I often write about doors, stepping through doors, one door, the final door, the door to nothingness. These doors are metaphors for moving from one perception to another. Consciousness perceiving itself and it’s realities from different vantage points within space and time or from no point at all (what we call zero point). The walking through a door from one illusion to the next is simply changing one’s perception from viewing reality one way to viewing reality another way. For instance, in the beginning of awakening we walk through the door from the third dimension as we label this perception of reality into the fourth dimension as we label the reality of awakening. Here our perception of ourselves changes from being a human to being a soul or spiritual being having a human experience.

Throughout ascension we continue to “climb” the ladder through the dimensions and layers of the Self. Each layer has a door, passageway or portal into a new reality, dimension or what could be called the next layer of illusion. Consciousness is and always does remain the same. However, each doorway removes some of the veil and leads us to a new perception of ourselves and our outer reality. In other words, we may begin to perceive ourselves as a soul, galactic being, over soul, God etc. depending on which layer we are experiencing. This is what ascension offers us – a chance to perceive our reality from all layers of the Self. Each door we open to the next layer of identity allows us to embody that part of the Self. Our perception of who we are changes. Our roles or purposes here changes – everything changes.

Then one day we realize that there are no more doors left but the one we walked through when we first awoke. The very first door to enlightenment when we become one with all that is. The door that cracked our hearts wide open to a love so profound nothing else could possibly exist. This is the door to nothingness. It is the first and the final door. It is the door that has always been with us. The one we walk through each time we leave one dimension and have not yet gone through the door to the next dimension. This door is the space between the space. Nothing exists here. It is the void. Here we shed one identity and remain in oneness and beingness until we either choose to stay here permanently or choose to open another door and go back into the illusion to play another role. And we always go back. Go back to keep climbing the ladder of Self until there is no where else to go. Until we have become and played all our parts.

Where does one go when they have become God? When the truth of ascension reveals itself to be another layer of illusion? What else is left?

How about becoming nothing? No titles, no labels, no identity – just existence as love, neutrality, compassion, humility, grace etc. as a state of being! When we are being we exist as nothing – no names, no identity. Love has no name or claim to any identity – it is a state of being. Neutrality has no name or identity – it is a state of being. Humility, compassion, grace, patience, joy – all states of being. This is what the door to nothingness offers us. A chance to live outside of ALL illusions from the third dimension to the twelfth dimension. To live in a place where dimensions cease to exist. Do we still live on this planet? Yes, of course. Do we still have a life, eat, sleep, talk to people etc. Yes, of course. Is the planet and it’s people still evolving? Yes, of course.

The difference is we are no longer tied to any of it as a story. We are completely FREE. Freedom is existing as Pure Consciousness flowing in the eternal now unattached to any identity, any story or any illusion. Freedom is being love, neutrality, humility, etc. It is in being that we experience everything as Divinity because we are not creating any stories (veils) on top of it. We exist in a state of being where time and space cannot exist because they are also part of the stories. Where identities and labels do not exist therefore separation cannot exist. We no longer see humans, daughters, sons, wives, husbands, souls, soul mates, twin souls, soul family, over souls, collective souls etc. The people in front of us are still there, it is the way we perceive them that changes. All the labels are just stories from various perceptions of consciousness. In being no thing we “see” or experience everything as consciousness or Divinity without separation. The ultimate state of oneness. No dimensions, no identities, no ascension, no planet, no anything. We only “see” everything as consciousness, Divinity or whatever we choose to call it because it cannot be labeled. It can only be experienced.

The door to nothingness does not cause the world to disappear, interactions will not cease to take place, you will still be here and the sun will still shine. The only thing that changes is how consciousness (You) perceives it’s reality. Do not be afraid to let go of the stories at any layer. Do not be afraid to let go of purposes and roles no matter how glamorous they may seem. BUT…only when you are ready. Play them! Become them so you can embody them! And when you are ready…let them go. Let go and allow your perception to change and this allows your reality to change. This is the symphony of life. This is how we evolve individually and collectively organically and naturally without having to label anything. Each of us plays our role at each and every layer. All playing different notes at different stages keeping the music going. Then one day when we are ready we let them all go. We let go of being a note in the symphony. We stop playing and we simply enjoy the music.


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