Man and his quest for understanding the Self and eternal life through death and resurrection is not a new spiritual concept. Consciousness has always remained the same regardless of the evolution of man. It has always strived to awaken within man since the inception of our species. Our great quest to evolve into our true nature always stirring within the heart of man. Leaving breadcrumbs throughout the ages, just as we are doing now, to help awaken itself. Consciousness has awakened in some of us for as long as our species has been evolving. The mystics, poets, prophets, artists, philosophers, yogis etc. all leaving their footprints to help the rest of us find our way home. There were few who obtained the ultimate goal but many who walked the path. Each leaving directions to help guide initiates of Light onto a path that cannot be duplicated. The path that is as individual as a fingerprint but as similar as a finger.

There have always been those that have awakened, that shed Light into the world to illuminate the path forward for humanity. This is accelerated now as the collective awakening is occurring on our planet. In our conscious evolution as a species, we have always quested into the nature of life and death. Physical life and death as well as the metaphysical life and death of the Self. What does it mean to die, to surrender to death and to be resurrected like a phoenix from the ashes into eternal life? What is it like to be Christ, crucified, risen in the flesh – the metaphor for the journey from Self into our return to Pure Consciousness.

In our final resurrection, when we return Home, are we to leave this life only to begin a “new” eternal existence in the vastness of Creation? Or do we rise in our wholeness, in our flesh and live each day never leaving our eternal home as we radiate Light into the world? Are we not eternal consciousness experiencing everyday life in these vessels as part of an eternal existence? Isn’t eternal life and everyday life the same? Doesn’t this mean we are already living an eternal existence? Does our resurrection mean death or does it really mean life?

Below is an excerpt from the novel, The Rainbow. This was written in 1915 by D. H. Lawrence and stands as thought provoking today as it did when it was written. Actually, it may be even more relevant today because of the evolutionary spike we are experiencing as a species. With enlightenment, ascension, evolution or whatever one chooses to call it, death of the Self and Resurrection into eternal existence is the entire point of the journey. But what about after Resurrection?This excerpt came as a resonance to my own heart after the final Resurrection in this vessel occurred upon Mt. Shasta in June. It captures the question, now what? And alludes to the answer.

What do we do when the journey is over? What happens when the journey is over and we rise in our eternal glory and except that we are and have always been eternally home? Do we die and leave this world or do we live and accept our place within it as the Source of our Creation?

The Resurrection is to life, not to death. Shall I not see those who have risen again walk here among men perfect in body and spirit, whole and glad in the flesh, loving in the flesh, begetting children in the flesh, arrived at last to wholeness, perfect without scar or blemish, healthy without fear of ill-health? Is this not the period of manhood and of joy and fulfillment, after the Resurrection? Who shall be shadowed by death and the cross, being risen, and who shall fear the mystic, perfect flesh that belongs to heaven?

Can I not then, walk this earth in gladness, being risen from sorrow? Can I not eat with my brother happily, and with joy kiss my beloved, after my resurrection, celebrate my marriage in the flesh with feastings, go about my business eagerly, in the joy of my fellows? Is heaven impatient for me, and bitter against this earth, that I should hurry off, or that I should linger pale and untouched? Is the flesh which was crucified become as poison to the crowds in the street, or is it as a strong gladness and hope to them, as the first flower blossoming out of the earth’s humus?

D.H. Lawrence

In this compelling piece of literature, Lawrence raises the question of what happens after Resurrection. A profound insight for a man of 1915 and a great example that ascension, evolution or enlightenment has always been present throughout human existence. A reminder that to live, to exist, is to be eternal! Eternity is not out there…it is here…now!

In our final Resurrection, we embody this wisdom and all the Light of Creation. We accept that we are the Source of all realities experienced through this vessel and outside of this vessel. We die a thousand little deaths and one final death in these bodies so that we may truly live! To be resurrected in the flesh is to be the Source of life that is experienced in the eternal now. It is to travel through this life without ever leaving home. The Source is eternal, the Source is home. We are the Source. We are always home! We die to the illusions of separation – all of them – so that we may rise in wholeness as one unified consciousness. We resurrect ourselves to the ultimate truth that has always been and will always be. We look the same, we walk through this world as any nameless face, yet inside we are forever changed. We know there is nothing to do, nothing to say and that by simply being we are free to enjoy existence right here, right now, eternally. We are free to live!


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