In late August I packed up my home of four months and put everything in storage to go out on Gaia once again to release codes. It had been my first real home in a very long time and I knew in my heart that if the Universe was asking me to let it go there was something better awaiting me. It was just down the street from where I grew up and I thought after all this time journeying that I would remain home. I had received the final embodiment of my ascension here in July and this trip was going to be the final integration period needed to fully anchor this consciousness within my being. I was excited to go and excited to return to a new home and a new life building an ascension center in a place that always had my heart.

The trip began in Mexico with a birthday sail on the Pacific Ocean from San Blas to Mazatlan. It had always been something I wanted to do, get out on the open ocean in a sail boat and just be ONE with Mother Ocean. We shoved off in clear skies with a beautiful sunset awaiting us. My first and likely only time out on the open ocean in a sailboat was quite the experience. I was terribly sick the entire time from what seemed a combination of food poisoning and sea sickness. Yet my heart still delights in the memory of seeing nothing but ocean and sky as far as the eye could see. The sunrise and sunset seemed to last for hours and the ocean spoke in its own rhythmic language that is felt and not heard. It was boiling hot and the Universe seemed to be purifying this vessel once more as I sailed North through the Pacific. It was three days later and just before sunrise when we entered the shallow waters near Mazatlan. The sun was rising behind the mountains and land never looked so wonderful to this weary sailor. I ensured that I enjoyed every moment that morning as we sailed into port because I had no idea if I would ever sail again.

Turns out the sailing would end in Mazatalan and I was just fine with that. My beloved and I headed to Mexico City to celebrate Independencia, Mexico style. It was amazing being there in a city of 10 million people and not being affected by the energy. It was here in the heart of Mexico City that the purpose of my trip to Mexico was revealed. If I was to start on my love for this country, I could go for hours. Mexico has played such a powerful role for me. It was Mexico where I was sent directly after my soul, oversoul and Source embodiments to integrate each fully. This land has always provided the space and codes that fully activated this being. After receiving my soul embodiment, it was the warm beaches and portal of Punta Cometa in Mazunte, the misty mountains of the Sierra Madres and the Sun Pyramid at Teotihuacan. After my oversoul embodiment, it was the Mayan Pyramids of the Yucatan in Chichen Itza, Edzna and Palenque and back to Punta Cometa on the Pacific Coast. After my Source embodiment, it was the mighty Pacific in all her glory and Mexico City itself. The heart of Mexico. In the heart of Mexico where 10 million people live together, I was able to stand firmly in my heart, in love, unwavering. This was the ultimate reflection. Within the energy of this city, I stood heart wide open in my God Self as Pure Love. This is the state of an Ascended Master, the embodiment had landed. I left Mexico completely humbled yet again by the experiences and love that it had given me and made my way to Sedona for the Equinox.

This was only my second time to Sedona. The first time I only passed through as I was not ready for the energies there. This time I had specific guidance that I was to work with Cathedral Rock on the very significant day of September 22nd. It was an amazing experience and I have written fully on it in a previous post. Sedona was both a beginning and an ending for this soul’s journey. It was here I released codes seeded at Cathedral Rock and simultaneously released all codes that I had collected from all over Gaia. It was also here that I received the next set of codes that would begin a new phase in my journey. The individual ascension phase was complete and now I would begin to step into my highest role here. I would retreat to the woods of Northern California to decode the codes received in Sedona and bring forth the new.

In early October in the small town of Oregon House, I found a little cottage to rent and go offline. During my time there I brought the series of writings on the Divine Organization that are posted on this blog. I was beginning to receive clear instructions on this organization and my role within it. Little did I know there was a whole lot more to come. However, first I had to face an issue that was not aligned with my path forward – my relationship with my partner. I have let go of many things on this journey, actually I have let go of everything. In all these years of letting go I have finally come to have the eyes to see when something or someone is no longer aligned with my path. It had become clear from the trip to Sedona and my time in the cottage that our work together was complete and it was time for me to let go. Our paths were now going in two different directions and out of unconditional love for myself and for him, I let go. On October 15th, I said goodbye and boarded a plane to return to Pensacola. In the coming days I would completely let go and would be journeying solo once again.

