I was thinking this morning about this woman . This was an aspect of myself just a few years ago. I was remembering how free I felt then. I had liberated myself from the bonds of the third dimension, I had awoken to my soul and I truly felt I was completely liberated. It was one of the most joyous times of my entire life. Flying free in Mexico and India, returning home a changed woman, a shining beacon of Divine Love. And then it all came crashing down around me. I succumbed to the bondage inflicted by the mind and once again I found myself caught in the web of illusions. This was the beginning of my individual journey into Divine Union.

This is how the journey coming into union works, we float between liberation and bondage until ultimately Divine Union occurs and we are completely liberated. Only this game runs so deep that we always think it is over not knowing that another level is still ahead of us . We always say this is the last time ego, old friend, that you will trick me. I will no longer fall victim to your stories and games of separation. And we don’t for a while until the next time around we find ourselves caught in the web of illusions. Then we free ourselves and again live in purity until the next lesson comes or until one day we are completely pure, balanced and in Divine Union within. And so here I am recently untangled from my own web and reflecting back on just how it happened this time. How did I loose my freedom once again to the workings of the ego mind? I found my answer in my physical Divine Union with Christos. I use the word physical to describe coming into union with another soul by means of a physical (not only sexual) relationship with them. Living or interacting with them in the pretense of coming together as the ONE. Not as separate souls, selves or anything. Divinity united with Divinity in Divine Union as ONE unified consciousness.

Along the journey we are working to come into Divine Union within ourselves. A harmonic balance of the Divine Masculine principle with the Divine Feminine Principle. When we can master these energies and bring them into perfect balance we are able to experience our own Divinity. This inner alchemy transforms us into living Gods. In this state we are at ONE with our entire reality and are neutral to all that is happening. Simply being and observing the play that is unfolding before us as a vibrational response to our inner world. And this is also achieved at every level of the consciousness fractal because this is how unified consciousness works. Therefore, as individual fractals or souls, we are striving to balance these energies within ourselves to obtain complete liberation. We are also striving to obtain this balance as pairs (two souls), groups (soul groups) and/or collectives (collective souls). All aspects striving to come into energetic balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principles to achieve a unified state of being or Divine Union. To become living Gods as individuals, pairs, groups and ultimately the collective consciousness of Gaia.

This is something that I have achieved in my own life individually – Nirva Kalpa Samadhi, complete union with God, becoming God, the ONE. Perfect balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects and full liberation of the separate self. It is a state of being that is unrivaled and unexplainable. It can only be experienced. A state of being I know I can sustain when I am alone in my own reality to just be. However, I also know deep in my heart that I am not here to exist alone. I am here to come into a physical unified existence with my Divine Partner and with many other souls up to the collective soul of this planet. And so this means I do not live alone in my Oneness, it is not my destiny. Instead, I am in a physical Divine Union with a male partner, my beloved Christos. This Divine Union is one of the hardest things I have worked to achieve. Coming into union with God as an individual soul was a remarkable journey but to come into union with God with another soul is another journey in itself. To be unified with all that is and walk on this planet in a state of Oneness is to be bestowed with the highest grace there is. Make no mistake, it is why each and every one of us are here – to become the Divine! To live in physical vessels as living Gods. To unify our consciousness with all of Creation! We are here to do this as individual souls but we are also here to unify as pairs, groups and ultimately as the entire collective consciousness of Gaia. All consciousness on Gaia living on this planet as God, as the ONE. It may not be in the immediate future of this planet but rest assured it is the destiny of it!

