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Attached is a collective ascension update. I decided not to record an audio version of this article and have kept it brief for that reason. In lieu of recording the article, I have created a short Light encoded video of the Cosmic Stargate in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This stargate is part of the original Diamond Sun Architecture on our planet and was able to be reactivated or resurrected since the collective migration to the Diamond Sun Architecture that occurred in January 2020. It was activated in March by visiting twelve separate portal sites around and on Banderas Bay by hiking, boat, bus and walking to the sites in the city. On the equinox in March, the complete activation occurred Lighting up this stargate that sits on the Pacific Ocean. It was a magnificent sight! I took pictures along many of the activation sites and all is Light encoded to assist the whole. I wish to share these with the collective as a gift of joy during these times that many must remain inside. Enjoy this Light hearted Light activation! I love you!

Collective Ascension Update – May 2020

We are and have as a collective consciousness been receiving massive amounts of specialized Light since the Equinox in March. This Light is working deep within the cellular and DNA layer of humanity as a collective to awaken and stimulate all souls into ascension. This is a very important time upon this planet. It is a time of awakening the masses. It is time for the masses to begin to shift and it is time for all souls to begin the journey into the higher frequencies of Creation. It is time for the Golden Race to awaken! The race that is the HUman race, free from all bondage and claiming our birthright as Divine Creator beings within the Cosmos.

The Light that is coming onto the planet at this time is coded to free humanity by activating dormant codes within the DNA of this entire species. These codes are known as the Golden Race codes. These are the codes that will awaken humanity to begin it’s ascent as a unified collective consciousness into a Golden Age of Light upon this planet. These are the codes that activate inside of humanity so that we as a collective will free ourselves. The only way true freedom is achieved! The time that we find ourselves in is the time that these codes are being switched on within every man, woman and child upon this planet. These codes signal the turning point in our evolution as a species. At the right time in the collective ascension these codes were to be activated within each human soul to begin the process of a collective ascension.

The global shutdown has created the perfect “incubation” period for this to occur. Many have had more idle time to stay home, rest and just be with these energies even when most are not consciously aware of this. This has allowed for the maximum effect of the Light to assist with the global DNA activation occurring. During the Equinox, freedom codes within Gaia were also released into the Diamond Sun Body to assist with this process. These activations signal the turning point for our species as a collective consciousness. Just as in many of us during our own awakening and ascension, it takes time to integrate the Light into our consciousness and our life stream. This too will be the case with the collective. However, it cannot be undone. The Golden Race triggers were activated, the DNA activations are in process and this important milestone of the collective ascension is occurring now through Mid-May. Our path to a Golden Age of Light will be illumined with the activation of these Light codes and we will begin the journey of building the road to an eternal Golden Age of Light together one brick at a time.

There will be massive amounts of Light coming into the planet always now as we continue to fully activate the Diamond Sun Body of Gaia. The original Cosmic Stargates of the 8D-12D are continually being brought online since we have migrated to the Diamond Sun Architecture. The original 1D-7D of this architecture were all brought online in January as they were prepared for activation during the 2012 – 2019 ascension cycle. Our collective realities are functioning on the Diamond Sun Architecture which connects us to the rest of the Cosmos. The Golden Race codes are activating within humanity which will ignite massive change and transformation upon our planet. Humanity will continue to move ahead as a unified collective in our ascension using the higher frequencies to propel us forward on our journey. It is a process that unfolds day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year. It is not instantaneous transformation; it is a beautiful process that unfolds in the perfection of the eternal now.

We are here to allow all aspects of Self to evolve, ascend and wake up on their own as an individual fractal of the whole. Each is entitled to their own journey, which supports our collective journey as a collective soul of Gaia, collective soul of this solar system, galaxy, master galaxies and all of Creation itself. We can see how each evolving at their own pace and own time makes up the splendor and magnificence that is the whole of Creation. If everything was at the exact same vibration, all we would have is the Pure White Light of the Cosmos. We would not have the intricacies, the patterns, all different geometric structures that make up physical and etheric realities within all dimensions of Creation. This is the beauty of Creation known as multi-dimensionality. This is the magnificence of a multi-dimensional Earth. That we are all evolving as individual fractals of the whole at different levels and layers throughout Creation that together make up the Diamond Sun Body of Gaia.

The ascension of the collective consciousness of Gaia is an evolution, a progression, a great transformation that will take time upon this planet. It is a beautiful time here and now for humanity as we have made the shift, we have traversed the dark night and have turned around to face the Light and now we begin to walk together towards it. Each of us at varying stages of our evolution. Helping to support and guide one another, holding the entire structure that is the collective soul of Gaia and our realities in place. It is beautiful that we can come into acceptance and love for each and every soul that is and has played their part upon this planet to get us to where we are now and we can all stop and look around at all of the fractals that are around us at varying degrees of their evolution and appreciate each and every soul for what they bring to the collective soul. To what they bring to our collective realities and for those that have played the part that have been the catalyst for change on each side of the polarity spectrum.

And we walk together as one unified soul of Terra Nova, the collective consciousness of Gaia moving towards the Golden Age of Light as the Golden Race codes within humanity begin to activate within the dormant DNA of ALL souls upon this planet, ALL souls upon this planet! For every soul is encoded with the Golden Race codes within their dormant DNA, no one is excluded and it is this awakening, the activation within these codes within the DNA of each and every soul upon this planet that has taken place during this incubation period we will call a global shutdown. And it is these codes that have created and will create the shift in consciousness on our planet to move the Golden Race of Gaia into the Golden Age of Light upon this planet.

We have many years to walk this path beloveds and the good news is we are now on the golden path and we shall follow the yellow brick road to Emerald City, to our cities of Light, our Temples of Light and our place upon the Cosmic stage as cosmic citizens, as the star system, Terra Nova! Each and every one of us are a part of this star system, each and every one of us is a part of this collective ascension and each and every one of us are playing our parts perfectly in this now. Rest, take care of your vessel and enjoy this magnificent Light that is permeating our planet. The Golden Race will bring the Golden Age of Gaia. We are in our infancy but we have been born again! Now the journey begins as we rebuild our outer world to reflect the new inner world we are cultivating as a collective soul here. We are one family of love! One family of Light! Together we are building our New Earth. I love you all so very very much! I love humanity. I love each and every soul here. Be in joy this day and all days beloveds.


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