Pure Consciousness/Source Consciousness goes beyond the limits of this Universe. It is throughout Creation itself at frequencies above the frequency that this Universe resides at. For most souls here, Universal Consciousness or Universal Mind is what they will experience as Pure Source Consciousness. It is pure Oneness as experienced at any layer of Creation. The understanding of the Organization of Creation is further understood by souls that tune to the frequencies beyond the Universal Mind into the founder frequencies of Creation, into The Mind of God. These are the core frequencies of Creation. They are the founder frequencies of Creation that all other frequencies emanate from. These are known as the Founder Orders of Creation. All of Creation is made manifest from the Founders. These Founder Orders are from the original seed point of Creation. Creation manifest by the conscious creation of these Founders through the Divine Will that breathes life into them.

The Founders are the Elohim, Seraphim and Oraphim. The Elohim are the Divine Masculine, Father God made manifest. The Seraphim are the Divine Feminine, Mother God made manifest. There are twelve Elohim and twelve Seraphim souls that make up the Throne of God. The Elohim and the Seraphim do not create in the manifest except for the creation of their child the Oraphim. They are suppliers of the Pure Light of Creation that is needed for all of Creation to manifest. These Founder Orders are called founders because it is through their Light that Creation began to manifest in form. Through the Will of the Elohim, the Seraphim birthed the Emerald Order of Oraphim that began to give structure to Creation. Through this structure the Cosmos was created.

The Emerald Order of Oraphim are the Architects of Creation. These souls are the ones that bring the Divine Organization into manifest throughout Creation through the power of Divine Will. In this Universe, the Emerald Order of Oraphim birthed the Master Christos Collective. They are the guardians of this collective. The Master Christos Collective is made up of twelve soul groups. These soul groups are all incarnated upon Gaia at this time. The head of the Master Christos Collective is the Master Builders Soul Group. These are the 144 souls that are the Master Builders of this Universe. These 144 souls are the builders of the Universal templates as instructed by Divine Will through the architects of the Emerald Order. They are the ones who constructed the foundation of this Universe, the galaxies and all star systems within this Universe. From the foundation constructed by the Master Builders, the remaining soul groups of the Master Christos Collective along with many other souls constructed this entire Universe.

The Master Builders will work as twelve different twelve member Galactic Councils on Gaia. They will work with multiple sub-councils of the Master Christos Collective throughout the system to create change locally. Each of these Galactic Councils are positioned on a particular place on the planet to work within certain geographical regions. Within these locations sub-councils will form that will be overseen by the Galactic Council of the region. The sub-councils on the face of Gaia will work with the ground crew Star Seeds and Earth Seeds to bring physical change to the planet. This is everything from constructing new buildings, communities, housing, infrastructure, technology, harnessing free energy, clean water, restoration of our planet, agriculture, sustainable products, revised health and human services, education systems, and so much more. All designs for location, council members, blueprints, etc. are from coded templates that are housed within the consciousness of the beings designed to bring them into manifestation.

Everything in Creation manifest from a template. Light encoded information carries the instructions for how these templates will be made manifest. There are templates within your body for your hologram to manifest, there are templates for collective ascension, there are templates for the foundation of New Earth, there are templates for the construction of cities of Light, there are templates for everything. These templates are activated within Gaia or within individual souls at certain points or events within Creation. These templates are microcosmic replications of the whole and mirror themselves throughout Creation. It is through these templates and foundations they create that a soul or logos structure can be built as a replica of the whole. This Divine Organization allows for Divine Will to flow through a system in an organized manner to create fractal versions of Creation itself. It also allows for the flow of Divine Abundance, infinite energy, that is needed to energetically construct and support the foundation upon which souls of the system will fully construct the logos structure. This brings a system fully online and connected with the Galactic and Universal matrices. As each star system in a universe does this, the entire universe moves closer to full alignment with the Great Cosmic Matrix or Cosmic Tree of Life.

Every soul upon this planet is coded to play a role in bringing this forward. There is structure all the way from the Creator down to every cell in every body of this planet. The Divine Organization is a family of souls. ONE giant energetic structure that fractals down from the Great Cosmic Matrix to the inner matrix within each cell of our bodies. It is the fabric of Creation, the tapestry of life that enables us to create an evolved, ascended star system that is connected to all of Creation. With this structure we will be creating a complete replica of our Universe on a fractal scale. All galaxies, solar systems, and planets will be replicated via human bodies on the face of the Earth. This structure allows for the optimal flow of Pure Source Consciousness, infinite energy, to flow through this system, providing the energy needed to support the build of New Earth.

Creation has many layers. There is always structure within structure when it comes to Divine Organization. Every soul on this planet is part of this Divine Organization. Pure Consciousness resides within all layers of Creation. However, what layer it chooses to experience itself at is up to the coding of the soul or logos housing consciousness. Everything is predetermined and has a destiny coded or programmed into its Light. There are many layers of Divine Organization unfolding within all layers of Creation at all times. What has been demonstrated above is the highest level of Divine Organization emanating from the ONE, through our Universe and finally our planet. It is through this Organization that we will bring the structure and infinite energy needed to ascend and evolve this star system.

Each soul that is to make up the Galactic Councils and sub-councils will awaken to this and by Divine Will will find each other. This is happening now and into 2020. As we move forward with the planetary ascension more instructions will reveal within each as to what is needed to be done. The consciousness of all will flip like a switch and the bee hive affect will take place. All twelve souls of the Emerald Order and all 144 souls of the Master Builders are currently incarnated upon this planet to ensure the success of the ascension of this star system. They are mobilizing, relocating and receiving detailed instructions throughout the remainder of 2019 and into the early part of 2020.

