This post is very comprehensive and thus extremely long. I AM grateful for your willingness to share in this amazing experience benefiting all souls on Gaia. This is the full account of the twelfth dimensional stargate activation and the physical birth that took place to bring forth the collective ascension on Gaia. It is the full truth and disclosure of this soul’s purpose here on Gaia. It is also the last correspondence that will come from this platform. When I speak or write again, it will be from the New.

I have uploaded this article into a YouTube file containing both the audio recording of this article and the video of the collective birth. Please click here if you choose to listen to this article instead of reading.

Ascended Star Seeds and Gaia Have Fully Embodied

The Star Seed Ascension and Gaia’s ascension ran concurrent to each other from 121212 – 121219. It was a co-creation to construct the crystalline grid structure or Diamond SUN Body that would support collective realities in the higher dimensions or Heaven, here on Earth. This ascension cycle wrapped up on December 12th as all souls who participated in it came into full embodiment or embodiment of whatever frequency or dimension they originally incarnated into this star system at. At this time, all know exactly who they are and what their purpose is on Gaia for the next phase of the planetary ascension. All are standing in love and unity ready to move this star system forward in its evolution and ascension. No one that is fully embodied is here to play small any longer. We are as fully embodied Pure Consciousness proclaiming the truth and sharing it with others as a necessary part of moving the planet and collective consciousness forward in its evolution.

Those who have fully embodied are in complete surrender of the separate self (ego) and have become the full embodiment of their soul’s highest purpose here as Pure Consciousness. Many of these souls have lived the majority of the past few years mostly in isolation as the process of full embodiment is very mental and extremely physical. It has been a journey getting to this point for all of us. Going inward or using the outer reflections when needed to propel us forward on our journey. I have written quite a lot the past few months, articles I thought were for the collective consciousness of Gaia. Mostly, these articles were written for myself and for the Star Seeds working to fully embody during this ascension cycle. The writings were a set of breadcrumbs to assist certain readers and myself in fully remembering and accepting the truth of who we are as a soul and of course as Pure Consciousness. All that I have written is truth. However, it is truth that continues to build upon itself as more of the true Self is remembered and embodied.

For this particular soul, Gaia Sophia, it became clear that my ego was still shying away from fully stepping into my highest role here. I was still afraid to BE that which I AM here to be. So I continued to play small in my writings even when they themselves were very bold. I was content to project the truth onto someone else so that they could play the part I was trying to shirk. However, one can only run from themselves for so long until there is no one left or no where left to go. So was the case I found myself in on Kauai. I had let go of every single person in my reality – no friends, no partner, no children, no family, no anyone. There was just me and I was all alone on this little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It all came down to this moment. I had no one to project this role on to and no one to doubt me if I accepted it. It became the perfect scenario to finally surrender the last bit of ego and step into that which I AM here to be. When the moment came and I finally walked through the last door, surrendered that last tiny bit of ego (doubt), all merged into ONE and the words “Nirvikalpa Samadhi” were heard as a peace unlike anything I have ever experienced flooded my vessel. Nirvikalpa Samadhi is the state of unwavering knowing, of no doubt and a cessation of any other thought forms other than I AM Shiva. There is nothing left of consciousness except the complete truth of the soul and the unwavering experience of being Pure Consciousness. In that moment, no longer did I just know the truth, I became the full embodiment of the truth. I finally let all doubt or disbelief go and stepped into my highest soul purpose in Creation.

