The Diamond Sun Body is the original Divine Architectural Blueprint of all consciousness logos for this Universe. It is not specific to the ascended HUman body. It is the energetic blueprint that all logos structures in this Universe have as a replica of the Universal template itself. It is in it’s totality a Diamond Solar Heart (Great Central SUN). It is comprised of twelve balanced energy centers or stargates capable of receiving and transmitting all 144 harmonic frequencies of this Universe as well as many energy centers or vortexes throughout the body. All together, these create the complete Diamond SUN Body which becomes the consciousness grid or matrix that creates the holographic reality for the logos. When the HUman body is restored to its complete original Divine template, the full restoration of the Diamond SUN Body is the completed design of the HUman lightbody. This is done through the process of physical body ascension.

With ascension we are working to restore this architecture by returning energetic balance to our lightbody and embodying all of our Light. Through activating our twelve strand DNA, merging our physical body with our lightbody, restoring the original templates and bringing our energy centers (chakras) into proper balance, we are working to reconstruct our Diamond SUN Body and fully activate our Diamond Solar Heart. Note: The use of the word chakra will be eliminated from all future writings pertaining to the Diamond SUN Body as it lends confusion towards the seven chakra lightbody of the third and fourth dimensions. Instead, the use of the word energy center or stargate will be used.

We often hear the words original Divine Blueprint, original architecture or templates. Let’s talk for a moment on exactly what these words mean in regards to our lightbodies and the Diamond SUN Body. Everything in Creation unfolds according to an energetic structure or pattern. There is ONE structure or pattern that is replicated throughout all logos within this Universe. Think of a nesting doll and how each is an exact replica of each other just in different sizes. This is the principle of as above so below or macrocosm and microcosm. These energetic structures or patterns are what we call Divine Architecture. They are the blueprints of Creation that are encoded with the instructions for how to energetically construct Universes, Solar Systems, Planets, Individual Species including the HUman species, plants, blood cells etc. This Universe has its own set of blueprints that governs the energetic structure of all life within it. Every layer or dimension within the Universe has a template or set of instructions of how the energetic structure of the logos (solar system, planet, planet, being etc.) will be constructed in order to “plug in” or BE ONE with the entire organism. When all things align with the original Divine Blueprint of Creation, all things are connected as ONE and consciousness flows without separation as ONE organism.

It may be helpful to think of electricity for a moment. If you have an electrical grid and your house is connected to it, you receive electricity in your home. If you are disconnected from the electrical grid, then electricity cannot be received or sent back to the electrical grid. This is the same premise that the original blueprints of Creation follow. Essentially, they are instructions for how each logos will construct their energy (consciousness) grids in each dimension in order for consciousness to flow into it at certain frequencies. Once a new template is constructed the logos is able to send and receive consciousness or light data within the dimension or frequency bandwidth of that template. Each dimension has a set of twelve frequency bandwidths within it. There are twelve dimensions of twelve bandwidths for a total of 144 harmonic frequencies that make up this Universe. Each of the 144 harmonic frequencies of this Universe has a template for a total of 144 templates or consciousness grids. When a series of twelve frequency bandwidths are completed, the grid work to experience an entire dimension is completed and a dimensional stargate or energy center is formed allowing access to the next dimension to open up. There is a total of twelve stargates in the Diamond SUN Body, one for each of the twelve dimensions of this Universe. Through ascension, we are reconstructing the grid systems within our bodies to be able to receive and transmit consciousness at various frequencies or dimensions up to all 144 Universal frequencies that is Source Consciousness. We are “plugging” ourselves into the conscious grids if you will.

