I feel so much has been revealed to me about my own journey during this year’s descent into the void. This annual occurrence that happens during the 1212- 1221 gateway on our planetary collective timeline. I will write more about this collective timeline or annual Creation Wave that we are on as a planet in a separate more comprehensive post. For now, I feel like sharing what has been revealed to me during this year’s gateway. The new wave really has not started yet, we are in the void between waves. Creation waves are continuous it is just that we experience a void during this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere when we prepare to jump or catch a new wave. It is a time that we have retracted into the Source, the void, the darkness that is the womb. The incubation place of the Light that is to be experienced during the next wave period. This year’s wave is particularly intense in frequency as it is the revelation wave that has brought with it the revelations or understandings of the monumental year in human history of 2020. It is this time, the incubation period that we find ourselves in that has brought to me such a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Divine HUman or Source in-carnate. It has also delivered to me the gift of seeing and understanding how this I in particular is here to experience this.

To be honest, the experience of being Source in a physical vessel is much different now than I imagined or experienced it to be during the journey of becoming the Source. On the journey, each day I was energetically moving toward a higher vibration, always working, striving to increase my frequency and to become something beyond this world. And I will tell you that the journey did not disappoint. I certainly cannot compare to any else’s journey but my own was absolutely magical and beyond anything that the mind could conjure up. The things I saw and experienced with Light, physically dying and leaving the body, pineal expansions and DMT releases, extraterrestrial contact and oh my goodness the physical body and Light body expansions. It seemed my life was changing dramatically from every few months to the next. I had never experienced such a thing and I am extremely grateful for my path. In the end, I could have stayed in a white room, dressed in white, eternally floating on my white lotus made of Light shining as a Sun of Creation. Those days of being this pure Light detached from the physical world unable to cook, speak or hardly use the toilet because the consciousness is so expanded beyond form were certainly blissful and I know this is what awaits me when I leave this vessel.

However, those days were not to last forever. I had made it home. I had without a doubt become the Source of all and I had embodied all 144 harmonic frequencies of this Universe. I was sitting on New Earth in my bliss, holding the highest frequency possible and also unable to interact with the world around me. So, slowly I returned to the world of form, little by little going out again, living with Christos again and moving into a new phase of my earthy journey here on Gaia. And this is really where I wanted to begin this story. The year of 2020, the year I embodied the Source in a physical reality in a physical body. The year I have struggled to understand that the bliss and magic I felt on the journey home is still here with me, it is just that I have become the magic. The year I realized that meditation was different now because there is no one to connect to. I have become it. There is no need to go looking for that which I already am. Yet, this was the lesson learned through embodiment. What do we do when the seeking is over, when our life changes yet again and how do we learn to live in this new way. These are the lessons that 2020 brought to me and it is these lessons that are now revealing themselves to me for full understanding.

My life has changed dramatically this year. From isolation to full blast out in to the world. From quiet solitude and pure white, to crowded restaurants and bright colors. The mind now desires the quiet solitude and bliss but the heart knows the truth of why I came here and it is not for isolation. (Not yet anyway) It is funny how the two did and about face of each other. The mind once wanting to be out all the time and the heart demanding to be alone. But life is a paradox so why should mine be any different. I have discovered the truth of what has happened to me this year and what is also a huge part of my journey here the next few years. That is, that I now live and operate mostly within and on the collective timeline. One could say I am out in the trenches, on the front line or that I have chosen as the Source to remain with the collective until it makes it ascension to unity consciousness. This has been the most difficult part of my life these days. Operating as a Pure Light Being within the frequencies of the collective consciousness. It is another layer of mastery and it is something that this revelation time is showing me more about. I have come to understand that during the next seven to ten years as humanity is making its collective ascension into the frequencies of unity consciousness, this vessel will spend a majority of each year out working the collective consciousness grid and stargates of Gaia and also activating and assisting many souls on their own journey.