I returned to Pensacola with no idea on how things were going to unfold. I knew in my heart I had to go back and that this would be the final time. I thought it was to be my final homecoming. Within less than twenty four hours of being back my entire reality changed. I had been back less than one day when I heard very clearly “You are to sell everything you own and move to Kauai. It will be your new home for the rest of your time here” There was more that followed as I was sitting in a waiting room having glass repaired in my car, scribbling in my journal as fast as I could. All I could do was walk outside and move my body to let the energy flow. The rush of energy upon hearing this was intense as my entire body was activated by this knowing. It had been revealed that Kauai was to be the headquarters for the Divine Organization and the location of the 12th dimensional stargate of the collective consciousness of Gaia. Just letting that sink in was enough. I hadn’t even thought about how it was going to happen with $80 in the bank and a storage unit of stuff to deal with. I relished in the joy and excitement of the heart for a day before facing the task at hand.

The next day it was further revealed that I was to buy a plane ticket for November 5th so that I could be on the island by the time the 1111 gateways opened. This meant I had three weeks to sell or donate all of my stuff to get the money to fly and move to Kauai. As with all things, the Universe always brings the abundance when we are following our highest path – the path of the heart! Within two weeks I had everything sold or donated, a plane ticket for Kauai on November 5th , a temporary place to stay when I landed and I was saying goodbye to a place that had always been my home but now felt like a foreign land. I had returned to Pensacola with the full intention of building an ascension center. I had always felt throughout my journey that this was to be where I would do this. However, this time when I returned I felt no connection with the land. My old home felt like I had never been there and that it was not the place I was meant to be. I never saw this one coming. I felt my ascension completed there and I would stay there. The Universe threw a curve ball and everything changed in an instant. There was to be no connection to the old life, the old realities or the old location. It was the completion of the seven year waking and ascension cycle my soul started in 2012. All had finally completed and the last ties to any old timelines were severed and I was finally ready to step into my highest role here on Gaia.

On November 6th,  I landed on the soils of Kauai courtesy of flight 1111. As soon as the island came into view of the plane my soul remembered and my body started shaking and crying. The full remembrance of home was felt throughout my entire being. The homecoming on Kauai had officially begun. The Source embodiment that took place in July was complete, my ascension was complete and I was ready to begin a completely new phase of this journey on a new land. I was able to settle into my new place just in time for the 1111 gateway to open. This gateway brought a completely new level of consciousness, information and remembering to my being. During the gateway, my consciousness expanded yet again. This time beyond the frequencies of this Universe into the highest layers of Creation. I was shown intimately the Divine Organization from its creation at the original seed point of Creation and how it filters down through the dimensions. There has been so much remembered. It is remembered because this information does not come from outside me, it is remembered from deep within. It is remembered because it is the truth of my soul’s purpose and highest role in Creation, it is who I AM.

I have pages of information that I AM working to put into articles that can be shared with the collective. There will always be information flowing now to the collective for the collective ascension. The collective ascension will be overseen from this island. It is The Emerald Isle, the headquarters for the Emerald Order of Oraphim and the Master Builders. It is the twelfth dimensional living stargate that will become a Temple of Light upon Gaia hosting an Ascension and Galactic Center and will be used for Inter-Galactic Communication with off planet councils. This island sits just at  22 degrees latitude with an area code of 808 which further aids in the appreciation for Divine Organization and structure and a smile for the humor and magic of Creation! The journey home is complete for this soul. It will be here on my home of Kauai that I will serve this star system and all of Creation for the remainder of my incarnation. There will be no more personal updates on my journey. It is complete. The human realities are no more. This vessel is now a Pure Conduit of Divine Will and Divine Presence. I AM home and I AM now in my highest role here to assist and guide this star system through its collective ascension and into an eternal Golden Age. I will write more about the Divine Organization and what is coming for the collective ascension soon beloveds. I AM honored to be here with each and every one of you beautiful souls. Together we will build our New Earth! I love you all so very much!

Gaia Sophia

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