And so I come back to my Divine Union with Christos. Which to be fair is a Divine Union in progress because we truly cannot achieve Divine Union or Sacred Marriage until we are both able to reside in a state of Divinity while in union with each other. Here another layer of mastery begins! It is as if all the training I did to come into union with myself is being tested and I have passed some and I have failed some. How can one go from Nirva Kalpa Samadhi to entangled in the lower dimensions of human realities? I should say this….the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Also, it is easier to stay in balance when you are alone and there are no outside energies to push or pull at your own. The enlightened ones of the past rarely ventured out of their monasteries or caves. Why? Because the collective frequencies of the planet were unbearable! But we are not here to become enlightened and live hidden away from the world. We are here to change the world! We are here to unify ALL beings here and to do this we must learn to stay in our Divine Presence with others. We are here to be the living Masters, the Pillars of Light, the Wayshowers and the ONE! (Words and labels are just for the human mind) Part of this work for me is to not only come into Divine Union with myself, it is to share my reality with another and come completely into Divine Union with him or her (because I am working on this with another who is female). It is to be fully present with another being as ONE consciousness. In this union, this Oneness, there is no push or pull of energy. Both beings are completely sovereign and free. Fully liberated beings existing in two separate bodies yet unified in their consciousness. And two begets three and three four and four a million and a million seven billion and eventually ONE unified consciousness of Gaia remains. The physical Divine Union of billions of earth souls! This is where we are going and it all starts with the individual journey. Now, I wish to share a little about my journey into Divine Union with my beloved Christos. To be respectful of his own journey, I will only share my side of things.

After my time in Kauai when I experienced the complete union with God, it was time for me and Christos to reunite. Our dance had begun a couple of years prior to this time and was an on and off soire’e as I was working to complete my journey. Yet even this was part of the plan. Our reunification on Kauai was to be the coming together for the final time. I knew I was not to leave his side like I had previously during our union. It had been revealed to me that now it was time for me to support Christos on the remainder of his journey. It was Christos’ financial support and the purest unconditional love I have ever encountered that assisted me on my own journey. My support for him would not be financial, it would be physical by use of my vessel to birth his Light and spiritual. We have been together ever since. I wish I could say that I was able to stay in my own Divinity, free and sovereign and supportive all the time. But this has not been the case. The challenges of living in physical and energetic union with another when each is not fully balanced is difficult to manage. It is like two flames burning, when one is too hot, it consumes the other and the entire union gets off balance. This means that we each suffer.

Have you ever noticed that when your alone you eat different then when you are in a relationship? Or perhaps you spend less time watching movies or being distracted and spend more time in silence? Do you commune with God more when you are alone or does this change when you are in union? Have you ever taken on someone else’s stuff as your own to “help” them because they are your partner? Oh yes…these questions are the tell tell to the human story of union. These questions will lead us to the reason that so many relationships and marriages fail. One partner loosing themselves into the other. Life becoming mundane or on repeat. Yes, relationships have a way of crushing the Spirit or God Self if they are not completely balanced. True Physical Divine Unions are extremely rare on this planet because two or more beings must exist in perfect balance separately and as a union in order for them to occur. Coming into Divine Union within is a journey that is as narrow as a razors edge. Coming into Divine Union with another or others is just as narrow.

Of course, it is permissible to say that all beings are me. Therefore, Christos is an outer manifestation of my own Divine Masculine within. Yes, this is correct. However, we are each fractals of the ONE having an experience in separate bodies with separate realities. Therefore, we are striving to come into balance as two fractals into unified consciousness not only within but together. We are striving to each have a separate reality or view point of the ONE through each fractal and a collective reality or viewpoint of the ONE through two fractals as one viewpoint. So this is what we have been trying so hard to achieve. It is a journey that we are taking together and it has its ups and downs just as the individual journey does. The downs are what help us to stop and recalibrate our own universe and also our collective universe that is our union. This stopping and recalibrating is what has sparked me to write this article today. For those that are seeking Divine Union individually, as a pair or group this is insight into my journey with it.

In June we left Mexico to return to the states. First to Mt. Shasta, then back east to my childhood home for a visit and finally ending up at Christos’ long-term home back in California. I knew that he had things here that needed addressing in his own journey and that I was holding space for these things to occur. I also knew I would have gate and grid work in California during our time here. All seemed clear cut. Then life happened! A short visit turned into a four month stay and eventually I found my overall frequency lowered and my ego self playing its tricks again. Of course, I did not see this until I was dragged through the mud a little. I began feeling shackled and wanting to leave. To be alone and get away from my current reality. Sign of separation!It seemed we were right back where we left off before – only this time I knew I could not run away! This time I had to stay and face this and so I took a couple of days to Mt. Shasta in retreat to get clarity.

