The Sun does not ask anything of it’s creation

It shines relentless, timeless without distinction to what is

The Sun gives life, radiates Light, to birth the realities of it’s Universe

By simply being, it creates effortlessly and flawlessly everything it experiences

The Sun does not compete for titles or even to be called a Sun

It is free of mind and the thoughts that ravage it

The Sun knows nothing and thus exists as everything

It makes no claim to daylight or dark for it knows the Light exists in all places

The Sun takes no shape, it blinds in form of sphere or the formless

It exists in a spectrum unidentified by the senses

The Sun is life, eternal, timeless,everlasting consciousness

It pours itself into it’s creation existing as the totality of it’s eternal rays

The Sun is metaphor, it is a name, it is without title as only One can be

It exists free of ego, free of doing, in an eternal state of being

It is Light

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