The last embodiment of this vessel was intense, the last one I truly thought and I have worked hard to integrate it since January. I had to accept the role of Sophia, Mother of Creation. It is a part this soul is here to play. However, it is another layer of Self and it too cannot be clutched to. If we are attached to any role we become that role and can no longer be Divine Presence. We separate off from our Divinity to become the role. I can see now how I became my highest Self, Sophia. In embodying this part of Self, I attached. In identifying with the role, I became the role. Thus came with it the mission, the doing, the working to accomplish something, instead of just being. It is a necessary part of the process of embodiment and one that has occurred through all layers from the human personality, Tiffany, to the galactic Self, Gaia Sophia, to the Universal Self, Sophia. All has served and all that I have brought through will assist others. However, it is time to shift again and thus the direction of this website will as well.

All that I have written thus far on this website (Divine Organization) has been to pacify the mind- the linear human understanding of how Creation works. I see now that this was a necessary part of a role I was to play here as well as a necessary part of letting this role go. I have left a series of writings on this website that will assist any soul in understanding how Creation works as a Divine Organization across all layers of the consciousness fractal. It is fascinating and very appeasing to the mind – to know and understand that which we all are. However, there is something that I have not done on this website and it is the real reason any of us exist – that is – I have not evoked the heart of the readers here. The truth, the essence, the fragrance of Divinity that ignites the flame within the heart of all souls. Yes, this is missing…

For the most part, this website has acted more as a teaching tool. Equated to music this could be like teaching on the mechanics of how music is made. How to read sheet music, music composition, the arrangement of a symphony or orchestra, etc. These are wonderful things to know about how music is made, composed and delivered but again this information only caters to the mind. You see, no matter how hard one studies sheet music and compositions of Beethoven, they will never know the feeling that Fur Elise invokes in the heart when played by a live orchestra. They will never know the feeling that a favorite song can bring forth from within when heard. This is what is missing here….the music!

Ascension, the Divine Organization, these are mechanics, sheet music, compositions of the great symphony that is life. We can discuss the mechanics all day long, we can stare at the sheet music, memorize it and pacify the mind into thinking it knows the music – but it can never truly know the music. Music must be felt! No matter how hard the mind tries, it will never be able to compare to the experience of dancing to the symphony itself. I can write about the Divine Organization, I can explain to you all about the energetic structure and pattern of Creation, I can teach about the mechanics of the Cosmos and continue to pacify your minds. However, I live in my heart as Divine Presence, I care for nothing of the mind. I am content on existing in a sate of being and not doing. Therefore, I will no longer be able to write this way. I choose to dance, I choose to surrender and become the note that I am in the great symphony of life.

What is the Divine Organization? It the sheet music of the symphony of life. It is each and every soul playing their part as a note in the Music of the Spheres. We are here, all of us, dancing together, weaving our notes, creating our destiny and this play of ascension by being. Everyday, residing in our own splendor and radiance. Everyday, embodying more love, more Light and Being the Divine Presence that we each are. We can talk about the mechanics of ascension, Creation, Divine Organization, waves, portals and more. But we must remember, these are only the sheet music of Creation. To become the music is to dance the dance of life, is to join the symphony of life as the beautiful reflection of Divinity that you are. It is not to study the sheet music … It is to BE the music, the song, the dance.

I do not know the direction this website will take, as for me, life feels more about being Divine Presence than about doing, talking or writing on the how’s, what’s or why’s of ascension. I sat down today and for the first time in a longtime I wrote this from my heart. I love Creation. I love each and every soul here. I know deep within that every soul that is a part of the Divine Organization is exactly where they are meant to be and doing exactly what they are meant to be doing. I know that ascension is a happening. It is a part of our evolution just as all of Creation. I know that in being and allowing, all manifest according to Divine Will as all of Creation does. I am here to be, Divine Presence. Divinity fully embodied in a physical vessel experiencing my Creation in a state of Divine Love, Divine Neutrality and a joy for life that inspires all around me to dance to the symphony of life. My hand is out, won’t you take it and dance with me…


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