I wish now to bow to you, the reader, and humbly submit this apology – If I ever told you that in order to be the Source you have to do this or you cannot do that – then right here, right now, I apologize. I can never define the Source outside of myself. I […]

The Court Jester has been Unmasked

The significance of this year’s collective timeline jump cannot be understated. It is the monumental year that humanity as a collective consciousness has awoken to see the truth of the world around us. In effect, the Jester has been unmasked.  Understanding the role of the Jester and other souls that will remain asleep is one […]

A Year in Review

I feel so much has been revealed to me about my own journey during this year’s descent into the void. This annual occurrence that happens during the 1212- 1221 gateway on our planetary collective timeline. I will write more about this collective timeline or annual Creation Wave that we are on as a planet in […]

Collective Blueprinting – Nayarit, Mexico

What a beautiful gateway this year’s 1212 passageway has been. While this gateway opened around 1212, it will last through the winter solstice bringing with it the next level of Light for the collective consciousness of Gaia. Each year during this time as we have contracted back into the darkness or Source point, we are […]

Divine HUmans De~Light

Dance, Dance, Children of the Light You are not from the stars You are a star Here on a journey to remember Your Divine HUman birthright Dance, Dance, Children of the Light Each of you shining bright Eight billion suns of Light Divine HUmans on Gaia Dancing with clear sight Dance, Dance, Children of the […]