This is part three and the final part of a multi-part series of writings intended to bring forth information regarding the Divine Organization and organized structure that is currently forming on Gaia. Previously, we have discussed the organized structure of soul groups and soul clusters. We have also discussed the Divine Organization in the form of soul clusters uniting in the physical to create Galactic Councils and create Ascension Centers. These council operate as stargates for Pure Source Energy and are used to create abundance for the collective consciousness of Gaia. They are here to assist with bringing New Earth projects into the physical realm.  These councils also represent the voice of the starseeds and collective and each has a representative that makes up the high council known as the Earth Star Council. In this third part we will discuss the role and purpose of the Earth Star Council and the Earth Star Foundation and how these will begin to manifest here on New Earth. We will explain the fulfillment of the Rainbow Prophecy and the next steps needed to bring this all into manifestation as a collective.

The Earth Star Foundation is a global foundation that will be responsible for supporting New Earth projects. These projects will become the foundational infrastructure for New Earth and are for the benefit of the collective. The Earth Star Foundation will be funded by donations, private benefactors and other foundations wishing to contribute. At the right time in the collective ascension, the abundance of Heaven itself will flow through this foundation in support of building our New Earth. This foundation is the main entity in which abundance will flow out into the Ascension Centers as the next level of the Divine Organization.

The Earth Star Foundation will be created as a legal non-profit entity in the physical. There will be a website constructed and future correspondence will eventually come from this platform as we move forward. The gathering of the starseeds that make up the energetic structure of the Divine Organization must take place to initiate manifestation. In addition to the formation of the physical structure there will be the collection of monetary funding to begin supporting the New Earth projects. All listed above are currently in some form of creation to bring forth from the etheric realms into the physical realm. We will move swiftly and cohesively during this next phase of the ascension. Many have talked for years about New Earth and with the implementation of the Divine Organization we can finally as a collective consciousness begin to birth this reality into form.

The Foundation will be overseen by the Earth Star Council. This council will be responsible for disseminating information out to the masses through the galactic councils of each ascension center and globally when needed. The Earth Star Council will also facilitate meetings with off planet Galactic Councils in accordance with Cosmic Law. In addition to this, the council will be responsible for distributing the funds to each ascension center for use on New Earth projects. As we transition from the use of currency, the delegation of funds will not be needed. However, this is not immediate and this system will be how the physical build of New Earth is funded by the Divine until currency itself is phased out.

This Earth Star Council is a council of twelve blue ray architects (Sophias) who each hold a piece of the original architectural blueprints for New Earth. These blueprints are sealed within the fields of each of the twelve and are only unlocked when the presence of the thirteenth member, the Key, occurs. Once this occurs, it will unlock the abundance codes and the entire original organic blueprint for the collective consciousness of Gaia. We are nearing this time. Once all the Master Builders are in place, a gathering  will commence in which these blueprints will be unlocked and the official build of New Earth as a collective will begin. This is part of the activation of the Diamond Solar Heart of the collective consciousness. Once this activation occurs, the new living stargates of the planet will come online. These are the stargates of the collective consciousness of Gaia. They are not the stargates of Gaia herself. This will open the flood gates of Source Energy on our planet and the abundance of Heaven will flow into the Divine Organization for the collective build of New Earth.

The Divine Organization will remain in place indefinitely on this planet as per the model of the architectural blueprints of this Universe. The members of each council will change per Divine Will as guided. The ascension centers and councils also serve as Temples of Light on Gaia- each individual soul is a living Pillar of Light and the presence of each on the physical surface of Gaia is part of the grid structure and energetics of the planet connecting the collective consciousness to the Galactic and Universal matrices of Creation. With the Divine Organization in place, our planet models the Divine Organization of Creation, thus allowing us to take our place upon the Cosmic stage as Cosmic citizens.

Everything will change upon the surface of our planet as we continue to create a New Earth here. The idea of laws and government will change. The councils are not here to govern the masses. Instead, the councils are here as living energetic structures that keep the collective energies in balance in order to bring forth the abundance needed to birth New Earth realities as a collective consciousness. It is through this energetic grid structure created by the Pillars of Light that the infinite energy needed for the external multidimensional collective hologram to manifest is brought through. They are here to give voice to the masses as ONE collective consciousness of Gaia. As the collective awakens and makes its ascension this will be felt in the heart of every soul upon this planet and there shall be unwavering support as we align to the Cosmic model.