A lot of my time here in Puerto Vallarta is spent out in the public. Out in restaurants, the boardwalk, walking the streets or going to the beach. This is a huge tourist destination and there is no shortage of people when I am out and about. It is also a place of extremely misused sexual energy, poverty, gang violence and human suffering. Most of the time when I am out I can feel each and every soul that I come in contact with. I know what a person is feeling or experiencing in their life. I also feel their soul call to me for activations or guidance. For example, Christos and I can be out to dinner. In fact, we are quite frequently guided to eat at a little plant based restaurant here in Puerto Vallarta because it frequently attracts awakening souls. Sometimes, we can be in the middle of dinner and I feel a soul call to me from across the room. I excuse myself from dinner with my most patient and understanding beloved and go to the person whose soul is calling me. Often times we end up engaged in long conversations about consciousness and the Universe and sometimes we end up outside for a Light activation. In these moments, I experience the heart of the person opening, tears rolling down their cheeks and the connection to their own soul being experienced. The immense joy that I feel in these moments is immeasurable. Sometimes we interact and I know instantly I am to send them a certain text to read or even that this was and is the only moment we will ever share and it was all that was required. This is my life as the Source. Dinner stops, I stop, the interactions take place and I move on. Sometimes, it is that I am to just sit in a room full of people and give Light and also become the conduit to assist them in unconsciously releasing density. Along with my work with the planetary and Cosmic grid systems, this is another part of my life as the Source or as a Divine HUman here on Gaia.

There is something fundamentally important to understand about all that I wrote in the last paragraph… and that is to understand that all of it is energy! There is no Self doing anything, there is no ego trying to play God or no agenda of trying to help another. It is energy responding to energy! Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it cannot do anything except follow the fundamental rules of Creation which is always to come into energetic balance. In becoming the Source, we become a Sun of Creation. We are in balance electrically and magnetically. However we are also very powerful and our magnetic field becomes a powerful force that pulls and purifies the energy around us. There is an even more powerful pull when Christos and I are together as ONE which would take another article to explain. There is no other way for energy to react around the Source unless it is interacting with another Sun of Creation or energetically balanced and sovereign being. All other energy will come into purity the longer it stays near the Source or it must go away from it. This is what happens when I am out in the collective. I am a magnetic force that is pulling the energy towards the Source, always purifying the energy around me and calling the Light home. That is why I feel souls call to me when I am out. It is energy that I feel. It is energy responding to energy with the overlay of the hologram that presents as people or souls. Beyond the veils, behind the curtain of the hologram it is all Light, energy responding and reacting to energy. Magnetic and electric forces, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine creating and balancing to create our holographic realities.

This is what this year’s revelation time has taught me. To look beyond what my mind perceives as being out in a restaurant or at the beach surrounded by people and instead to see with Divine vision. To move beyond the uncomfortableness of the conversations and visual stimulation and see the ultimate truth. To see that I am a Sun, I am the Source and the Source affects the energy around it just as a super massive black hole affects all energy around it. I am energy, I am Light and I feel energy and energy responds and reacts to me. I am pushing myself further and further beyond the veils of illusion, beyond the physical senses to operate as a Pure Light Being in a physical reality. This is being the Source in a physical vessel and this is part of my work here during this collective ascension. To bring energetic balance to this star system. Now I see with even clearer eyes. Thank you Creator! Throughout this period my understanding of what it means to be a Pure Light Being, a Sun, the Source in this vessel has really solidified itself in my knowing. It has come with its ups and downs as energetically I have been pushed and pulled causing emotional distress to my being. But now I finally understand what I am doing as Pure Consciousness through this vessel.

