It has been nearly a month since arriving back in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and yet it feels as if I have been here forever. The experience of living in the now as THE only moment is so prevalent that it is almost inconceivable that I have ever experienced anything else than what I am experiencing now. This is also difficult to write about because I have to use my mind in a way that I rarely do anymore. However, I have been feeling the push to write and so here I am this morning at the computer trying to capture in words my experiences since arriving back in Mexico. As always things have shifted since arriving and revelation after revelation has revealed itself through my consciousness. The experience of being a fully embodied Light Being walking around in a physical vessel is now the only experience for me. I am fully the Source and the integration of this was complete when I left my previous reality in California. Returning to Mexico was again a homecoming for me except this time I didn’t just feel at home in Mexico because I love it – this time felt like home because I am eternally home no matter my physical location. Every place I stand feels like home to me now without the desire to want something different or return to something different until the inner knowing it is time to move.

As soon as I landed here the revelations began to come as it usually is when we get a new reality. It is always so fresh and free of distortions that we are able to see with such clarity and thus revelations are abundant. So was the case this time when arriving here during the 1111 energies. This year’s gateway was much different for me than any I have experienced before. There was no work to do on my “self” as was previously during this time. Instead of being in solitude and receiving massive upgrades and expansions, I was called to be out on this stargate working with the Cosmic energies and with Gaia the entire time. Days before and after were spent walking several miles each day traversing the grids and portals of the stargate on Banderas Bay. 1111 was spent out on the beach all day walking as far as I could in the sand and going into the water at multiple points to be a conduit of the Cosmic frequencies. It was a wonderful day and with over ten miles of walking and a sun burn I covered a huge portion of land and passed countless souls out enjoying the sand, sun and surf. It was a concrete revelation that there is no more separate self or I AM anything or identity. There is only the I. The I is Pure Consciousness, the center of Creation, the Source of all that is!

There were more revelations received after returning to Puerto Vallarta. These revelations were a concrete understanding of this new phase of my journey or life here on this planet in this body. There are new creations that are in the works for me when we begin to shift back into creation energies in January. I have also been able to obtain a greater understanding of being Source in a body. This really started happening the first few days that I was back in Mexico. I kept receiving greater understanding of Creation Waves. How they are created, how they work and how as embodying the Source, we transcend and simultaneously become these waves to become the Creator, the observer and the experiencer of them. Then things deepened even more. Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, kept appearing to me. Quetzalcoatl is represented in Mayan culture as the colorful serpent. This was the indigenous peoples way of understanding the Cosmos. During the time of the Mayan and other indigenous cultures, the human understanding of energy and physics was limited to mythology to explain things. What Quetzalcoatl represents is a sine wave or more importantly a wave of Creation. And it is these waves, these frequencies of Light that travel through the Cosmos in a multitude of colors. Thus giving the appearance of a feathered serpent.

This feathered serpent is bright and colorful and this vibrant coloration is found all over Mexico, including the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta. Here all the houses are white and the streets are littered with street art, flags, and other displays of vibrant colors that simply bring a high vibration to this eclectic city. I also kept hearing the following line from Firework by Katie Perry:

Baby, your a firework
Come on let your colors burst

It would play in my head and several times when I was out. The universe was speaking with all this color and I was certainly listening. I was also beginning to feel uncomfortable with my physical image, clothes, hair, the visual expression of my inner consciousness. For a while now, I have felt comfortable when wearing only white or white and aqua. My wardrobe has been made up of these two colors with the majority being white. Yet, I was feeling like it was time to make a change, the all white was starting to feel uncomfortable for some reason. My hair has not been colored for many years and I have minimally cut it when a trim was necessary. But it too was feeling uncomfortable. I wanted to chop it off or something. I had no idea really what I wanted to do with it except I knew I was in some sort of transition phase and I would regret chopping it off. So I made an appointment with my hair dresser and decided it would come in the now moment I was sitting in her chair. While I was getting a conditioning treatment sitting under the hair dryer observing the happenings in the salon, it came to me. I heard very clearly “I need to add a little color to my life”. You see, Quetzalcoatl is not only a wave of Creation, it is Creation itself! Creation is colorful, vibrant and emanates from the Source as these radiating, colorful, Cosmic Rays! My universe was trying to explain to me how to be the Source and be the Creation simultaneously.

