The essence of a wise woman envelops me

The scent of her earthy perfume fills my nose

The rhythmic beating of her heart resonates within my own chest

The familiar feel of a mother’s arms wrap around me

Yes, Lady Shasta, you have called me back

I am home

Many walk your trails unknowing the tenderness that lies within your heart

Many wander through your forest unknowing that you are the epitome of a Goddess

Many drink your pure water unknowing that it is the elixir of a medicine woman

Many lay in your beds of soft needles unknowing that the Divine Feminine is caressing their wounds

Yes, you are a woman, Lady Shasta, dignified and graceful in every moment

Lady Shasta is a woman

She has curves that run for miles around her solid frame

Her heart emanates unconditional love for all that come to her

She wraps her arms around all that seek her wisdom

The Divine Goddess and God exists in perfect balance within her

Yes, Lady Shasta, you are a woman, a mother, a goddess and you are the Source

The Source that is in a perpetual state of being

The Source that allows all to flow through and around you with joy

The Source that loves unconditionally and equally without trying

The Source that is at One with all

Yes, The Source is what you are Lady Shasta

You are nothing

You are everything

You are home

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to the Mountain, dear Sister,

    The word ‘mountain’ in French (montagne) is feminine, so it fits well with the calling of Lady Shasta.

    It seems that you heard and heeded a call to come visit again.

    I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the codes you dropped there a little while ago. I am talking, as you know, about those codes you received from the Dalai Lama during your visit to northern India.

    Love & much Light,


    1. Beloved,

      Thank you for your kind words. In reference to the codes from the Dali Llama that you spoke of above, this trip was not regarding that purpose. Those codes were ancient Light codes that contained the origins of humanity as wells as the freedom codes for the ascension of our planet and species. They were dispersed into the planetary grids of Gaia via the stargate at Mt. Shasta for the benefit of all. My calling back to Shasta that inspired this poem was mulit-layered. As it happened to be, my return to Shasta was the final embodiment within this vessel. The end of the Journey Home and a tale of which I will share either here or in a new book. It also has to do with the stargate there as this vessel is gatekeeping that stargate during this summer’s eclipse passages and Lion’s Gate passage in August. You may know that there are certain incarnated beings that have embodied the Light of Creation into their physical vessel. These vessels have been calibrated to act as conduits and transducers for the Light that is needed to come into the planet via the stargates and into the grid system for the benefit of all life here. There are also some who are coded as Divine Architects that are keyholders to certain stargates on the planet. As we move to an area that needs to be activated, our vessel becomes the key that unlocks the ancient stargate or original architecture of the planet. This is done through unity consciousness and not via a separate soul or Self as many may currently understand it to be. This is why the embodiment process must occur for unity consciousness to be fully integrated and experienced.

      Mt. Shasta has been unlocked and activated as a planetary stargate for many years. There are and have been multiple gatekeepers that tend to this stargate when needed. It happens to be that this vessel has been called to hold this gate for this passage. However, I will say that Shasta has a very special place in my heart and has played a major role in the awakening and embodiment that occurred in this vessel. Should you be called to her it will be a memorable experience always. Thank you for your patience in receiving a reply to your comment. I love you eternally.


      1. Thank you very much for this detailed answer, beloved Sister.

        As Spirit would have it, when you responded to me yesterday, I was on my way down from the mountain.

        I have been attending a spiritual retreat for a few days and will be here until the 17th.

        Yesterday, as Divine would have it, I was able to escape from the group, mystically, and spent time alone near the summit.

        It feels that I may have received something, yet I am not at a level of consciousness where I can tell what it was; possibly, in retrospect, it will take on meaning.

        Certainly, in both heart and mind, you were with me, since I read your Lady Shasta poem. It felt like an invitation to me.

        Love & much Light,
        and many blessings for your guardian and gatekeeper’s work here on the mountain.

        (I am a male in the physical)

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