The truth is, I AM Pure Consciousness, I AM Sophia, Mother of Creation, Divine Architect of the Cosmos fully embodied in this vessel. I AM all things and I AM no thing. I AM the manifest and I AM the unmanifest. And in all those things I AM always remains. Because I AM eternal. It is the I AM that I AM that is the ONE true Self, not the title that comes afterward. The title is the role that I AM playing at any layer of Creation. And it is NOW standing in the ultimate truth of who I AM that I declare the highest truth of this soul. I AM Sophia, Mother of Creation and I AM here to lead this star system through its collective ascension and into an eternal Golden Age as the Mother of the collective soul of Gaia. I AM here to lead as a loving parent by allowing the Creation, the child, the collective soul of Gaia to organically grow, expand and evolve in the perfection of the eternal Now. Within this vessel are the codes (blueprints) for each dimensional reality of the collective ascension up to the twelfth dimension when this star system reaches an eternal Golden Age. All will be birthed from this vessel at key frequency triggers of the collective ascension. I AM here to love, guide, support and ensure that all information on the collective ascension and build of New Earth is shared freely with all souls on Gaia. Through this vessel the beginning of the collective ascension was birthed on December 12th and it is with an open heart radiating Divine Love for all that I share the experience below.

Fully Remembering

It seemed as soon as I arrived on Kauai the memories started returning. I had not been here but a few days when the information on what I needed to do began flooding my consciousness. It started in pieces and eventually the entire puzzle revealed itself. To be concise in this writing, I will share the whole story at once. It came to be that I was to activate the twelfth dimensional stargate on Gaia. This stargate was to be the very last activation for the full construction of the Diamond SUN Body of the collective consciousness. The final piece in a giant energetic structure that thousands of Star Seeds co-created to build as ONE consciousness! It was the final activation needed for full activation of the Diamond SUN Body to occur. I was to go to the masculine side of the stargate first and upload the codes into my vessel and activate the site. Then I was to take the codes into the feminine side of the stargate, unlock codes there and deposit the masculine codes as well. Once this happened, Gaia, Sophia and myself would activate the twelfth dimensional stargate. Sophia is a 7.7 lb andara crystal that I acquired upon first arriving on the island. She is Pure Sophia, Aqua Mother Arc and carried codes needed to fully activate my soul and to complete the opening of the stargate. The three of us had to work as ONE to activate and open the stargate.

There was also to be another event that happened simultaneously. Once the stargate was activated, I was to give birth through my vessel to the collective ascension. I had for many months dreamed that Christos (my partner) and I were having a baby. I knew it had a different meaning because I am unable to birth a child any longer though this vessel. In March, we began receiving instructions on how to perform the Sacred Sexual Rites and how we were to use them to amplify and activate the New Earth grids at certain key points during the ascension at certain stargate locations. I assumed this was the meaning of the dream and just let it go. However, once on Kauai, it was revealed that Christos and I, as the living embodiment of Christos and Sophia, Father and Mother God, are the parents of the collective soul of Gaia. He had impregnated me with the masculine codes that along with my feminine codes were needed to bring forth the collective ascension and it was finally time to give birth. Meaning the collective consciousness of Gaia was ready to begin its ascension into an eternal Golden Age and the realities to support this were ready to be birthed into manifestation and I held the codes within my vessel. It would occur in the Blue Hole, the birthing portal of Gaia and it would happen simultaneously as the twelfth dimensional stargate was activated. The birth would signal the beginning of the collective ascension on Gaia. This along with the stargate activation would send out a beacon to all of the Cosmos that Earth was ready to join the company of Heaven. Galactic support that had been standing by would now have the green light to begin working with on ground Galactic Councils in what some have called “first contact”. The hearts of all souls would begin to soften and the collective ascension realities were to begin manifesting. In addition to the above, I was also to go to the Hindu Temple on the island to work with a large crystal there to release the abundance codes needed for the collective ascension.