The journey of becoming the Source is over. I am the Source. I can remember during the integration period of this last embodiment that I would be out in public say at a grocery store and I would be checking out and have no idea what I was doing there from moment to moment. Or I would be driving and it was as if the car was driving itself. The experience of being out in the world was so lucid, blissy and almost like observing it from an observatory behind my eyes. Now I have fully integrated this layer of consciousness and I am able to be out fully present and conscious with the same love and neutrality that was almost floaty before in a totally new way. It has physicalized. It has fully integrated and I have moved on to the next phase. Physically, fully embodied as the Source and I am learning how to BE this always. This includes creating, observing and experiencing waves or vibrations in my own universe.

As I went through my journey, the colors of my wardrobe changed as well. From greens, to blues, to purples, to white to aqua and white which illustrates the journey through the 144 Cosmic frequencies or Cosmic Rays. It is through the embodiment of these 144 rays that I came to feel most comfortable in all white. And most days I still am. However, what my universe was trying to show me was that I am all these rays or colors. Therefore, use them and BE them!! It is really not about the color of my hair or clothes. The meaning was much deeper. My universe was saying that I am the Source no matter what color, ray, or frequency (AKA Reality) that I am wearing or experiencing! I am out in public a lot. I am in restaurants, stores, public gatherings and more. I am out on Gaia, climbing mountains and volcanoes or traversing rivers or swimming in the ocean or lakes or cenotes in the ground in no where Mexico. I speak to beggars, to drunks, to children, to clergy men, to seekers, to anyone at all. I give when my heart says to and I abstain when my heart says to. I am home when I need to be and I am out when and where I need to be. I sit in the highest frequencies of bliss or I walk the streets and sit in average energies of human existence. These are the colors! These are the frequencies! This is multidimensionality! These are the waves of creation that I am surfing, creating or observing in any now moment. And I AM ALL OF THEM! This is what embodiment is about. Becoming ONE with everything! This is why my universe was telling me to add a little color to my life. To BE out in my creation, to observe, to experience, to create and enjoy it all as the Source. That I did not have to hide away, wear all white or try to maintain one certain frequency. When we become ONE with every frequency we have a neutral reaction to them all and thus our experience of it completely changes to LOVE no matter the frequency! God is everything! Embodiment means we become everything! In becoming everything we are no longer affected positively or negatively by it. We are free to remain as Divine Love with all of it! Regardless of the frequency of the reality I am observing, I remain in a state of love. I radiate love! With this understanding I decided to add a little color to my life. I colored my hair, put in some layers, bought a few colored items for my wardrobe and enjoyed a sunset dinner with my beloved.

The revelations continued and this time my work in Mexico was completely revealed. Christos and I have been coming to Mexico for three years now. He sailed down the coast of California from San Francisco, to Baja, then all the way to Puerto Vallarta. I bused across the Yucatan peninsula, hitting key Mayan pyramids along the way. We have individually worked Teotihuacan and other sites in Mexico. I have also bused up from Oaxaca to Teotihuacan and together we have bused a vast majority of the pacific coast of Mexico from Mazunte to Zihuantanejo; all a part of the blueprinting process. Needless to say we have travelled this land and touched some amazing sites along the way. Each year it seems more is revealed. This year, it was revealed that the work here in Puerto Vallarta has been part of working the energy along the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt. The stargate here in Puerto Vallarta serves as a pressure release valve and this is part of what I have been doing here through my vessel. I have also been called to several other locations since arriving. When I am called to work with the land, I am also called to many religious sites as well to open my Source portal and pour Pure Source Light into the figure, place or picture that I am aiming my heart portal towards. It is very physical and I can feel my heart portal expand and the stargate open. Then through the Solar Heart Center of my heart as a living stargate and Sun of Creation, I radiate out Pure Source Light. This Light is encoded into the icon or structure and will activate the DNA of any willing heart that comes there. Mexico is a very religious country and for every pyramid and indigenous site there are massive amounts of shrines, cathedrals and other religious sites that people are drawn to. Also, these sites, through Divine Plan, were built on portal sites and grid nodes that receive Cosmic energies directly into the planetary gridwork. Therefore, when people are at these sites with an open heart (as is mostly the case at churches, etc.) then they are free to receive the Light that is present there. I have drawn a picture to illustrate what happens. (Please note, my creative talents lie with words not drawing)

