The previous article shared here was written on Divine Union with Self and other. It discussed the layers of Divine Union that we as souls can experience while in body. I will admit that I had resistance within before publishing it. Something in it did not feel quite right with me as I know deep within that there is no separation or layers. Yet I also felt it was to be published this way, so I did. After writing the article, I asked myself to clearly show me any self imposed veils that were prohibiting me from experiencing Divine Union within and consequently without. I also read a blog post by another soul a day or two afterward. In it he described an experience he had on his own journey. I observed myself while reading it and I could see the joy and heart expansion it brought to me. There was nothing in it that pertained directly to me. Yet it was observing the ONE having an experience of self discovery that simply infused my being with Divine Love. Just being a witness to “his” journey created the feeling of union within. I also went on a hike with Christos on the south rim of the canyon here in Chico. I had been feeling this hike (a favorite) calling me and along the edge of the canyon it was revealed to me an even deeper meaning as to why I have been physically located here these past four months. The next few days of meditation and contemplation revealed the veils that were in place when I wrote my previous article and it also expanded on my experience with reading my friend’s blog post.

I have always shared my experiences in my writing. Writing not only brings me joy, it also shares my unique experience as the ONE having this magnificent experience of becoming the Divine, fully conscious in a body. The writing that many of us create shows the ups, downs, separation, unity , the ego, the Divine and all the veils and veil lifting that comes with such an experience. The experiences of the ONE having a unique physical experience of embodiment as an individual soul as well as the physical experience of embodiment as collective souls. If we truly sit with the understanding of this living miracle that is before us everyday our hearts will burst wide open in Divine Love and Oneness. Not only do I get to witness my own experience, I am able to be a witness and observe myself in so many different forms; watching and experiencing endless fractals or souls having unique experiences as The Divine. Simultaneously, I am able to experience myself as all of it, having ONE experience as the whole. This is what was missing in my previous post. That it is both this and that. That we are individuals having experiences and simultaneously we are collective souls having an experience up to the whole having ONE experience. The layers of Divine Union are just that. Individual souls having experiences and collectively merging these experiences into co-joined realities while simultaneously experiencing both. It is such a remarkable experience to be in these bodies able to experience so many reflections of the ONE through the senses and most importantly the heart.

Each one of us are here to have a unique, individual experience while simultaneously having a unified experience. When we come to realize that there is no one path, no one way, that the Divine is infinite in experiences and journeys, then we are free to just BE. To live within our own Universe or reality as the ONE while simultaneously staying neutral to the reality of others around us also as the ONE. Knowing in our hearts that we are the witness of ourselves, The Divine, in an alternate reality having an experience through the lens of that particular fractal. When we are able to do this we are unifying our consciousness through Divine Love and Divine Neutrality which creates an experience of Oneness, reflecting Divinity to all. We loose the lens of separation and see with the eyes of unification. In these times, when we are able to hold our presence in Pure Divinity, we are able to witness, as a neutral observer, The Divine outside of ourselves. We are able to come into Divine Union with Self and Other because our perception of other has changed from being a separate other to being the same self. Physically with our eyes we still see a separate image or reality playing out. However, through the eyes of our heart, we see with crystal clear vision the ultimate truth before us.

Unifying is not about loosing our uniqueness. It is about embracing all the perceived differences as ONE. When we come into union with God or Divine Union within, we are still us, the same “I” that has always been in these bodies. Why? Because we have always been the Divine and never could be anything else. We were only Divinity veiled or pretending to be someone else. There is really nothing to come into union with because there was never anything to separate from. It is all an illusion, all is ONE. However, the experience of coming into union feels very real because the separation feels very real. Thus we truly experience coming into union with God, with ourselves, with the truth! The same goes for coming into union or unified consciousness with perceived other or others. We do not loose our uniqueness when we come into Divine Union within or with other(s). We are still who we are and the other is still who they are only we see each other without the judgements of perceived differences. We dissolve the labels and judgements that the mind wants to impose on our reality with our physical senses. Instead, we see with our hearts, our self, the Divine having an experience for us to observe. Not step into, have an opinion about or try to solve, we simply remain as neutral observer. We are the Universe observing itself are we not? In coming into this state, we unify our consciousness as the ONE or Divinity observing Divinity. The reflection is clear and free of distortions.

