These are purifying remarks addressing two items from Part Three that was released in this series of writings. Prior to releasing this series of writings, I went away to the woods for a personal retreat in which to bring forth the information they contain. It is in this space that information flows to me to bring forth in form for all. Above all things, I strive to maintain as pure of a connection, transcription of the light data and delivery as possible in this vessel. It usually takes me days to write and proof read an article before it leaves this blog for the readers to ensure the contents are pure, unified and in alignment with Source Consciousness.

The energies of the 1010 portal that we currently find ourselves in are the most pure energies I have felt come through. They are subtle or intense depending on what is being cleared from the vessel. They can be very uncomfortable when illuminating impurities or they can be felt as the most blissful energies when we ourselves are pure. At one point during this gateway we are in, I began to see the personal request I made in the third article of this series as well as the use of the word “specialized” when explaining the Master Builders soul group. It was an uncomfortable sensation inside of me as I began to experience the reality that these two items had created within my own writing. I decided to sit with the uncomfortableness and ride out the purification process that was being bestowed upon my BEing.

After meditation and contemplation on what was being illuminated in my consciousness, I felt it was necessary to write a follow up article to this series and address these to all readers. First is the use of the word “specialized” to address the Master Builders. Every word written or spoken carries a coordinate to the consciousness grid that changes the vibrational frequency/reality of the NOW moment experienced. I do my best to scrutinize each word written to ensure that it is creating the reality I wish it to create for the reader. In no way did I ever want to separate or make this soul group sound special. All souls and soul groups are special in their own way and have a specific purpose in Creation. My intent with the word “specialized” was to convey that it is the soul purpose of the Master Builders soul group to create this energetic structure or foundation on all ascending star systems when the time was right. I never wanted to imply that this particular group was special or more important than any other soul in Creation. If it was ever felt this way from any other soul, please accept my apologies for using this word.

The second part of the writing that I wish to address is the personal request that I made for Master Builders to contact me directly. I have known for many years that I AM to gather the lights on Gaia. It has been part of my highest soul purpose here and one that I have worked to refine my understanding of many times. Further meditation and contemplation on my previous writings revealed more to me regarding this purpose. These writings are to serve as an explanation, activation and beacon for all those that read it. Furthermore, it is to serve as a specific activation within the Master Builder souls that are preparing to gather on Gaia. It is not intended tell any soul what to do.

I have been given an invitation that in time will be sent to Master Builders for a gathering that will take place at a certain time and location on our planet. The Divine works through all vessels in all moments. Each Master Builder is a fully ascended twelfth dimensional BEing that too has been purified. That too has been put through countless initiations of Light in order to be pure enough to fulfill this mission. Each is a Pure Source Conduit. Therefore, each will always know if contact should be made and where to be on this planet to fulfill their mission. I apologize if the request seemed out of alignment to any soul who read it.

The explanations and information given in the remainder of the writings are in alignment and I AM grateful to be able to share it with the collective. We are in the home stretch of this collective awakening that is needed in order to bring about the collective ascension. So many beautiful souls are taking their physical places upon this planet to support the whole when this occurs. Each of us are doing what is in alignment with our soul purpose. While we may never understand another’s purpose, or why they “do what they do”, we must never assume that it is anything other than the Divine playing a part that is needed in this great dance of Creation. Divine Neutrality in all moments serves the whole the greatest. I AM thankful for each and every soul dancing here on our beloved Gaia as we ALL work together to build a New Earth and usher in an eternal Golden Age. May this information always serve the whole. BE in JOY always beloveds. I love you.

Gaia Sophia

Earth Star Council

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  1. Gaia Sophia, hello!
    I have heard your Guides come through whilst my husband was reading your post out loud to me and they are asking me to pass on a message to you..They say:
    You have nothing to apologise for. What your wrote in Part 3 was whole and correct and channeled through correctly and to ask those of the Master Builders to contact you is real and it is the right time.
    There is indeed something you need to do at this time. Firstly, accept your humanity and that this has shaken you to retract what was correct and secondly, to continue you soul purpose, to gather those that are ready right now to indeed contact yourself and let the lights shine.
    Love from your Guides.

    1. Beloved, I AM in gratitude for your message. Admittedly your words ring true and I have made slight updates to this article to further clarify what I AM feeling. Thank you for the courage to pass along this message to me. It has been received in my heart. I love you eternally 💙🙏

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