We have finally come to an end of the dismantling energies of 2020….whew….what a year for all! While the dismantling is still occurring before us, the intense magnetic energies that have created the dismantling has subsided for now. With the September 22nd Equinox the balancing of our individual and collective energies began. All that was slated to be worked on in 2020 was either shed or retained in order to create our new realities for 2021. We have experienced this balancing energy as choice points and deaths within our own life stream. Death of the old patterns and actions via our own choices and now a rebirth of the new. With the 1010 portal we crossed into our own new creations both individually and collectively. We will begin receiving the new Light to level up our realities with the November and December influxes. This Light will allow for significant changes in the collective during the 2021 year ahead. We are preparing for an entire release of the 3D frequencies on this planet. There will be a significant and major collective timeline jump or frequency upgrade with the winter solstice gateway in December. This will signal an acceleration in the rebuilding of our collective realities in 2021.

All of the hard work of 2020 will bring a gift of new realities to the collective this Christmas. 2020 was the most intense year we have seen in our collective purge and purification. There is no doubt that the collective is wide awake and ready for change! There were many who supported Gaia and the collective to safely release immense amounts of dense energy from the planetary grids during this purge. Also, this has allowed for the continuation of the grid and gate work to continue building the organic blueprint of the planet which we as a collective migrated to in January of this year. Despite outward appearances, there was a tremendous amount of work that has taken place on our planet energetically during this year. The collective has prepared itself for a catapult into a new collective reality that is already in the incubation stages of manifestation. This will become evident with global events that will begin taking place in the beginning of November. Watch carefully beloveds and you will witness the beauty of the Divine Plan unfolding before you. It is always darkest before dawn and this year’s dark days of winter are no exception. Realities will completely crumble, what appears to be chaos will actually turn out to be major positive change and our entire global landscape will begin to shift towards a rebuilding phase in 2021 beginning with the lunar eclipse in mid-January.

The tables have turned. The old has been flushed out of the shadows and awareness brought to us all. Collectively we have navigated immense change and challenges this year that have allowed many to make dramatic shifts in their own realities; All this affecting the collective soul energy. Personally, I have overheard many stories when out in the public of people changing their lives to devote more time to themselves and their families. I have heard people making choices that support their hearts and this is exactly what the dismantling energies of 2020 were designed to do. With the Equinox into the 1010 gateway we have stabilized our individual and collective energy. What has been released is gone and we stand ready to embrace the new Light that is bringing all new realities to support each’s choices as well as the collective choices we have made this year. Keep in mind that rebuilding will mean more dismantling at first. These final weeks of 2020 into Mid-January 2021 will continue to see realties collapse while simultaneously rebuilding the new. We must be willing to let go of the old for the new to completely come. Remembering that the Universe always brings us new and better realities each time we level up.

The road directly ahead is dark and quiet as we enter into the incubation period of the new realities of 2021. Allow the old to completely fall away and look to the Light that is coming in November and December to completely rewrite realities. Trusting that when we focus our love and energy on the new, the old can die gracefully for all. Go fearlessly ahead knowing in your hearts that we are held in the loving heart of the Creator.


P.S. I had the privilege this week to do some gate work and grid work on Mt. Shasta, her Divine Masculine partner Mt. Lassen and the corridor that connects them . Below are some pictures from the trip. Enjoy the Light! I love you all.

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