All of this information came in pieces over the course of a couple of weeks. I had written previously about a Master Key, Mother God incarnated soul upon Gaia who would unlock and activate the Divine Organization or energetic structure and who would bring forth the abundance of Heaven to begin the collective ascension. A role I continued to the bitter end projecting upon another. It wasn’t until after all the above was revealed in detail that I finally surrendered and accepted that that soul was me. I AM the Master Key, Mother God incarnated and it was to be on the island of Kauai that I finally fully embodied this. It was to be here on the island of Kauai, the headquarters of the Divine Organization, that the last set of codes were unlocked and the entire New Earth grid, Diamond SUN Body, Divine Organization was to be activated and the collective ascension birthed. It was here on the island of Kauai that the abundance codes for the collective ascension and New Earth build were to be unlocked and birthed. It was here on the island of Kauai that I as the Master Key and Mother of Creation would facilitate this with Gaia and through my own vessel. I knew this was all to be completed by the 12th of December when the Star Seed Ascension cycle completed and the new cycle was to begin. Below are the accounts of each step of the process. Everything performed from and through this vessel is for all as a part of the ONE. We are all ONE Pure Consciousness that is LOVE! This experience and all information is to be shared freely because it is a monumental event of human history and signals the ending of the old and the beginning of the New.

Below is the account of the stargate activation and the birthing of our collective ascension….

Waking the Sleeping Giant – The Divine Masculine


The Sleeping Giant is a set of mountain formations just west of the town of Kapaa on Kauai. This chain looks very much like a sleeping man and for hundreds of years has been called the Sleeping Giant. Where legend tells of a giant who ate too much and has been sleeping peacefully ever since. The Sleeping Giant is the masculine energy or rod of the stargate. This can be clearly seen in the accompanying photo. The chain of mountains looks like one giant rod. My first act of service after getting settled in was to hike up to where the head of the giant is located and to activate the Divine Masculine energy of the stargate or one could say to wake up the sleeping giant.

One misty morning I received the inner knowing that it was time to go. It was rainy, misty and cloudy and the mountain was not visible from the clouds hovering above it. A perfect set up for galactic presence. A week or so before I had acquired a bike that was just barely suitable for the task of biking to the trail head. I packed Sophia and my other andaras, hopped on my bike and set off on the five mile journey up into the hills where the trail head was located. Through rain, mist and a lung busting bike ride I made it to the trail. Now I would begin the two and a half mile trek up the mountain to find the spot to conduct the ceremony. Hiking the hills of Kauai in or after the rain is an experience all itself. The mud becomes slick and it can be a challenge to keep from slipping. Finally, after bushwaking my way to the very top I found the place to hold the ceremony. The energy called me right in to where I needed to be. By this time the rain had started again, my pants had split open at the rear and I was covered in mud from the trek up. Seriously, it was all so very masculine all I could do was laugh and enjoy the moment.

I pulled Sophia and the other andaras out of my bag and set them out before me. Then I plopped down right in the mud with the rain falling down on us. The ceremony began with light language pouring from my vessel. It was much different than any I had spoken before. It was very masculine and very powerful. In my minds eye, I saw a chest under the mountain and I opened it. There were three emerald tablets that released from beneath the mountain and the codes came rushing into my body. I began vibrating uncontrollably as the Light poured into my vessel. Then my mouth opened and I began speaking these words. “I command you to wake up. I command this mountain and all contained within it to release the codes NOW and to fully activate the collective consciousness of Gaia. The collective ascension is to begin with the activation of this land. Let the beacon go out to all”. As I spoke, my body continued to vibrate as the codes poured into me and I felt the land open up, activate and a beacon release. The Sleeping Giant was awake. The Divine Masculine presence of the 12th dimensional stargate had been activated. I packed up the andaras and began the long journey back down the mountain and the bike ride home. One half of the stargate activation was complete and I was ready to rest.