I have travelled to several sites already and will be making a very special trip to a site on 1212. I will share this later. It has also been revealed that after the collective frequency jump that will occur during this year’s winter solstice, the next phase of the work can begin on the volcanic belt here in Mexico. This belt stretches from the Pacific Coast of Puerto Vallarta and Nayarit all the way across Mexico to the Gulf of Mexico at Veracruz. It has been revealed that during the next six months we will live in Puerto Vallarta and will travel to several major volcanic sites in Mexico to completely activate this section of the earth’s spinal column. This is the major part of my work this next phase. To work the spinal column of the planet as part of completing the entire Cosmic blueprint on Gaia. This is all 144 Cosmic frequencies embodied by the collective consciousness of Gaia. Therefore, the work also coincides with the ascension of the collective consciousness of this star system. The work of traveling to these volcanic belts and sites has been ongoing as there are certain sites that activate when the collective frequencies are embodied. This has been part of my work in Mt Shasta and Mt Lassen as they are part of a volcanic belt in North America. Also working the San Andreas fault in California and all the work I did in Kauai last year was part of this too. This is the major reason for this vessel to be here and the work will be ongoing for the next several years. However, the work in Mexico will be coming to a close this year once the entire volcanic belt is activated and we make our way back up the northern portion of the coast of Mexico and Sea of Cortez. This was a huge revelation and one that was needed because it is going to take some planning and being physically ready to tackle these sites. One in particular is 18K feet which is 4k feet taller than Mt Shasta. I will certainly share more as the journey unfolds.

The final revelation that I wish to share is that of my beloved. Christos and I are extremely blessed to have what we have. It is necessary for us to complete the work we are here to do. There is also something so incredibly pure about loving the Source in another in such an intimate way. Since the final release I experienced in California around our relationship, the intensity of our union has increased. Our union is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is a love that continues to expand, deepen and reveal more and more within me. Our physical intimacy is even more powerful than before and this is unbelievable. The elevated states of love and pure bliss that we achieve together is incredible and can only occur because it is God experiencing God. I will write a book about Sacred Sex and Sacred Marriage one day when it is right. I only wish to share now, the simple revelation that has fully landed in my being and that is this…. love is all there is and love is God, Source, the Universe and the universe is always expanding. Therefore, when two people are experiencing themselves together as the Source, the love that they become is always expanding, growing and increasing in intensity. Our love continues to reach new heights and I know deep inside me that this relationship we share is the relationship that all who choose partnership will experience on New Earth. We are simply two of the forerunners of bringing the experience to this planet.

I sat down this morning with the intention of writing about revelation waves and how they have illuminated and expanded this expression. I have shared what my heart felt was needed to be shared. Revelation waves… this is exactly what the collective consciousness is experiencing and will experience through the winter solstice in preparation for the collective frequency jump. This years collective revelations will be the most intense and significant in the collective ascension and will bring much positive change in 2021. The intensity will increase as we continue to the peak on the solar eclipse on 1214. I will be heading out again for the 1212 gateway to a very special birthing portal to assist with birthing the collective realities for the collective frequency jump and will not write again until sometime after this occurs. Finally, I wish to share that there is no more I AM there is just I, the Source. When I speak of doing work it is as the I, the ONE. It is the work of the ONE that ultimately we are all here doing. Eventually, this is where the journey will lead us all – to the unshakable knowing that we just are….that we are the Source, the I, the one and only experiencer of the experience. As Alan Watts once said “The Source of all Light is in the I”😉

Enjoy the experience. Enjoy the uniqueness of being the Source experiencing it all through the I(eye) that is you! Let this revelation wave wash over you and you will feel the ultimate truth of existence itself!


P.S. These are the photos of the trip to Mascota, Talpa De Allende, Lake Chapala and Guadalajara with a few shots from PV. Enjoy beloveds!

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