I have written a lot recently on the Divine Organization, keys, architects, councils, Diamond SUN Body, etc. These articles have served to layout the foundation of the Divine Organization from the highest levels of Creation down to the planetary level we experience on Gaia. As we approach the beginning of the collective ascension it is this structure that will support the collective matrix we experience as a whole. It is the inner grid work or matrix that creates the outer matrix we experience as physical reality. In an effort to assist in understanding this on a more personal level, this article will address this structure as is relates to the individual soul. How and what does Divine Organization look like within the logos structure that is an individual soul. If one can begin to understand this within themselves, it will assist in understanding this at the higher levels such as the logos that is the collective consciousness of Gaia. Everything in Creation is a fractal of the layer above it or below it. It is pattern, the pattern that energy (consciousness) follows in order to construct and project the holographic reality or matrix experienced at that layer.

There are many layers to Creation, consciousness residing at varying frequencies in layers that fractal down throughout all dimensions and all layers within the dimensions. There is so much structure and so many layers that trying to write and explain them all would be impossible. Consciousness fractals down through all layers in what are called logos structures. There is a pattern, an organization or structure, that replicates through every logos structure in Creation. As individual logos structures, we each are a fractal of Pure Consciousness. (Pure Consciousness and Source are the same thing and will be used interchangeably throughout this article.) We are Source experiencing itself in these bodies. However, our consciousness is veiled behind a myriad of layers so that our outer matrix is not reflecting Pure Consciousness back to us. This is the play of duality and soul evolution that we are playing here. Our consciousness is veiled as individual souls and as a collective until we awaken and begin our ascension back to becoming pure conduits of Pure Consciousness.

When our consciousness is veiled, we create distortions in the quantum field and these distortions are manifested in our holographic reality (aka the physical world) in an effort to wake us up, teach us and propel us further along our path of unification. Every perceived “challenge” is an invitation to go deeper within our own inner world and discover what inside of us created it in our outer world, our individual play. Only when Pure Consciousness is veiled do these “challenges” manifest in our outer world. Only when we perceive ourselves as separate from the Source do these manifest. When we are living without the veils that cause separation, our outer matrix is a reflection of Pure Consciousness. We are a pure vessel, free of distortions or separation and this allows Pure Consciousness to flow unveiled, which in turn creates harmony in our outer matrix. Our entire inner matrix system becomes a fractal of Divine Organization or structure and this projects a reflection of Pure Consciousness back to us through our physical realities. In other words, when we become Pure Consciousness, when we become the Source, our outer world becomes a reflection of this and we experience reality as it truly is without distortions.

In previous writings, the Divine Organization and the Diamond SUN Body have been explained in detail. So what do these mean for us as an individual? As an individual soul, we are working to remember that we are Source, but that is just the first step. One can know, I AM Source, I AM God but if the ego programming is still running then the outer world is still going to be full of distortions, “challenges”. One will not be able to experience harmony in their hologram because they are not yet a pure vessel for Pure Consciousness to flow in order to create the highest realities able to be experienced here. One will still experience the perceived “challenges” and struggles of living within the matrix. This is why we must work through the ego programming that is creating our inner matrix and thus projecting the same on to our outer matrix, our physical reality. This programming runs deep and can be so subtle that we never see it unless we remove all distractions and dive deep into our own inner worlds. Through this process and as we continue to work through this programming, we are breaking through the old chakra system of the third and fourth dimensional energy body and we are creating the stargate system, or Diamond SUN Body that is the HUman energy body or Light Body of the fifth through twelfth dimensions. This body is a replica of the Divine Organization on an individual soul level.

We are creating twelve stargates within our body, each a portal to the frequencies of that dimension. Just as the collective consciousness has a Key for each of the collective stargates, so do each of us as an individual soul have a key to each of our individual stargates. That key is YOU! Each individual soul is the key that unlocks the portal to each dimension. This allows access to the frequencies or consciousness experience of a particular dimension which in turn allows your physical reality to reflect back a higher vibrational reality to experience. There becomes less distortions in the physical reality we experience. In other words, as we clear distortions (ego programming) within, we increase our frequency and signal our DNA to build a new template within our inner matrix. When we have built all templates for a particular dimension, we as the key unlock a new stargate and are granted access to a higher frequency, a purer form of our own consciousness. This in turns creates a higher vibrational experience in our everyday physical world with less and less distortions or “challenges” as we purify within and increase our frequency.