There are infinite paths, journeys, descriptions, roles, etc. The Divine expressing itself as needed to keep the entire symphony playing. We still retain our own unique experience or individual perception of reality as does other. Except now we are free. We are liberated from the bonds or shackles that the mind places on us through the eyes of judgement and separation. Now we are able to express our uniqueness and authenticity even more as do other(s). And, because we (self and other) are able to meet ourselves in this space of Divine Love and Neutrality as Pure Consciousness, we become ONE unified self and as such are able to create co-joined or collective realities. Through these collective realities we are able to work together to create and manifest for the greatest good of all. We do not think, look or act the same. Instead, we are able to offer our unique expressions to create the collective expression. We are able to shift from our own perspective or reality into the collective ones (pairs, groups, families, planetary, etc.) when or as needed. Each of us have our own reality that is playing out from the vibrations of our own Light bodies. Simultaneously, our friend, family member, lover, co-worker, etc. are also having a unique reality playing out which we are a neutral observer of. Then we have co-joined realities with another or others in which we come together to co-create and manifest for the greatest good of that relationship (collective soul) and ultimately the whole. This is how union and unified consciousness is achieved within and without.

This was all illustrated so clearly this week through the experiences I mentioned in the opening paragraph. Through meditation and contemplation, I have been able to see where I was veiling my own consciousness to the ultimate truth through trying to be Christos’s partner based on “old paradigm” roles playing out through my own programming. I could also see how I was cursing my physical situation that was not only serving my highest good, Christos’s highest good but also the good of the whole. I also spent time observing my beloved. Since he is a physical manifestation of my inner Divine Masculine I wanted to scrutinize the reflections to better see myself. All I found was unconditional love and neutrality. When it comes to the way Christos interacts with me, it is from these places. He never pushes or interjects an opinion unless I distinctly ask him to. If I ask him what he wants from me, he simply says “just love me”. Sometimes it irritates me and sometimes I deeply understand how evolved such a statement really is. I asked him recently about our union. Did he think one of us were pulling the other or here to teach/guide the other. He replied “sometimes you lead and sometimes I lead…. we are here to help each other”. And he is right, in this dance of Divine Union with ourselves and with other(s), sometimes we are the leader and sometimes we are the follower, sometimes we are the teacher and sometimes we are the student, sometimes we are the Lighthouse and sometimes we need the path illuminated for us and sometimes we stand arm in arm staring into each other’s eyes. It is a dance, a balance of energies where only love and neutrality can keep the scales level. We are individual souls coming into Divine Union with Self and Other and we are all here to help each other as the ONE.

To sum up, I wish to share notes I made from meditation regarding Divine Union with other. I believe this passage will illustrate the removal of the self imposed veil I mentioned before that was present in my previous article that I could not see past at the time.

Just BE, do not strive for anything! Allow it all to organically unfold from within. Even in my union with Christos , I am not striving to achieve anything. There is no goal, there is only what is unfolding organically. Just as the ultimate goal of the seeker is Divine Union within so is this the goal (with Christos). However, just as before, the goal is an illusion, to seek is to push away what is already here. I am already in Divine Union with Christos when my mind will remove the self imposed veils (i.e. programs) that make it (illusions) look like we are not in Divine Union already. The beatific vision is always staring back at us – Do we have eyes to see? Pure awareness, no mind, Yoga-Citta-Vritti-Nirodaha (which means: Yoga (Union with God not the exercise version of the word) stills the mind making all misconceptions and distractions of thought disappear) – and allow the Divine Union with the outer reality to reveal itself. This is the mystery. Stay neutral, relax, present in the heart and simply experience the Divine Union with all of Creation. Stop trying to separate it out – there is no separation. Having Christos in my reality is helping me to dissolve all separation. Same with Seraphim. Allow all separation to dissolve even when “other” appears in my reality. Create a reality of Oneness through the lens of neutrality and unconditional love. Then I am in Union with all.

Sophia, Personal Journal, October 21, 2020

May eternal love, joy and Divine Union be with all who reads these words.


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  1. Thanks for this beautiful “addendum” to your previous post, dear & beloved Sister.

    It provides incredible joy when we can see and feel Union with the Divine for what it is, devoid of any veils. I shall strive for that seeing and feeling.

    Love & much Light,


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