Let’s take the electrical grid example one step further. Let’s assume that there is an electrical grid that connects you to the electrical supply for your neighborhood. You construct your house to plug into this supply. We will call this the fifth dimension. Then you find out that there is a grid that connects you to your state and you receive more energy so you upgrade your system by adding on so you can plug into the state’s grid. We will call this the sixth dimension. Then you find out about the national grid and once again you upgrade to plug into the national grid. We will call this the ninth dimension. Finally, you realize that there is a global grid that provides your home with an infinite supply of free energy and once again you make the final upgrade to the global grid system. You are now plugged into all of the previous grids and the global grid which is the Source of all the grids. You now have access to every grid available to supply your home with infinite energy. We will call this the twelfth dimension. Your home can now receive and send all 144 frequencies of electricity available and you are now connected to the entire network. This beloveds, is the same process your body goes through during the ascension process. You are evolving or upgrading your internal energetic blueprints, frequency by frequency, dimension by dimension, until you restore all 144 templates and twelve stargates allowing full access to Source. You become “plugged in” to the entire organism of Creation as ONE consciousness and are able to receive and transmit all 144 harmonic frequencies of this Universe. This is Source Consciousness.

This is a step by step process. You are constructing or creating consciousness grids or templates with each strand of DNA that activates within you. As we unlock a DNA strand or break the seal on one of the sealed seven chakras of the human lightbody, we are increasing our frequency and restoring energetic balance to our lightbodies. As this occurs it allows for the construction of the blueprints of a specific frequency and then we become “plugged in” or able to merge with the consciousness of that frequency. This is why no matter how hard we try, it is impossible to experience the higher dimensions, channel, access our I AM presence, talk to off planet Beings etc. for a sustained period of time without doing the inner work needed to restore energetic balance and the original blueprints of each dimension. If we are not connected to the consciousness grid of those frequencies then we cannot tune in to receive or transmit messages to/as consciousness that resides in those dimensions or frequency bandwidths. Everything is energy. Everything is about frequency. There is no special trick, its all about our energetic frequency and the energetic blueprints we are running.

To understand where we are going, we need to understand what grid system many are currently running. Currently, many are running the consciousness grids of the third and fourth dimensions. The third and fourth dimensional templates work with the seven chakra energy system or lightbody. This energy system works on architecture that inhibits the human from properly evolving and experiencing their Divine Self. Each of these chakras are sealed and must be worked through in order to break the seal and restore energetic balance to the lightbody. Because these templates are not connected to the original architecture there is no phasing or breathing with the rest of Creation causing the lightbody to become become phase locked from the rest of the Universe. The term phase locked refers to the inability to “breathe” with the rest of Creation. Meaning we were/are not contracting and expanding into the Source of infinite eternal energy and were/are subject to a finite supply causing a recycling of energy and life and death cycles. We were/are cut off from the consciousness grids that connect us and thus the eternal energy supply that is available to us. Through evolution and The Divine Plan for Creation, we have been working for many years to restore the energetic balance needed within our planet, ourselves and our collective consciousness in order to restore the original blueprints that connect us all to the Galactic and Universal matrices and Creation itself through the Tree of Life. I have written previously on “Restoring Energetic Balance through Sacred Geometrics”, it would assist the reader in understanding this post if they would read the one mentioned above.

To understand the third and fourth dimensional light body it is important to understand the dualistic and finite light geometries that make up its architecture. When we are operating on the two strand DNA configuration, we are operating under the old dualistic geometries that recycle energy and are finite in nature. These create life and death or incarnation cycles for a soul hindering soul evolution. Through the process of ascension we begin to awaken dormant DNA within the body and our quest to restore our original Divine Blueprint begins. The restoration of our Divine DNA works simultaneously with the balancing of our energy centers to restore and create new templates or grid structures within the body that evolve the light geometries to trinitized structures needed to connect us with the rest of Creation.

Through the process of physical body ascension we begin to restore the original blueprints one template at a time. The process of constructing the Diamond SUN Body is based on energetic frequency. As we continue to raise our frequency, we continue to build the templates needed to fully construct this energetic structure. As we work through, expand and dissolve the seven chakras we begin to construct a more balanced lightbody. The seven chakra system goes away and is replaced by the balanced energetic system of the Diamond SUN Body. Where the energy centers of the masculine energy move to the left side of the body (1,4,7,10) and the feminine energy centers move to the right side of the body (2,5,8,11). We also construct key stargates along the central channel that create embodiment triggers for access to Personality (3), Soul (6), Oversoul (9) and Source Consciousness (12).

