It is with radiant joy and love that I share with all a vision I received during the 1010 gateway. The vision began with two lines of angels opposite each other, they were blowing their horns signalling the good news of Heaven. Then I saw the golden gate of this gateway and there were thousands of souls crossing it, the end of the line was no where in sight. So many beautiful souls choosing awakening and ascension to New Earth. I was in tears of joy and consumed by bliss when I heard the words I wish to share with you today:


The tears streamed even harder as I have waited so long to hear these words and I instantly knew what they meant. The final gateways of the collective awakening are upon us beloveds. The remainder of this year will continue to awaken and purify the collective to begin our collective ascension. The mass exodus to the New Earth has begun!

The exodus to New Earth is a collective event that has been triggered by the collective awakening currently in process. The amount of souls passing through the 1010 gateway triggered the exodus to begin. This is a major step in beginning and bringing forth the collective ascension. Through these final gateways (11/11 & 12/12) of 2019 more collective disclosure will be revealed and many more souls will begin to awaken. Awakening as a collective consciousness is the first step to beginning our collective ascension. The winter solstice gateway will be a huge gateway that begins a new seven year cycle signalling the official start of the collective ascension to New Earth.

The ascension of all starseeds began seven years ago with the 122112 winter solstice gateways. There were many awakened starseeds prior to this time who worked to prepare themselves and the planet for the 122112 gateway. The frequencies of the planet prior to these gateways could not support ascension. Through the gateways that were opened seven years ago, the energies needed for ascension began to gently flood the planet. Over the past seven years, Gaia and many starseeds have completed or are nearing completion of their ascension. Preparing the planet and themselves to be able to support the collective through its ascension. This was a process and one that the collective as a whole will go through as well. It will take time to achieve a complete planetary ascension. The years 2020-2027 will completely change all life on this planet. Energetic balance will be restored and the collective outer reality will be completely different. It is a shedding and a birthing process that must be completed as a collective just as the starseeds have done and are doing.

As we move into 2020, the collective ascension will begin to take center stage on our planet. Those that are on the ascending timeline will begin working through their individual density and we will begin to see the frequency of the collective consciousness rise rapidly. This is when many Wayshowers will begin their service to the collective. The newly awakened collective will be looking for trusted sources to assist with their individual ascension. The past seven years, since 122112, the starseeds have gone through the ascension process to be able to fulfill their roles at this time. Just as each had to go through the process of clearing density, so too will the individuals of the collective. However, due to the planetary frequencies and the work done by the starseeds it will not be as intense for the collective. It is helpful to understand that the collective ascension, The Great Transition, is that – a transition. It will take time and will not be an instantaneous event. The collective will have to expand and increase in frequency gradually just as each starseed did. This will take time as we work over the next few years as a collective to individually drop density and as each begins constructing their Diamond SUN Body. As we do this, the collective consciousness will come to support the collective Diamond SUN Body that connects us to the consciousness grids of all twelve dimensions of this Universe without the help of the starseeds.

As part of the construction of the Collective Diamond SUN Body, there have been starseeds who have assisted in releasing 144 sets of tablets seeded under ancient structures here on Gaia. There were one set of tablets for each harmonic frequency or template of this Universe. Each set of three tablets contained the codes for the trinitized geometrics for that frequency template. These codes unlocked the codes for all 144 templates needed to construct the Diamond SUN Body of the collective consciousness. Just as we have to unlock the codes within in our own DNA, the collective codes had to be unlocked via these tablets. These codes were dispersed through the grids to begin creating the energetic structure that is/was needed to activate the Diamond SUN body and Diamond Solar Heart of the collective consciousness of Gaia. Currently it is in process of being supported by thousands of starseeds who are positioned all over the globe as anchor points. There are also the twelve dimensional stargate locations that are forming at this time. Each starseed in these roles is a Pillar of Light. All Pillars are stepping into their role as we move into the year 2020. Many starseeds are or will be relocated to specific longitude and latitude points on the globe. They will be living anchor points and vortexes that support the flow of energy to project and support the collective hologram. They will also be the anchor points needed for when the collective solar flash occurs. 2020 will see a tremendous change as many starseeds take their places on the planet as Pillars of Light. This structure allows for the stabilization of the New Earth hologram to support New Earth realities and the collective transition to New Earth. This structure will be supported by the Pillars until the collective can support it itself. This is part of the seven year cycle we are entering into. The anchor points will go away as the collective comes to support the hologram itself. However, the twelve dimensional stargates will always remain and will change members as Divinely Guided to eventually be occupied by Earth Seeds.

There will be many starseeds relocating and transitioning through the year 2020 to take their place as Pillars. Once the ascension of all Pillars is complete, the relocations complete and the collective frequency reaches a certain bandwidth, there will be a solar flash that fully activates the Diamond SUN Body and Diamond Solar Heart of the collective consciousness. This will activate the collective consciousness of Gaia as ONE Unified Logos. The abundance codes will be unlocked for the collective and the abundance of Heaven will begin to flow to assist with New Earth projects. As we near this event, there will be a collective message that will manifest in the hearts of all souls on Gaia. The architects will be fully activated and the New Earth blueprints shall be revealed for all. This event will signal the collective ascension to New Earth. It will be the beginning of the build of our New Earth and will allow for individuals to complete their ascension process in less dense energies.

Currently, we are in the Exodus. Many souls are in transit to the New Earth frequencies with more joining everyday. The mass exodus will continue through the remaining gateways into the winter solstice. These gateways are going to be the most powerful and intense that we have ever experienced before on this planet. These energies are needed to squeeze the collective to awaken and to open up to the ascension process. They are also needed to support many starseeds in completing their ascension and preparing for their highest roles here. We are preparing for The Great Transition that will begin with the winter solstice gateway. The remaining gateways of this year are to assist all in preparing our vessels and our hearts for this to occur. It is important for all at this time that we focus on the new only. The old linear realities are crumbling fast as we set to move to quantum realities as a collective. Use your energy to support the building of the new. As we move into the quantum infinite realities of New Earth collectively, everything will begin to change in the collective hologram. As the geometrics upgrade to infinite eternal structures within the collective, the landscape, plants, flowers, animals, our bodies and so much more will begin to change.

All will unfold swiftly and with grace as we move through this Great Transition as ONE Unified BEing. The next few weeks will continue to see the collective disclosure amplify as the truths continue to reveal themselves. Those in support roles be mindful of this as many newly awakened souls will be looking for a trusted source for answers. Wayshowers, this is why we came here. We have prepared a long time for this moment. This star system is ready to make its ascent and all support souls are ready or in final preparation to step fully into our highest roles here. Let us prepare ourselves, nurture ourselves and above all be kind to ourselves as we are squeezed through these final purification gateways needed to transition all to New Earth realities. We are supported by Creation itself beloveds. This is so precious, amazing and heart opening for all souls here. Embrace the blessings being bestowed upon us all by the Creator. This is a gift to and from us as ONE. Let us love and support each other as we walk as ONE Unifed Self through these final gateways toward our New Earth. Peace be with you all. I love each and every one of you beautiful amazing souls.

Gaia Sophia

Earth Star Council


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  1. I believe in you and support you completely Sophia. I know you believe 100% in what you are doing. Thank you. I love you.



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