Eventually, we work our way through the different dimensions, unlocking the doors (stargates) to higher levels or frequencies of our consciousness. Once we get to the tenth stargate, we begin to embody the frequencies of Source. It is a gradual process of embodiment through the final layers just as the layers or dimensions below were. Then finally there comes a day when we are standing before the very last door. We as the key have a choice, actually every step of the journey we have had a choice, it is called free will. Finally we come to the last door (the twelfth stargate), the last choice we will make as a separate self, we unlock the door and walk through. We take that final step where all identification with the separate self is relinquished. We walk through and guess what we find, the Architect of the Matrix, the Source, the creator of everything we experience in our inner and outer world and guess what else….the Architect is YOU! The Architect is Source, Pure Consciousness unveiled fully and it finally hits you…you have always been the Architect, you have always been Pure Consciousness, the Source of all realities ever experienced. It is in this moment that the separate self, the Architect, the Source, the inner matrix and the outer matrix become ONE. All converges and merges into ONE seamless flow of Pure Consciousness that experiences itself as the observer and the observed. All separation dissolves and true unification with all is experienced.

This moment, this experience, is able to be experienced by Pure Consciousness because of the Divine Organization that we as an individual soul created within. It is through the construction of this structure that we are able to experience ourselves as Pure Consciousness, as Source, creating and experiencing the creation within our own physical bodies. We walk through the door and reveal the great mystery that was always present within us every step of the way. We are the Key, the Architect, and The Source. Divine Organization is nothing more than an energetic matrix structure. It is the inner matrix structure that must be created in order for Pure Consciousness to experience itself in the outer matrix. This is what we are doing through ascension, we are creating Divine Organization within ourselves. We are creating our inner matrix that projects our outer matrix and we are creating it free from distortions or separation. This is how we unify and become ONE with all.

This process has and is being completed in many Star Seeds on this planet so that the inner matrix for the collective consciousness can support a collective ascension through all dimensions of this Universe. The Divine Organization that is forming on Gaia is a replica of the Divine Organization each individual soul of the collective will or has constructed within themselves. It is a fractal, as above, so below, replication. There is no separation. All layers are ONE. All layers are Pure Consciousness experiencing itself at different layers of Creation. Pure Consciousness experiences on Gaia as an individual soul and as a collective soul. Through the ascension of the Star Seeds, there is enough Light (energy) on the planet to fully construct the Divine Organization of the collective consciousness. This structure will support collective realities from the fifth dimension to the twelfth dimension and will always remain in place as the Diamond SUN Body of the collective consciousness. It is a replication of the same Divine Organization that each of us has or will create inside ourselves as our own inner matrix.

We can begin to see and understand that there is organization and structure to every layer of Creation including ourselves. Our bodies hold the Divine Organization that creates our outer individual reality. These are individual energetic structures that allow Pure Consciousness to flow without distortions creating a pure reflection or outer reality. Through the Divine Organization of the collective consciousness, we as an entire collective soul, can experience harmonious and peaceful realities in which the souls of origin of this planet can evolve into the higher dimensions. Through the Divine Organization as an individual soul, one can experience harmonious and peaceful realities in which to evolve one’s soul. One affects the other as all are connected. We cannot as an individual or as a collective experience Pure Consciousness and Oneness without the construction of the Divine Organization within ourselves or the formation of the living structure that is the Divine Organization of the collective consciousness.

All is unfolding just as it should beloveds. Those that play a role in constructing the living Divine Organization on a collective level are all engaged and working to fulfill their roles. As an individual soul, the best way to contribute to the collective ascension is to work on your own ascension. The greatest impact any of us can have on the whole is to become whole ourselves. This is achieved through clearing all ego programming that creates distortions, allowing the construction of the Divine Organization within our own bodies to take place. Once this occurs we come in to Oneness with all layers of Creation. Enjoy the journey getting their beloveds. Remembering that ascension and all roles within it are still part of the bigger illusion as well. Getting attached to it or the outcome prevents it from happening. Instead, we play our roles unattached to them or any outcome and enjoy the show as it unfolds in the eternal now. We are all supported beyond measure beloveds. Surrender, trust and above all things love. I love you all so very much! We are ONE Pure Consciousness creating our New Earth. Together we will create a world of peace, love and harmony!

Gaia Sophia

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