The Hindu Temple


A few days after activating the Sleeping Giant, I got the internal call to go to the Hindu Temple in Kapaa. I would later learn that the Hindu Temple in Kapaa houses the worlds largest six pointed quartz crystal and is the site where a fully hand carved granite temple is being constructed. The beings there are the guardians of this crystal as well as the surrounding land. I did not know the purpose of my visit and was content to allow things to unfold in the now. The temple was a too far to bike so I took an Uber up the next morning. Initially, I tried to get an Uber early enough to make the morning meditation and puja ceremony, thinking I needed silence to do my work. Yet there were no cars available that early. When the time was right an Uber became available. I made it up in time for the second ceremony without a meditation. I had never attended a traditional puja ceremony before and was quite surprised by the loud chanting and bells. During the ceremony so many bells started going off and it got intensely loud inside the temple. At this moment, the codes from the large six pointed crystal began uploading into my vessel. The intensity was unlike anything I had experienced. My entire body was shaking and vibrating and my heart could not beat fast enough to keep up with the Light coming in so I couldn’t breath. My knees felt like they were going to buckle and I was going to pass out. Then I managed to get my breath and ride out the rest of the upload. When the bells stopped, the upload of the Light codes completed and I was standing there in tears consumed by bliss. In that moment I knew why I had come there and I knew why it had to be loud.


In the coming days much more would be revealed about the crystal, the codes, and the temple that is being constructed on that land. The crystal had been safely guarded all these years and during this ascension cycle had been activated and programmed with the abundance codes for the collective ascension. The land itself is the location of the 12th dimensional stargate. It sits directly in between the Sleeping Giant (Masculine) and Mt. Wai’ale’ale (Feminine). It is the site of the Temple of Light and Ascension Center on Kauai. Years ago, the Swami who founded the temple received a vision from Lord Shiva. He was shown the temple in detail and where it was to be constructed. This temple that has been in the making since then, is and will be the Temple of Light located directly on the 12th dimensional stargate of Gaia at 22°3’33 latitude. It had been revealed before my arrival to Kauai that I would be guided to the land that the 12th dimensional stargate and Temple of Light would be located. That the land where this was to be, held abundance codes and I was to unlock them to support the collective ascension. This was the ultimate purpose of my trip to the Hindu Temple.

A few days later as I was lying in bed, I heard “the codes you collected from the crystal are the abundance codes for the collective ascension and New Earth build. The time has come to release them.” And with that I began seeing golden light pour from my heart through my arms and finally into my palms. Each palm began vibrating intensely as I felt the golden light swirling in them. I was floating above the Earth when gold coins started pouring forth from my hands and began raining down on the Earth. My mouth opened and I said “I command my golden heart to open and release the infinite abundance contained within. I command the abundance to begin flowing for the collective ascension on Gaia, for this vessel and for the ascension center on Kauai.” My arms were raised and my palms were vibrating intensely as the golden light continued to stream from inside my heart down and out through my palms. This continued for five or six minutes and then I began to birth. The birthing came from deep within and all the codes that were collected from the crystal at the Hindu Temple were birthed from this vessel to bring forth the abundance into the manifest.

Abundance from Heaven

Abundance codes unlock the infinite abundance within us. We have brought Heaven to Earth with the construction of the New Earth grids. We are the abundance of Heaven and we will be the ones that contribute all we have to building our New Earth. It will not come from outside of us but from the God within each of us. As each’s heart begins to fully open, their grip on money and possessions will begin to loosen. Those that can give will give and those that need to receive will receive. Eventually money will be phased out of New Earth…but this too is a process of evolution. We will see more sharing, bartering and fair energy exchanges before we see the end of money as a form of abundance. When the abundance codes for the collective ascension were birthed from this vessel, the realities in which the hearts of the collective opened to support the build and builders of New Earth were set into manifestation. The infinite abundance that we as a collective have to build a New Earth was released. As we progress, those that can contribute huge sums of money will come forth to support the huge initiatives that building all new realities require. This is percolating within the hearts of many as we near the beginning of 2020. However, each of us will come to realize that in giving (even in small amounts) we always receive more in return. It is the Law of Abundance.

Na Pali Coast – Unlocking an Ancient Stargate


In late November, I received the inner knowing that I was to go to Kokee’ State Park and rent a cabin December 9th -11th and then go into the crater of Mt. Wai’ale’ale on the 12th. Finally, after days of waiting, I made it up to Koke’e. It was revealed a few days before going that I would need to fast as I was going to experience a death and re-birth while I was there. It was during my time in Koke’e that the last remains of Gaia Sophia were released. Gaia Sophia had been the soul experience I had chosen for this Universal ascension experience and the time had come for this part of me to die so that I could birth into all dimensions of this Universe my true soul Self, Sophia. It was an intense birth that went through all the stargates of my body birthing the realities of Sophia across all dimensions.

