What a beautiful gateway this year’s 1212 passageway has been. While this gateway opened around 1212, it will last through the winter solstice bringing with it the next level of Light for the collective consciousness of Gaia. Each year during this time as we have contracted back into the darkness or Source point, we are receiving the new Light frequencies that we will work as a collective to integrate during the next year or Creation Wave. This is a pattern that we follow in line with the Galactic timeline and Universal expansion that is a part of the expansion of Creation itself. This year’s gateway was particularly exciting because it marks the end of a decade of awakening and the end of 2020 when the collective consciousness of humanity was shaken wide awake during the collective dark night of the soul. It was certainly a year of awakening through consistent exposure to truth, corruption, politics and most importantly a global pandemic. While these things may seem like challenges in today’s collective understanding, one day they will be looked upon as the gifts that awoke humanity and jump started the collective ascension of this star system bringing unity to our beloved planet.

During this gateway I was travelling through Nayarit, Mexico working the collective consciousness grid of Gaia. The work is part of the collective blueprinting process that is occurring as the collective frequencies of the planet continue to rise via the collective ascension. This process has been underway for many years as we have worked to clear the “old” grid system and activate the grids that the collective consciousness has reached in previous cycles on this planet. The grids were repaired and restored to these levels of consciousness prior to the migration to the original organic blueprint in January of last year. Since that time, there have been individuals working as Pure Source Conduits activating the organic stargate system or blueprint of Gaia in accordance with the collective consciousness expansion. As the collective continues to expand its consciousness, more and more of the collective blueprint is able to come online via activation and connection to the Cosmic Consciousness Grid or the Cosmic blueprint. A completed blueprint is also known as a Light Body or Divine Organization. Thus, as the collective frequency continues to rise on Gaia, certain conduits are activating and connecting stargates and portals of the planetary blueprint or Light Body with the Cosmic blueprint. Eventually, this will create the Divine Organization of Terra Nova, the fully ascended Light Body of the Collective Consciousness of Gaia. This is still years away in linear time, however, the work is happening now. In each moment the collective continues to expand. And it is this work that I was out doing during this gateway.

During the next six months, as we continue to ride the expansion curve of the incoming wave of Creation, this vessel will be activating the diamond grids of Gaia on the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt. This work is scheduled to occur during this time because these stargates and portals align with the collective frequencies that are and will be integrated during this time. For now, the work was to begin on a section of the diamond grid in Nayarit, Mexico. Each section has three major volcanic points that must be activated in order to “switch” on that section of the grid. Three because there is a male, female and a child that together form a trinity energy pattern. There are also portals along the grid lines that must be activated as well. The Nayarit trip was multi-purposed. It was the activation of one of these grid sections as well as the birth of the collective Light for the incoming Creation Wave that arrived on 1212. I rented a car in Puerto Vallarta and set out on a 600 mile solo adventure through the mountains, plains and coast of Nayarit, Mexico on December 10th – 13th. The trip was “planned” in that I knew there were certain places that I was to visit to activate and connect and I knew the special birthing portal I would be at on 1212 to birth the new Light. However, it was a skeleton plan and always subject to the eternal flow of Creation which moves this vessel.

The journey began at a secluded natural hot springs about 1 hour and 44 minutes from Puerto Vallarta. I was given a brand new Nissan X-Trail rental car for the journey. Within the first hour of renting it, I knew why it was the car I needed. The paved road quickly gave way to the open jungle and a slushy, muddy, washed out road. It reminded me of the old dirt roads we used to have in rural Alabama when I was younger. I had a lot of practice driving these roads and so this little adventure was a little nostalgic as well. I arrived at the hot springs without a hitch and paid my 50 pesos to go in an enjoy a nice soak in the hot mineral pools. I knew I could not stay longer than 30 minutes so I changed and submerged myself in the warm pool. I floated in a deep meditative state for around 20 minutes or so as my vessel worked the portal and I was filled with Light codes to deliver at another stop.

