The word illusion can bring about a myriad of feelings in the awakened soul depending on where one is on their journey. We may see “the illusion” as only the third dimension or the old world of fear and separation. We may see ascension as real or perhaps the real reason we are here. Referring to ascension as illusion may bring about feelings of unease or scrutiny. So I ask…

Is death real or an illusion? Are we not eternal? Consciousness shape shifting from one form to another? Through awakening we learn that we are eternal and thus death is an illusion. An experience that feels real but in reality is not because as eternal beings (Consciousness) we can never really die. We learn that Consciousness is all pervading, ever present, eternal and free of time and space. Embodying this wisdom, we transcend the illusion of death.

This is followed by ascension. The quest to become all of our eternal Light, our full Self, embodied in a physical vessel. However, if we are already eternal, Consciousness, free of the illusion of death, isn’t ascending into eternal life and our full Self just more layers of illusion? How can we become something that we are already? So we journey through more layers of illusion to find out. It is the illusion of ascension that we experience on the journey just as those that journey to the end of life die and experience the illusion of death. These are both very real and very physical experiences…yet all illusion. Embodying this wisdom, we transcend the illusion of ascension.

This is the paradox that each must sort out for themselves. These are the layers upon layers of Self that we traverse in search of all that we are. Which is all that we have been all along and all that we will ever be, which is actually no self at all, only consciousness. Each of us will reflect on this differently. There is no right or wrong. This is your creation. Ponder these…

Can one really die? Can one really ascend to become something they have and always will be? Or is it all just layers of illusion? Do we quit living because we know death is an illusion? Do we stop our journey because we know ascension is an illusion? How would we know if we don’t take the journey?


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