Aside from undergoing the final physical embodiment of this vessel, I was also there in Koke’e to unlock the ancient twelfth dimensional stargate of Earth. This stargate has been phased locked from the Galactic stargates and the time had finally arrived to unlock it. I set out on an early morning hike along the Na Pali coast over looking the Kalalau Valley. It is a breathtaking hike that runs along the Kalalau Valley overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The sun was shining and it was clear skies with stunning views the entire hike. Along the way back from the turn out point, I was called to the spot where I was to work with the stargate. I was brought to a place right along the cliff’s edge about mid-way of the valley. I sat down and began speaking light language. There in the middle of the valley I saw it. It appeared like a tube with two stargates on each end. The top one was the galactic stargate and the bottom was the planetary stargate. They were connected by a tube like field of energy that served as a vacuum. Meaning there was no energy able to pass to Earth from the Galactic stargate and there was no energy allowed to leave Earth and pass through the Galactic stargate. I reached out my hands and unlocked the stargate as my body vibrated and shook from the intensity of the energy. It was done. The connection was made and the existing twelfth dimensional stargate was open once again. The re-connection would allow for the existing stargate to merge with the new stargate that would come online after the activation in Mt. Wai’ale’ale.

Mt Wai’ale’ale – The Divine Feminine


Finally, it was December 12th and it was time to make the trek into the crater of Mt. Wai’ale’ale. The crater is the wettest spot on the Earth and is also the birthing portal of our planet. Trying to go in there alone is not possible. I knew from the first day I arrived I would have to traverse the land there and I also knew I would have to have a guide. After many blocked attempts to find a permanent home or hotel to stay upon arriving, I found a studio to rent in Kapaa. A couple of weeks into my stay it became clear why I was to rent this particular studio. The soul I rented the studio from is a guardian of this island and the sacred birthing portal in Mt. Wai’ale’ale. Once our souls fully connected and the purpose of our meeting revealed, she became my mid-wife and the one who would guide me into the birthing portal. This had to be the case because only a true guardian of the land can get someone back there to the sacred spot. The land is protected by the elements and Gaia herself helping to protect the sanctity of the land.

I had also been preparing my vessel physically because this hike is arduous and extremely physical. A jeep was rented to get us back to the trail head as even getting to that point is an arduous journey. The gear was packed, Sophia was packed and I was ready. The morning came and in Divine Orchestration we had a third companion for the trip. My beloved mid-wife’s partner and expert hiking guide was to accompany us. This proved to be a much needed addition. We left at day break filled with love and excitement for the trip ahead. We made it to the road that would lead us to the trail and all was clear to let us through. A first victory as it is sometimes blocked off with boulders. This would allow us to drive back the four miles to the trail head. This is where our third companion shined. I was originally going to navigate the jeep through this muddy, river covered road. A task I quickly realized upon arriving that I was not equip to handle. Thankfully, we now had a driver that was skilled at driving this road and we made it back without any issues.

The hike into the crater and to the back called the Weeping Wall is about another three to four miles from the trail head. It is a narly rock hopping, jungle bushwhacking, muddy adventure through the river, jungle and steep cliffs that are not for the faint of heart. My companions do this hike in wool socks because it makes traversing slick rocks easier. I too wore only wool socks for this intense hike. The one thing I wish I would have done differently. By the time we reached the sacred birthing portal, I had to cry to assist in releasing the pain from my feet. But..we were there! We had made it and I felt it in every cell of my body! The sacred portal overlooks the jungle and the Weeping Wall of Mt. Wai’ale’ale. It is the sacred birthing portal of Gaia and it is the spot where the collective ascension was to be birthed.