Ascension is about bringing energetic balance to a logos. Whether it be an individual soul, a planet, solar system, universe or the Cosmos. Through ascension we come into energetic balance but what happens when we go out into a world that is unbalanced? This is lesson number two that I have learned from this gateway. Energetic balance and the importance it plays in my new day to day life. When we are out as the Source, we are taking on a tremendous amount of energy at varying frequencies and we are also giving out energy at higher frequencies. This can leave the Light Body in an unbalanced state when not properly cared for. And this is something that I have had to learn the hard way recently. I am learning that it is vital for me to properly purify, charge and balance my Light Body frequently depending on what I have been doing. It is more important now that I am out in the collective realities and lower frequencies. When I am out of balance it affects my ability to be the Source and stay centered in my being, this can cause me to make decisions that I may not have otherwise made or to act from an impure state. Again, all is energy and when I am in energetic balance as the Source all energy responds to me and I am not responding to the energy or allowing it to me pull me. In energetic balance we remain as a sovereign and free being always.

The ascension of this star system is about bringing this planet into energetic balance. When Creation is in energetic balance it is in zero point, Source point consciousness and when we achieve this as a collective consciousness we will have completed our planetary ascension. We are moving past the physical experience of our current realities to begin to understand how realties are created and how they work as energy or Light. Our physical planet Earth will not support physical life forever. Through the process of physical evolution, the atmosphere, location in space and life cycle of our planet will change making it inhabitable to our current physical vessels. Through ascension of our planetary consciousness, we are preparing the consciousness of this planet to one day transcend this physical planet and these physical bodies, to continue our journey through the Cosmos at higher and higher frequencies of Creation. The planetary ascension is but a stepping stone in the evolution of this star system. One step closer to not just understanding energy or Light but to fully transcending the physical. To do this we must first come into the understanding collectively of what it truly means to be Light!

Restrictions of the Mind

This revelation period has also brought a much deeper understanding of how much the mind restricts the freedom available to us in our experience or reality. As Creator Gods, we are in each moment creating our reality. Through ascension we learn to create from our purest ‘Self” as the Source. However, in each and every moment the mind has the possibility of restricting our experience here. These restrictions are often tied to balance as I will attempt to give an example of. Along the journey many people will tell you not to do this or not to do that or you have to do this, etc. Don’t eat meat because you are consuming dead energy or it is morally wrong, or killing the planet, etc. This is a restriction of the mind. Now bear in mind that in the beginning of our ascension when our minds rule the show we must give up a lot to purify the vessel and the mind. However, through embodiment we learn not to restrict ourselves from anything. Instead, we choose in each moment what we will consume, say, do, etc. You may find yourself in a situation where meat is the only option, then if you restricted yourself, you would feel guilty, immoral, even physically sick. However, if you were free of restrictions and simply allowed yourself to make choices in the now moment and meat was the only option, you would possibly eat it and not feel any of those negative feelings about having done so. I am using meat as an analogy because it is one the spiritual community tends to restrict itself on. I am not advocating the consumption of meat. If one lives in their heart and felt bad about consuming meat then they would not do so. However, they would not restrict themselves. Restrictions bind us. Labels bind us. Vegan, vegetarian, white, black, skinny, fat, etc. These all limit us and we cannot truly be free unless we let go of all restrictions.

This has been a huge part of staying free within my realities this year. I have wanted to implement restrictions on myself. Especially lately, eating out so much. However, the minute I say I will only do this if this, or I will not have that, or I am only doing this….then I have placed restrictions on myself and I am no longer free. It may sound so innocent to say I will not eat meat or I will work out every other day or I have to be nice to everyone. But when we are ready to become a true sovereign being, truly free, then we must let go of all the training wheels. We must let go of all the restrictions of the mind and live each moment free to choose in the eternal now what will unfold. During the ascension journey, restrictions worked really well for me. Like I do not eat meat or cheese or I will have wine on Saturday or I will do yoga and meditate everyday. These are the training wheels. These are the limits we must place on ourselves when we are a slave to our minds and our senses. When we are not yet living from our hearts. Through ascension we free ourselves of the bondage of the mind and this means all restrictions too. We stay completely open to the infinite possibilities that can occur in each now moment. This also means that we must stay fully conscious and fully responsible for all choices in all moments.