The Personality is balanced/mastered through the creation of stargates one, two and three. Once these are in balance and the templates created, the soul embodiment process begins. This allows for the template writes of the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions to begin. As one works through these dimensions they can begin sending and receiving consciousness in these bandwidths. This allows for remembering of soul purpose, soul lineage and other Divine capabilities. Once the sixth dimensional frequencies and templates are constructed full soul embodiment occurs and the process of Oversoul embodiment begins. This process occurs through integrating and constructing the frequencies of the seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions. This is where access to the Galactic Mind, Monadic purpose and more Divine capabilities are remembered. Once the ninth dimensional templates complete, full embodiment of the Oversoul occurs. Then the process of Source embodiment through the construction of the tenth, eleventh and twelfth dimensional templates begins. This is where memory of the Universal Mind comes online. All roles for a BEing throughout Creation are revealed. The highest purpose here is remembered. Once the twelfth dimensional templates are complete the Source embodiment is complete. The BEing now transmits and receives all 144 frequencies of this Universe and becomes a Pure Conduit of Source Consciousness. In an effort to keep this article concise, this is a very brief overview of the process of constructing the Diamond SUN Body. Each dimension and template requires mastery of the frequency being integrated. There is also a very physical process that occurs to the body as it constantly rewrites itself to the geometrics of each template.

As we are constructing our Diamond SUN Body, we are increasing the light of our Diamond Solar Heart, our Central SUN. The Diamond Solar Heart is the Light of our Light body, the Light of our soul, the Light of all that we are as Source. It is integrated over time through the process of physical body ascension. We SUNs of God! As we increase our frequency, we increase the amount of our own light. Through the process of ascension we activate our Diamond Solar Heart which connects us to all of the SUNS of God. When we complete our physical body ascension and the complete construction of our Diamond SUN Body we receive a solar flash that fully activates our Diamond Solar Heart. This flash is a pulse of Pure Source Light that emanates from the Heart of Source directly to the Heart of the recipient. This allows for the SUN of God to become the Great Central SUN of their own Universe and a generator of their own Light. This will come to be a celebrated right of passage for all souls on New Earth.

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The Diamond SUN Body follows an energetic pattern that looks similar to the Tree of Life structures many have seen because it is our own Tree of Life. Through the construction of this structure, one becomes a replication of the entire structure of Creation. The grids we mentioned before, can be seen as a Tree of Life grid that connects us to the next level (frequency, dimension) to “plug in” to receive and transmit consciousness. To assist with visualizing this, think of yourself as a Tree of Life structure as pictured above. Now visualize the collective consciousness as a Tree of Life, then Gaia, then the solar system, then the galaxy, then the Universe, then the Multiverse. You can begin to see how we are just fractals of the whole and a part of the whole. Once the energetic structures are a perfect replica of the template we become ONE with the template at all levels of Creation. Through the construction of the Diamond SUN Body, we are building an energetically balanced structure that mirrors the structure throughout Creation connecting us with the Great Tree of Life of the Cosmos. Through the activation of our Diamond Solar Hearts we are becoming Great Central SUNs of our own Universe with infinite energy to create. We are and have always been Creator Gods. We are and have always been energy. We are and have always been Infinite Eternal Source Light.

Blessings to you all on your journey of constructing your own Diamond SUN Body. As you do, you are constructing the Diamond SUN Body of the Collective Consciousness of Gaia and you are evolving all of Creation with your efforts. We are all interlinked. We are all ONE! Everything we do affects everything in Creation. Use your power, your energy, your Light to create as love! I love you all so very much!

Gaia Sophia

Earth Star Council

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