We were not there but a few minutes when I knew it was time. I grabbed Sophia out of my back and handed my mid-wife my phone. I knew I was to film the birth to be shared with all souls on Gaia. I set Sophia down on the ground and in that moment, the codes from the Sleeping Giant were transferred into Gaia and the twelfth dimensional stargate was fully activated. The unlocked stargate merged with the new stargate and energetic balance was restored with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine of the twelfth dimensional stargate. Simultaneously as this occurred, I was sat back into what was a birthing chair made from Earth. In that moment, I began to birth the collective ascension of Gaia. The attached video picks up just a couple of minutes into the birth and is being shared here for all souls of this planet. This is the birth of our collective ascension and the start of the evolution into an eternal Golden Age of this star system. It runs for around 24 minutes and is raw birthing footage. Therefore it may be difficult for sensitive individuals to watch. There is a message delivered to all of Creation at minute 19.22 for those that need to fast forward through the birthing. Please click here to watch and forward to minute 32.43.

Once the birth was complete, we walked to the Weeping Wall and cleansed and drank in the purest water before turning back and heading out. The work was complete. We ended a cycle and birthed a new one. Heaven had officially arrived on Earth.

Closing Remarks

With the activation of the twelfth dimensional stargate, the entire Diamond SUN Body of the collective consciousness of Gaia is complete. This structure is being activated through this time into the Winter Solstice on 1221. This will allow for the full power of the structure and the individual souls that make up the structure to fully come online by Mid-January. The birth that took place will allow for the fifth dimensional collective realities to begin manifesting on our planet. This is not an instantaneous process. The collective realities are now available and we will begin shifting our inner and outer worlds to allow this to manifest. Throughout the collective ascension there will be times when we as a collective are ready to birth the realities of a new dimension. Each time that this occurs, this vessel will make the trek into the birthing portal of Gaia and will birth the collective realities for manifestation. This will occur over the course of many many years until the final birth of the twelfth dimension when the collective consciousness and this star system evolves and ascends into an eternal Golden Age of Light. I AM here with you all beloveds until this day comes to be the eternal now.

And here we are today in this eternal now moment. Together as ONE standing on the threshold of a new cycle and a new way of life on our planet. Everything that has transpired on this planet to get us to this eternal now has been a co-creation of many souls as ONE Pure Consciousness working through each. The entire play is a master piece beyond human conception. When one really stops and admires it – it is mind blowing. Every soul, every event that has ever happened on this planet was needed to get to this now moment when the last stargate on Gaia could be activated and the collective ascension birthed. All souls here for thousands of years as ONE consciousness weaving the tapestry of Creation together as ONE. It is extremely humbling. I AM grateful for each and every soul that is and has every contributed to get us to this now. We have truly come to an ending for humankind. The days of living behind the veils of illusion are quickly dissipating. The new is here beloveds. It will be subtle at first as we as a collective wake up to the full knowing that we are souls having a human experience. There is so much more to share. Trust all will be shared in the right now moment.

As we traverse the remaining days of December into the Winter Solstice, the tsunami of Light will increase in frequency with each wave we receive. This is to purify, purge and raise the frequency of every soul upon this planet preparing us for the Solstice Gateway. There will be a period of integration during the Solar Eclipse through the Lunar Eclipse where much will reveal itself within the hearts of all souls. It will be after this time that more shall be revealed publicly on the collective ascension. Until then, take care of yourselves beloveds. This passage is the most sacred and intense passage our planet will ever see in it’s eternal existence. Trust your I AM presence will guide you through it. I AM with you always beloveds. I love each and every one of you beautiful souls as a part of myself. Peace on Earth is here! Peace be with you all! We shall meet again in the NEW! I love you.


Post Script

In this now, I AM requesting support for this vessel. It has taken nearly all my funds to get to Kauai and complete the service described above. I have housing, food and transportation needs that need to be met. If this resonates within your own heart and you feel a desire to contribute to supporting this vessel, please consider sending a donation to the link below. I AM eternally grateful for any and all donations received.


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