The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

Website Changes and Collective Update

I would like to make all subscribers aware that this website will be migrating to a new web address after this year. In an effort to consolidate websites and administrative fees for keeping them up, I will be moving all content from my previous websites onto my new website. By year end, all pages and articles will be available at www.enjoyingthemusic.com under the Divine Organization tab. I will post new articles written between now and year end here along with a new subscription link to assist subscribers with the migration. The information shared on these sites represent a WayShower’s path through the ascension process and will be available in one place making it easier for all existing and future readers. I am extremely grateful for the support and love throughout the years of my own personal journey and look forward to continuing sharing my heart will all from the new platform. Below is the most recent article for your convenience.


P.S. For those that have made the migration to the new site, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of this notification email so that you can be removed from duplicate posts. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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