After changing, I hopped back into the car and continued down the washed out road until I came to a tiny mountain town called Altavista. I knew I had to visit a petroglyph and natural spring site called Pila Del Rey, or Bath of the Gods. There is little to no information on this place online or in books so I asked a local if he could tell me how to get there. Instantly, I realized my Spanish was quite rusty from living in Puerto Vallarta where everyone seems to speak English. However, I managed to get that in 5km there would be a road to the right and that it was somewhere around there. Trusting my Universe, I set out watching the odometer tick away the kilometers until I found a road on the right hand side. Here , I saw a security guard and a travel van and took it as the sign I was on the right path. 50 more pesos, a short drive and little hike into the jungle I found Pila Del Rey. I also found a group of young American expats enjoying the energy of the portal. I took photos of the petroglyphs that were left there many years before marking the place as a Cosmic portal and walked away from the crowd deeper into the jungle. Here, I found a birthing stone in the middle of the creek bed, laid back on it and began the work. I birthed quite a bit at this spot and knew whatever I picked up at the hot springs was to activate this site. When the work was finished, I chatted with one of the women there about the energy grid and blueprinting process before hiking out and heading on.

The rest of the day I travelled deeper into the mountains of Nayarit to some ruins at Ixtlan Del Rio and finally ended up spending the night at the base of the first volcano of the grid. The volcano is called Ceboruco and it is the only active volcano in Nayarit, Mexico and also happens to be the Divine Masculine energy of the diamond grid I was to activate during this trip. I awoke very early the next morning and drove up to the top of the volcano in the dark. The road again was not paved and I was in much gratitude for this all wheel drive SUV that was dodging potholes and getting me to the top to do the work. It is a very strange feeling to be all alone in the pitch black on an active volcano in a place you have never been to before. I left the headlights on, got out of the car and instantly my body was thrown backwards as the heart opened and Light poured through the vessel. I staggered a bit and managed to hold it steady as the vessel became the bridge and connected this stargate with the Cosmic grid. When it was over all that remained was silence, a sliver of moon and Venus pointing the way down the volcano and on to the next stop.

Shortly after daybreak, I was on the highway again and headed to the next point on the grid. This was by far my favorite stop of the trip. It is called La Laguna and it is a volcanic crater lake. The water here stays warm year round as it is heated from the ground below. Nestled at the bottom of the mountains that originally made up the crater, this lake was so serene and tranquil I found it hard to keep moving. The energy was so high and so blissful that I felt compelled to make a video of the entire experience to share with you. May it bring you as much joy as it did me. Please note this shows the actual physical work that is required to be a living bridge of Cosmic energy or Light. It may be uncomfortable for some.

Eventually, I tore myself away from the bliss of La Laguna in the early morning and hit the highway again to my next destination. This time I would be heading to the volcano Sanganguey which is the Divine Feminine energy of this diamond grid section. If women play hard to get, then Sanganguey is definitely a woman. There were no roads on this practically undiscovered or undisturbed beauty. I was able to find one road that would lead me close to her base and I’m pretty sure it was on private property. This has been something I have run into when doing blueprint work here in Mexico. I found the road and proceeded to begin the most perilous, nerve wrecking drive I have had in years. I suppose the road is more like a dirt bike trail as that is the only other vehicle I saw out there. There were boulders, volcanic sand, holes and ruts in this road that would have challenged an all terrain vehicle. The Nissan and the Pure energy of Creation got me back as close as I could get to the base and I stepped out of the car to a huge deep breath and endless gratitude. The next few minutes were spent birthing, activating and connecting this point to the grid. Then it was back in the Nissan and back to the off road adventure of getting back to the highway. Once I had all four wheels successfully back on the pavement, I stopped the car and thanked the Creator for getting me through that little adventure.

Next up was another volcano very close to Sanganguey called Volcan Las Navajas. This one was just east of Tepic and thankfully the drive was smooth and short. I ended up on a working farm that sits right next to the volcano. I did the work from inside the car and headed out. It was the most uneventful of the stops and after Sanganguey, it was welcomed. After, finishing at the volcanoes for the day, I drove to a little town called Bella Vista – which means Beautiful View in Spanish. It is an old colonial town with beautiful architecture and an old textile mill. My purpose in Bella Vista was to visit an old abandoned Masonic Temple. Here under the All Seeing Eye of the Creator, this portal was activated and connected to the grid. I stopped for lunch at a little family restaurant before heading North and back to the coast. I drove all the way to the end of the road, literally, to the sand at the Pacific Ocean and an empty beach called Playa Los Corchos. It is here that the Grande de Santiago River meets the ocean. This river runs from the Pacific all the way to Lake Chapala to a little town I visited last month called Tixapan de Alto. At this point I began to clear the energy of the collective consciousness, releasing from the planet via the vessel as the conduit, lower frequency energy that has been released from the collective consciousness of Gaia and thus I was clearing it from the collective grid. By this time, it had been a very long day and I was tired. Thankfully, I had only one more stop to go…Mexicaltitan!