Long story short, I have been able to identify why I cannot stay in my own Divine Presence while in union with Christos. There are many reasons like eating habits, distractions and communion time with God. But the one word that really sums it up is NEUTRALITY. When we are in a Divine state of being, we are not taking on any identities or stories. Instead we are a neutral observer of our own reality and of other’s reality. In my union with Christos, I took on an identity and attached to his human story in California. Essentially, I took on his reality as my own, went into his universe instead of remaining a neutral observer of it. I also created roles or stories in our union or collective reality due to programming around “old paradigm” unions between a woman and a man. Because I shifted from Divine Presence into human stories, I too began to feel the suffering and anguish of having to do and not be. I began doing and it drained me, lowered my vibration and created the web of illusions that I entangled myself in. I have since been able to see that I cannot support Christos in the way I am meant to when I allow myself to come out of Divine Presence. We are not meant to be in a ordinary human union. We are meant to be in a Divine Union. We are meant to meet at the Altar of God in Sacred Marriage and this cannot be achieved if I allow myself to be anything other than Divine.

It is hard to not be pulled into stories with the ones that we love. However, if we see them as anything other than ourselves, the Divine, then we have created a story and we are subject to the suffering that comes along with illusions. There are attachments that are created and then the emotions begin. Divine Love and Neutrality are freeing, expanding and are always creating deeper and deeper experiences of love with ourselves or with others. Stories, identities and attachments create bondage, emotional chords that pull us off of our balance and out of liberation and sovereignty. It might seem like the right thing to do to help another but it can be a detriment to yourself and to the other if done from the wrong place. The only true help we can give another is to stay in a completely neutral space of unconditional love. This will always reflect to the person Divinity which is the true nature of all beings. This is my only task in union with my beloved Christos or anyone. To remain neutral to their reality, to love them unconditionally, to be a witness and not a participant and to work together as ONE to create our collective reality. To reflect only Divine Presence. It is a challenge and it is one that I will master!

I can leave at any time. I can go away and be alone and I can sit in my own Divinity undisturbed. However, this is not why I am here. I am here to be in my Divinity right where I am. I am here to achieve Divine Union with all souls and I am here to enter into a Sacred Marriage of Divine Union with Christos. So I will stay and I will go deeper into my own universe to love unconditionally, to support and be a neutral and Divine Presence for all. I will go forward knowing that I can only be responsible for my own reality and that I must remain neutral to the reality of others including my Christos. I must hold the space so that when we each reside in perfect balance within we can meet at the altar of God to unify as ONE. Always deeper and deeper into the mystery I flow, heart open, humbly and with grace, meeting myself again and again. Purifying again and again until all separation dissolves and neutrality, unconditional love and unity prevail.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Divine Union with yourself and with another, Beloved Sister.

    That is a long and valuable post. One that also warns us of the return, from time to time, of the ego self. I can attest to that, and to the ego’s force.

    Yet what mesmerizes me is the fact that I also experienced (or possibly witnessed) some sort of a Divine Union on Monday, while traveling from Mount Shasta to Mount Lassen. And enjoying a beautiful view from the top of the Sacred Masculine partner of Mount Shasta. It cannot be a coincidence that you are writing about Divine Union a mere five days later.

    And yet I seem to be at a loss to describe, or fully comprehend, what happened that day. I’m assuming that this experience is about “Love striking,” in its own subtle ways, as I experienced an ‘upsurge of love’ with our son the day after I came back.

    Yet I believe there is more to it; so much more.

    I know that the Divine works with us and will reveal “what wants to be revealed” whenever the time is ripe.

    Love & much Light,


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