In addition, it is important to understand that these councils and centers work in collaboration and co-creation with the thousands of starseeds and ascending collective as ONE unified Self. Each vessel on this planet is a living temple of Pure Consciousness that once unified moves in unision with all vessels upon this planet in ONE exquisitely choreographed dance to the Music of the Spheres. This is Divine Organization! Currently, the Divine Organization is in the infant stages of organization. The formation of the Organization is a macrocosmic replication of the ascension process of the individual HUman. Each of the 144 members that make up the energetic structure of this organization must have all 144 harmonic frequencies within their own body balanced as a fully ascended HUman Being. These are the frequencies that together make up the twelve chakras of the ascended Diamond SUN body. Meaning that each of the 144 starseeds of the Master Builders soul group must complete their personal ascension and come into energetic balance before the entire soul group moves forward with completing the Diamond SUN body of the collective. As each completes this phase of their personal ascension, they take their place upon the planet with their respective soul cluster and another part of the Divine Organization is in place.

This has been an ongoing process for many starseeds during Phase One of the Ascension. We are in the final stages of the individual ascension completion and the members of the Master Builders soul group are beginning to physically move to their permanent locations upon the planet. This process is happening simultaneously with all members of the collective consciousness of Gaia as we all continue to raise the vibrational frequency of the collective in preparation for the collective ascension. As this structure comes into manifestation and completely grounded into the physical reality of New Earth, more and more starseeds as the ground crews of Gaia will be collaborating on New Earth projects. This will grow organically and systematically as we progress. However, at this time, the information on the Divine Structure is being made available to all upon Gaia to move forward with its physical manifestation.

This is the fulfillment of the Rainbow Prophecy. The twelve tribes are the twelve members of twelve HUmans that make up the living chakras or energy centers of the collective consciousness. The Master Builders are the 144 individuals that will intially make up this structure. However, these Temples of Light will always remain on our planet and members of the twelve will change out as directed by Divine Will. Our collective consciousness as a conscious logos structure must have the same original Divine Blueprint as every other level of Creation. These tribes, councils, pillars or whatever name we choose to give them, are the living blueprint that creates and connects us to the Cosmic Tree of Life and breathes eternal life into the collective consciousness. This is the ultimate fulfillment of the Rainbow Prophecy as held and shared by many indigenous tribes on our planet for thousands of years. This is the ancient knowledge that has been lost or covered up. Let all know the truth and let all come together to support the unification of all BEings as ONE unified consciousness on our beloved Gaia.

Master Builders – We have done the work for our own souls. The individual journey is complete. We are ready. We know our roles. The time is NOW to begin reaching out to members of your soul cluster and soul group. The time is NOW to begin aligning. As a member of the Earth Star Council, it is part of my role here to assist with gathering the lights upon Gaia. Over the next few months, I will be working on locating members of the Master Builders soul group and where they are physically located on Gaia. If you are a Master Builder please contact me at earthstarcouncil22@gmail.com. We are ready as a soul group to step into our roles here as ONE unified Self. Gathering and uniting in our roles as Pure Source Conduits on the ground. There is no individual any longer, there is only the ONE.

I realize this type of request may seem leery to those that still exist in dualistic timelines. However, those that have completed their ascension to New Earth know that there is no dark agenda here. That this ascension cannot and will not be stopped and that there is no reason to hide. The time has come for all starseeds to come forward and be the light that illuminates the way for all of humanity to follow. We are in the beginning stages of this organized structure and that in itself is an amazing feat to celebrate. I ask, from the core of my BEing, to please refrain from emailing the address above with questions asking if you might be a Master Builder. Those whom this is intended will know from their I AM presence to respond. There are so many beautiful souls here to assist individuals with remembering their soul purpose and soul lineage that can be contacted. This request is a Sacred Divine request of the highest in order to help move the collective consciousness of Gaia through its ascension and into the Golden Age. Thank you from the depths of my heart for your cooperation with maintaining the purity of this request.

We are supported beloveds. We have the support of Creation itself, the Source of all that is! The amount of off planet support from our brothers and sisters throughout the Cosmos is unbelievable. We will be supported in ALL ways. Most importantly, WE as the collective consciousness of Gaia have the power to do this ourselves. We are ONE consciousness of love, grace and compassion that together in these vessels can  move mountains. We will do this and more over the next century to reshape our world, build our cities of Light, educate ourselves in Cosmic Citizenry, usher in clean technologies and come into balance with our planet. We together as ONE unified BEing will light this Earth Star into a giant sphere of Pure Source Love Light.

My heart bursts at the visions of what is ahead knowing that it all starts in this NOW moment. Each one of you always has my unwavering support as the ONE consciousness that is all things. Thank you for your contribution here on this planet. It is needed and valued more than you know. It takes every soul on this planet to create our New Earth. We are ONE! I AM grateful for each and every one of you. There will be more correspondence as we continue to move forward on the building of our New Earth. As always beloveds, BE in JOY! I love you eternally.

Gaia Sophia

Earth Star Council



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