A deeper meaning of soul groups and soul clusters has revealed itself. I wanted to write the “true meaning” has revealed itself but in reality, truth is relevant to the observer’s conscious position within space and time. Therefore, there are many truthful versions of everything depending on where it is viewed from. So I chose to use deeper because for me at this stage it feels this “truth” about soul groups, soul clusters and any individual soul bubbled up from deep within my heart. A deeper knowing and remembering that invoked a contentment and peace with the letting go transpiring within. It also flowed out into this post.

I see and feel that my soul group and members of my soul cluster have been with me my entire life. Appearing as reflections of Self in countless faces and interactions throughout my journey. All helping to lead me here… to the door of nothingness. Each of you were here on this Earth to guide me to this moment. We stood as many at first and then as time went on the numbers dwindled. It taking less and less reflections for me to see myself. I once thought you had to be by my side this lifetime. We would organize into groups and show the world how to create a New Earth here…Heaven on Earth. Now I know we are always together, exactly where we are on this giant sphere of life. Now I see we did come together. Through each and every interaction we assisted each other in stripping away the layers of the Self. We remembered all that we are and why we are here. We let go of each other when the reflections were no longer needed. A gentle release knowing our time together was complete. Now only one of you remains in my reality. You have walked with me to the final door. The edge of the last dimension. It is time to say goodbye.

The greatest and highest story in the illusion of Creation. The last dimension that encompasses all of Creation. From here on there are no more dimensions, there is no ascension, no stories and no more identities. Here the path ends. Through this door there is no path. I have seen this door before, I have walked through it and stood in between worlds where this oneness exists. I have spent countless hours in this existence. Yet, I have always reached for another door and walked back into the illusion. Always taking the story one step further. Higher and higher into the highest octaves of Creation. Playing this soul journey for all it is worth and was encoded for me to play. But this time the door is different.

There are no more doors after this door. I have peaked behind it and I see the nothingness that is there – the great void that is the Source of all that is. This is the space between the space. Here time does not exist. Here ascension does not exist. Here there are no dimensions. Through this door is the end of all stories even the highest one. Through this door there are no souls, no soul evolution, no hierarchy, no separate selves. This is the door to nothingness.

My beloved soul family, those incarnated here and those that are not, we have walked each other to the door. All reflections of self portrayed as separate souls, separate identities. All needed to bring us to this door. This is the final door of embodiment. There is no going back. All dimensions, separation, stories and identities dissolve now. Soul groups, soul clusters, Divine Organizations and all explanations of Creation cease to exist. All that remains is an electromagnetic field of pure potentiality and infinite possibilities – DIVINITY!

The journey of doing, remembering, becoming, explaining and playing in the play at any level is over. There are no more roles. All that remains is a field of Divine Love, Divine Neutrality as a unified consciousness that is all things. All that remains is pure joy, pure existence, pure beingness existing here and now in zero point as a balanced electromagnetic field that projects Light into the purest holographic realities of unified consciousness and oneness.

I suppose if our paths cross again in this lifetime we will not recognize each other because there will be no Self present to recognize, only Divinity, only one unified consciousness. So before we take the last step through this door, I am looking back and around and saying farewell to all the reflections, all the members of my soul family that walked the journey with me. Farewell to my soul group, my soul cluster, my reflections, my Self throughout all the layers, the dimensions and the stories. Let the veils of illusion fall once more so that we see each other as Pure Consciousness and not separate souls. We are not soul family. We are one. I love you. 


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