A couple of days ago was one of those times where the complete breakdown and release of a hard wired program is uprooted and permanently released. It started the previous night before with extreme agitation in the mind. I was feeling the Light doing what it does, lighting up the programming so that I could address it. In my previous two articles, I have been writing about Divine Union as it pertains to Self and Other. This is because the program that has been  troubling me and preventing me from sustaining unity consciousness has to do with my Divine Union with Christos. Of course, my consciousness was veiled to this until recently when the time arrived for me to finally release it.

I was laying in bed that night feeling agitated about union. I began feeling into sacred marriage and the validity of it. It seemed to me that this was just another story. I wrote the following:

The whole sacred marriage with Christos is just another story – just like the twin flame relationship. There is no coming into union with other – there is no other. There is only Source – marriage is a program – I think

Sophia, Personal Journal, October 23, 2020

As you can see from the quote above I was on to something about union yet I was still doubting myself.  I decided to call it a night and go to sleep. To give a little background, the past few months I have been making my desire known to Christos that I would like to get married in the “traditional” sense. I have always been a firm believer that man and woman living together and committing theirs lives to one another means marriage. I have believed in the institution of marriage through church and state so deeply that I have even undergone a Catholic annulment of my first marriage. If you know anything about this then you know it is an inquisition into the most personal details of your marriage scrutinized by a tribunal of priests who make the decision for/as God to grant you an annulment or not. YES, I know…how ridiculous. However, deep asleep under the veils and a devoted believer in God (in the religious sense) will make you do these sort of things. Nevertheless, my programming around relationships and marriage ran deep. It has been something that I have worked on program by program with the patience and unconditional love of my beloved. Fast forward to my birthday on September 5th where Christos proposed a marriage of whatever I wanted to make me happy. Legal, officiant present or just each other and vows from our hearts. Alas, I got what I wanted … or at least I thought I did. After the equinox it became clear that something was out of balance in my reality and it all started pointing to my union. So alas, we come back  to the extreme agitation I was feeling on the night above. It was all coming down to relationship programming and it was all going to be released. I just did not know it yet. Upon waking up the next morning the same feelings were still with me yet without the agitation this time. This allowed me to go deeper into my own feelings. I kept seeing a root so I knew that not only was I working on this program, I was going to the root of it and clearing the belief system around it for good. That morning I wrote the following:

The Divine Union with Christos is not about coming together with the outer masculine. He is the trigger that shows me where I am not unified within. It is his presence that is showing me my programming. When I can remain neutral, sovereign and free in his presence, I have transcended the program. Detach from thinking he owes me anything (as we have expectations of our partners) – he is free -only be grateful for what he gives freely! Release ALL relationship programming. Everything has to go! Simply Be with him, accept reality as it comes with no expectations.  How do I live with another and not label it? This is why words are so defining and binding and not free like pure energy. Why do I need to define it? Who needs to define it? True union with God is Oneness, unity – there is no need for labels when all is ONE. Let go of the definition of marriage, relationship, union, etc. Stop trying to create based on these belief systems and patterns and simply be present with what is. Allow each to be a unique expression of the ONE – come to this within and the outside mirrors it. All old programming must go NOW!

Sophia, Personal Journal, October 24

It was apparent that today was the day to deal with this and nothing else was going to interfere. I was sitting at the breakfast table with Christos when I began talking out loud with  my eyes closed. I was talking to him at first then it just became this major clearing and clarity within my own being. I sat there and deprogrammed myself through this self talk and tears and deep soul crying. It started with me seeing the weeds of my programming. I would call this the outer or physical part of our programming. I could see what I had created these past few months by running this programming. Then I started getting into the roots. I could see how defining a relationship at all is separation. Lover, boyfriend, fiancé, husband, ALL LABELS and STORIES! I saw how I always fall into these stories with my partners. Then I saw the word partner. How can we have a partner if we are ONE? This illusion came crashing down. Then I saw Sacred Marriage and Divine Union. How can we be married to ourselves? It is all ONE. Who are we marrying? How can we experience Divine Union with self or other? When union requires two separate components to come together. If there is no separation and all is ONE  then union is an illusion. Which means that Divine Union is an illusion. So Divine Union and Sacred Marriage both came crashing down.

Then came the grand finale – Christos and Sophia – the ultimate union of Mother God and Father God. My beloved Christos literally dissolved before my closed eyes. In that moment every single illusion of union even the highest one came crashing down. Christos is not Christos, he is God, the Divine, he is me! To label him is to separate him and this is what defining a relationship does. In that moment Christos dissolved and all that remained was love. There is only love, the ONE, Pure Consciousness that is all pervading. There are no stories left. There are no relationships left. The relationship programming from human relationships up to the ultimate Divine Union of Mother and Father God are dissolved. There is no union, there is only unity. There is only Love. 

