earth projects and many more things. We are at the beginning of creating a new type of civilization on our planet that will be the most collaborative global initiative ever undertaken by our species. The starseeds on Gaia are here to support this process until the collective consciousness of Gaia supports itself. Starseeds are strategically placed on Gaia to support this process and will be making their presence known as we move into the year 2020.

As Galactic Councils they will bring forth the needs, ideas and information from the soul clusters, starseeds and collective so that all needs are met equally. All funds needed for New Earth projects will be primarily provided for through the Earth Star Foundation and is the responsibility of the Earth Star Council to oversee. This council is also responsible for disseminating unified information to the clusters or galactic councils on the ground and to the collective of Gaia. The Earth Star Council is responsible for overseeing the entire New Earth foundational build. We will discuss more about the Earth Star Foundation and Earth Star Council in the next series of these writings.

The organizational structure being created is not a hierarchy, a better than or less than or higher or lower. This is the energetic support system of all balanced 144 Universal frequencies representing and supporting the entire collective consciousness of Gaia as ONE logos structure. Through this structure, we are giving birth to our collective consciousness as an ascended logos in balance and alignment with the original blueprint of Creation. Each and every soul on these councils are operating as a Pure Source Conduit as ONE unified BEing. It may be helpful to use the human body as an example. In order to move a finger, one must first have the thought in the brain to initiate the movement. Next, the synapses in the brain fire and tell the central nervous system to move the muscles, bones, tendons etc. of the finger and then the finger moves. The finger is not more or less important than the nerves, the brain or the synapses that fired. They are all a necessary part in moving the finger. They can be viewed as separate or they can be seen as one. We don’t say my brain, nervous systems and muscles moved my finger. Instead, we say, I moved my finger. This is the same operating principle of the Divine Organization unfolding upon the planet. It is all part of ONE organism. When our consciousness evolves through ascension, we become the ONE consciousness flowing through all things. The councils operate under this structure and all decisions and actions are done for the whole or greatest good of all as ONE organism.

This is how the Divine Organization manifests in the physical realm. We are all ONE organism yet we are all individualized fractals of the ONE. Here on New Earth we learn to live and work together as both. Deep honor and sacred respect for all in every moment and every interaction. We never compromise the integrity of the whole and always operate from a service to others way of BEing. This is how we achieve a planetary ascension and usher in a golden age for a star system. We are the ONEs beloveds. We are the builders of our New Earth.

In the next series if writings, we will discuss the Earth Star Foundation, Earth Star Council and the next steps needed to begin bringing these into form. I AM deeply grateful and honored to be here in service to ALL that is. Peace be with you all beloveds.

Gaia Sophia

Earth Star Council




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