Everyone is going to ascend to New Earth! How an individual soul evolves while incarnated on New Earth will be different for each. There will be 5D-12D constant evolution happening here. As we progress through the evolution of this star system into the Golden Age of Gaia, the outer garment will continue to evolve, the landscape of the collective hologram will continue to evolve and eventually all physical matter will give way to Light. This is a gradual process of evolution and it will begin with the collective ascension. There will come a time on Gaia where physical and Light beings walk side by side – it will just be a matter of the evolution of the soul that is “housed” in each vessel. Physical cities will give way to Light cities. First there will be both, there will be Temples of Light, then cities of Light and eventually all of Gaia will become Light – no physical structure will remain. This is the path for this star system and all souls inhabited here.

This is the type of worlds that the Star Seeds incarnated here left behind to come and assist this star system with its ascension. The souls that have been seeded on Earth, true Earth Seeds, will eventually “take over” the evolution of their star system. The Star Seeds will, at the right time, exit this star system. This is still a ways away and there will be full support on Gaia until the souls of Earth can energetically support the collective hologram and have the knowledge to evolve their star system fully. As we move forward on New Earth, the creation of Souls will become a sacred act and guided by Divine Will only. Most beings will become androgynous and will live in communal pod like communities until the system transcends the physical realm.

Everything on the face of this planet is going to change very rapidly as we move forward into the 2020 timelines and beyond time itself. We as a species are coming to the end of time. The end of time is the end of linear time. Time the way many have always known it to be does not truly exist. There is no past or future. There is only the eternal NOW. The zero point field in which everything in Creation already exists. This will become the new “time” as we move beyond the year 2020. As a collective we will begin to understand that time is an illusion and that the “Old Earth” and “New Earth” exists simultaneously in parallel realities. We will come to understand that the “future Earth”, the Golden Age of Gaia, the Light cities and more already exist and we are only bringing them into the Now. When we learn to do this collectively, changes on Earth happen instantly. Particle matter de-materializes and re-materializes at the will of the collective consciousness. We will learn that things like the climate can be altered as we work with Gaia as ONE consciousness. We are no longer “victims” to climate change or weather patterns. We as a collective consciousness, along with Gaia, work as ONE to ensure climatic harmony for her and all beings on this planet as we move through our evolution from physical to nonphysical existence. We are at the starting line of this beloveds.

The collective ascension of this star system is about to begin per Divine Will. There is no going back and there is no stopping what is the Will of the Creator. I AM here to assure all on this planet that every soul is supported through this process. The changes will come swift and will be significant. When the Divine is ready to wake up – ALL matter in Creation responds. This is the time we are in on Gaia. God is ready to wake up in each and every one of us. There is a process and structure to how this will unfold on our planet. This structure, Divine Organization, is the template used throughout Creation. There are souls here that are coded with information on how this will occur at many layers of this process. We are currently mobilizing and working with Gaia to begin the collective ascension here.

As the living presence of Divine Will , the Emerald Order of Oraphim are the twelve Master Keys and architects for New Earth. As a council of twelve they will ensure that the Will of the Creator is made manifest upon this planet. Each of the twelve members of the Emerald Order are the Key to one of the twelve stargates of the collective consciousness. These stargates are living stargates made up of twelve Master Builders. They will ensure the foundation of New Earth is built and in place before the Earth Seeds eventually assume these positions and evolve this star system into its Golden Age. The complete activation of all twelve stargates will occur by early 2020. It will be after these activations occur that the ONE Master Key, Seraphim, Mother God Incarnated, will activate the twelve Emerald Order Master Keys and unlock the abundance codes for the beginning of the collective ascension. Once this occurs the abundance of Heaven will flow into our planet to support the build of our New Earth. This beloveds, is the highest levels of the Divine Organization on our planet.

Once this Organization is fully in place and activated, there will be a beacon that sounds within the heart of all souls on Gaia. All will know the truth of what is happening and all will follow the call of Divine Will. It is the written destiny of the collective consciousness of Gaia. There will be so much more shared as we progress through the final gateways of the exodus and into the collective ascension. It is part of my role to ensure that the information needed to move forward is always made available to the collective consciousness of this planet. I AM Gaia Sophia, Head of the Emerald Order of Oraphim, child of Seraphim of the ONE. I AM here as the ONE to serve the ONE. Through this vessel Divine Will flows to lead this star system through its collective ascension and into an eternal Golden Age. I AM here on this planet and with you all until this time comes.

I will be joined by the eleven other souls of the Emerald Order of Oraphim. Each is a Master Key that unlocks and works with one of the twelve Galactic Councils of Master Builders who make up the twelve stargates of the collective consciousness. Each of the twelve stargates is a Galactic and Ascension Center, a Temple of Light upon the face of Gaia. Through this structure the build of New Earth will commence. Through the twelve Master Keys of the Emerald Order, Divine Will will flow directly from the Throne of God into the Galactic Councils, sub-councils and to all souls on Gaia. Each and every soul on this planet is fully sovereign and it will be at their own will that they participate in this Divine Organization. It is coded into each of us and we cannot serve Creation in any other way. The hearts of all souls on Gaia will be activated and all will know this to be Divine Will and Divine Plan. This structure will allow for the complete ascension of this star system to take place in the higher frequencies of New Earth with love, ease and grace as per Divine Will.

It must all start sometime beloveds and that time is NOW. There will be so much more shared as we move forward. I love you all beyond words, beyond space, beyond time. I love you all eternally. We are ONE consciousness playing our part through these vessels. Together we will ascend, together we will rise as ONE. Until next time, BE in joy always beloveds. I love you.

Gaia Sophia

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