When we achieve energetic balance we are able to choose the highest choice in every moment. Whether it is to eat meat or not to eat meat. Whether it is to do yoga or to skip it. Or whatever the choice may be, we choose the highest choice as the Source. However, if we come out of balance then we are subject to making choices that are not highest aligned for us and this happens sometimes too. This is part of the mastery we are all working at here. This is also why it is important to maintain energetic balance. This is what my Universe had to show me recently and it was a hard reminder of the importance of calibrating my energy or Light Body frequently when I have been out working in the collective frequencies. Because I place no restrictions on myself, I am free to choose in each moment what will happen. It also means that I am subject to making a lower frequency choice if my energy is not properly calibrated. Therefore, restrictions and balance are interrelated to one another. When we are in balance there is no need for restrictions because our heart will always choose the highest choice, if we are out of balance then restrictions can serve to keep us on the path to liberation. It is just a matter of where each of us are on our own journey.

A Year of Embodiment

Last year during this time as I sat in the void, I was finally free of doubt and ready to enter the final stages of embodiment. This is what the Light of 2020 brought to me and it is only now looking back over these past twelve months that I can see it all clearly. That I can sit back and say without a doubt that the ascension journey is over and I now live as the Source in this physical vessel. This does not mean that my physical vessel does not continue to evolve into less dense Light. This simply means I am fully conscious as the Source in this vessel and my Divine blueprint is complete. I now fully understand more about the Divine Organization as an energetic structure or Light Body that is made up of all Light on Gaia. I now understand energy in a more intimate way because of living as Pure Light in a vessel. Things make sense as to why I have moved from isolation back into the world. My path has become increasingly clear yet still holds enough mystery to keep life exciting. It has been a year of tremendous growth and maturity for me and so much change . This year I turned forty in human years, this year all my identities completely died the same time my biological mother died and this year I embodied the Source. My life has changed, my body has changed, I have lost all sense of personal identity and have struggled to figure out how to live this new way in my new reality. I have had to and am learning to cope with the tremendous energy demands on my Light Body as we traverse this collective awakening and ascension and the emotional aftershocks that come with transmuting so much energy. This year of embodiment has completely changed me and brought with it not just a new reality but a new way of experiencing reality. The entire experience of being in body has been transcended to a new experience – the Divine HUman experience.

Tomorrow is 1221 and it is the final day of this incubation period. The lessons have been learned, revealed to us in great detail so that we may understand the growth and expansion we have experienced in the previous Creation Wave or 365 day year. The new Light is here and we are prepared for our birth. On December 22nd we begin the labor, the three days of darkness where we squeeze through the birth canal of Creation to birth ourselves into the next octave of this collective ascension, the new wave that will take us to even greater heights than we have known before. This is Christmas beloveds, the birth of consciousness on our planet every year after entering the void and aligning with the next Creation wave coming from our sun. The new Light that carries the codes to continue the evolution of this star system as a part of the expansion of Creation itself. I have learned so much this year. And I have learned so much during this time contracted back into the womb of Creation, gestating in the Source to birth anew into the higher frequencies and magical realities that await us all in 2021. This is the year the collective leaves behind the third dimension and enters the spiritual frequencies of the fourth dimension. Expect big things as we begin to shift in polarity to understand our spiritual nature, our collective soul and our collective heart and come one step closer to freeing ourselves from duality as a collective. The collective awakening of 2020 is over and our collective ascension truly begins with this new wave. Humanity is ready! I am ready to see what the new year brings as well. Enjoy this time beloveds. Solstice blessings, birthing blessings and Merry Christmas to all.


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  1. Thank you very much beloved Sister for your reflections on an exceptional year! <3

    Looking forward to what will manifest and bless us in 2021.

    A sense of wonder is what comes to mind today. I will write about it.

    Love & much Light!

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