And this was how I left it that morning. Satisfied in knowing that love is all there is. That beyond all stories and all illusions there is only love. Then the next morning came and the Divine said no Sophia, there is more to release, there is more to understand. “You have thrown the baby out with the bath water” was the analogy I heard. This time look at Divine Union and Sacred Marriage as energy, balancing or merging, not as separate souls or selfs coming together and not with the human understanding of what union or marriage is. I still needed to see that I was releasing my human programming of what relationships and marriages were and that my higher understanding of Divine Union and Sacred Marriage needed to be evolved . That they are energetic and not based on labels, legal acknowledgement or even church acknowledgement.  Below are some meditation notes to help explain:

When two physical beings merge their energy together in Oneness, this is Sacred Marriage – it is an energetic merge – unlike the marriage of the lower dimensions. Sacred Marriage is about energetic balance and merging between the two physical aspects of the ONE. Divine Union and Sacred Marriage are not something you can strive to achieve. They simply happen through energetic balance. It is energetic – not something you can label or decide to do or enter into. Through unconditional love and energetic balance, Sacred Marriage is achieved. This is what happened in Alabama. This is why we are able to experience Sacred Sex that allows for Light transfer and physical birthing of Light to manifest collective realities. We are already married energetically or in a Sacred Marriage, only the mind wants to keep seeking more, make it fit into an old belief system. Simply let go and Be and you are already in Divine Union and Sacred Marriage.

Sacred Marriage is the physical act of two souls or Light Bodies  (stars, galaxies, humans, etc.) merging energetically as the ONE to create with Pure Source energy (Light). It is the physical representation of how Creation manifest into the physical through the act of Sacred Sex – a physical example of Source birthing Creation. There is nothing to do or label – it is all energy! It all happens naturally and organically. I have pushed for a marriage when I am already in something so much better just to satisfy the ego idea of marriage.

Sophia, Personal Journal, October 25, 2020

The true aha moment had arrived! I finally had the vision to see the entire picture, programming, illusions, the reality I had created and the truth! It literally took me weeks to get through the veils and arrive at this moment. I finally understood that the experience Christos and I had of merging or “marrying” our energy in April of 2019 was the Sacred Marriage. We did not do anything. It just happened one day as we were being. I finally understood that I was looking at Divine Union and Sacred Marriage as two separate entities coming together, when in reality it is only energy balancing  (Divine Union) or merging (Sacred Marriage) with itself! Divine Union and Sacred Marriage are simply the labels we use to explain what is occurring energetically. Everything is energy, everything is Light, everything is ONE! I finally understood that there is no need to have a “traditional’ marriage as my mind had pushed for. I could see how marriage through man’s law, Cannon Law or any church law is binding and contractual. It serves our ego’s fears and need for security. This is the old belief system around marriage. God, Source, Pure Consciousness is freeing and there is no need for a contract, etc. All you need is Divine Love! There will be no legal or “traditional” marriage for us. These are old programs and are binding on our energy. Instead we are already in a Sacred Marriage – a marriage that is held together by unconditional love not a contract – a marriage that is freeing not binding. A marriage based on energetic balance and equal exchange. We can physicalize it with a ceremony of love not with a contract, name change, priest or other officiant. It is between us as ONE, as Source. It is a choice to live together as ONE in deep sacred respect for one another. To always allow each other the freedom to live our truth and follow our hearts as sovereign beings. There is no contract, license or any document needed to bind us under law because we both live and act in accordance with the Law of ONE.

It was a journey in itself getting to this moment. We as humans are so programmed to follow the patterns of relationships that we were raised to believe in. I have shared here in much detail because this is something that affects many humans. We are working to transcend all lower programming and belief systems that bind our energy and our consciousness. We are freeing ourselves of this mental and emotional bondage so that we can live as the Source, individually or together. I am especially grateful to Christos for his reflection these past three years we have been together. Through his reflection of unconditional love and neutrality, I have been able to work through a tremendous amount of relationship programming and I have finally been able to release it all. When he proposed to me in September, it was to physicalize what we already have energetically. It was not to enter into some outdated version of marriage. We could not physically have a ceremony or marriage when there were ego programs creating it. It has to be pure. It has to manifest from Pure Consciousness. The veils are removed, clarity and Oneness have returned and I am able to experience Sacred Marriage with my beloved. Glory be to God! My heart is full of love for all that is!


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