Mexicaltitan is what many call the birth place of Mexico or Azatlan. It is said that the indigenous tribes of Mexico originated from this point before migrating to what is now known as Mexico City. The very first time I heard of this place was last month when my hairdresser mentioned it to me. That night I looked at a picture of Mexicaltitan on Google and instantly my entire body began to shake. I knew I had to go there. It was later revealed that I was to go to Mexicaltitan on 1212 to birth the collective Light for the collective frequency jump this year. It is similar to the birth that happened last year when I hiked into the birthing portal of Gaia on Kauai. And it is something that is a part of this vessel’s work here. Mexicaltitan is a little island that is only accessible by boat. It is also designed exactly like the Cosmos. Below are pictures that show it, a Tibetan mandala as well as the original design of Mexico City. Notice how each represents the Cosmos expanding from the Source (the center).

Mexicaltitan is a very symbolic place, rooted in ancient culture mixed with modern religion and it is also a birthing portal of Gaia. It was here in the early morning hours of 1212 under the constellation Virgo, on the celebration of the Virgen of Guadalupe that the collective Light was birthed via this vessel. The symbolism around this collective “virgin” birth was so prevalent this year here in Mexico. The entire country celebrates the Virgin birth every year on 1212. It is also this time every year that humanity receives the new Light, the upgrade in our consciousness, the next Creation Wave that runs winter solstice to winter solstice. It is through the Divine Female (not just this vessel) but the feminine force of Creation that Light is birthed. Thus making the significance of this 1212 annual gateway and this annual celebration of the Virgen even more special this year. We are in this Light now, it is integrating into each of us as per our own evolution and it will continue to pour onto our planet through the winter solstice on December 21st. It was this virgin birth on Mexicaltitan that brought the Light into the planetary grids at this particular birthing portal on Gaia. The work in Mexicaltitan was such a gift of joy for me. The people there were in celebration and it was like I had arrived at one big house to one big family. There was a procession for the Virgen of Guadalupe on the night I arrived. I was so swept up in the energy that I too joined the procession and marched along with the others. It was such a wonderful trip and a true delight to be a conduit for this Light. When the sun came up, I was on the pier boarding a boat to continue the journey of activating this diamond grid.

By breakfast I found myself in the familiar town of San Blas. I had been here before as Christos had the sail boat docked here on two occasions. I went to our favorite restaurant to eat and then I was treated to an entirely new view of San Blas. First, I was brought to a road that lead to a river and the ocean. I called it the road to heaven as it led to a magical portal. The energy was so blissful and the water was absolutely spell binding. I wanted to stay all day but the energy called me on. I was on the move again. The day brought me to a few more stops along the coast, opening portals along different bays. Each with a masculine and feminine side that had to be activated. Finally, I ended up in Chacala – a favorite spot for anchoring the boat and swimming. It was here that the last volcano would be activated. The Volcano Duron Ivanna is not well known. It is a small inactive volcano in Chacala on the Pacific Ocean and it is the Divine Child energy point of this entire diamond grid section. The morning after arriving in Chacala, I drove up to the crater and activated and connected this point on the grid. This activation completely brought the entire diamond grid section online. Later that day on my way home to Puerto Vallarta, I made one last stop in Punta Mita. Punta Mita is the point of the stargate on Banderas Bay that is the crown. It was here at the Light of the World church on Punta Mita that I connected the diamond grid section I activated on this trip to the active stargate at Puerto Vallarta. I then heard, the work is finished.

I left Punta Mita, got a car wash and headed home to Puerto Vallarta to get some rest. It was a lot of miles and a lot of activations completed during the gateway and it was a success. My heart is filled with so much love and joy for all that is, for this experience and for the collective expansion that has happened this year. We have experienced a very significant mile stone in our collective ascension – the collective awakening! And now we begin a new year, a new decade and a new trajectory on the collective ascension. We are moving forward with the build of our New Earth. With this new Creation Wave of 2021, humanity will for the first time be creating collective realities outside of the third dimension. We are awake collectively and we are ready to continue building our collective blueprint one frequency at a time. Enjoy the remaining days of this year beloveds. Honor your journey and know that all you do is not only for yourself but for the whole. We are ONE eternally. I love you.


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