The significance of this year’s collective timeline jump cannot be understated. It is the monumental year that humanity as a collective consciousness has awoken to see the truth of the world around us. In effect, the Jester has been unmasked.  Understanding the role of the Jester and other souls that will remain asleep is one step to understanding and dealing with the dismantling of our world and the building of a new one. As it has been said, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and neither will our New Earth be built in one year. Although we had a significant frequency jump this year, our world will still show signs of dismantling and rebuilding for years to come. Each of us as the Source plays a significant role in this process.

Creation is made up of many roles, consciousness masking or veiling itself to play eternal games of cat and mouse or expansion and contraction. Here on Gaia, consciousness has played the many roles of duality to include Light and dark, good and evil or asleep and awake for thousands of years. It is and has always been part of evolving the consciousness of our planet. One of the roles that certain souls incarnated to play can be called the Court Jester. These are the souls that masquerade through our collective consciousness stirring the pot trying to get our attention. They have the specific role of reflecting to humanity or to us as individual souls the dark or shadow side of ourselves.  These souls are also the Divine, the Source, masked as the Jester and thus deserve an immense amount of our compassion for the role they are here to play.

The year 2020 brought to humanity the great dark night of the soul. Through the pandemic, economic blows, natural disasters and political antics, we have been brought to our knees collectively.  We survived the dark night and there is not one person on this planet that remains unchanged because of it.  We survived and we also collectively chose to fully wake up and begin our collective ascension. Evolving this Earth star into a beautiful oasis of unity and love. Every journey starts with one step and this year of 2020 humanity made the first step on the journey home to the Source.  We have collectively seen the Jester for who he is and the world he represents and we chose a different world! Together as a collective we chose to leave the third dimension of consciousness for good. The Jester still remains as does countless other souls who have chosen not to ascend to the New Earth. This is part of the Divine Plan beloveds and is actually a very important part of bringing forth New Earth.

The Jester has been disempowered. He may kick and scream and try to get our attention but we have left him behind in another reality. We are in the turn of our Creation Wave, the moment of ascent and a time when we are receiving the Light and upgrades that will unfold for us in 2021. The Jester still has time to catch the collective wave, through spontaneous awakening, the soul will move on with the collective or he may choose to leave the planet through death or even yet, choose to stay and ride out the third dimensional wave that will continue on Gaia for sometime. The Jester is the soul that shook us up, showed us our shadow, appalled us at times and made us question humanity itself. He played the role of Court Jester completely asleep and masking as the inflated collective ego of humanity for the benefit of the whole. For years since he came on the center stage, we as a collective have seen our collective shadow and have begun to release it. The Court Jester role, the shadow, the dark or the third dimensional ego self will remain in the third dimension along with a small minority of other souls. They have chosen to remain asleep and finish this incarnation assiting the whole from the third dimension. The Court Jester has been seen, the jig is up, the Jester has been unmasked and has lost his power. The Jester and all souls staying in the third dimension deserve our compassion and gratitude as we collectively rise into new and higher frequencies.

This year, the collective has for the first time chosen to catch the annual Creation Wave at the lower frequencies of the fourth dimension. This places the collective on the ascension timelines and closer to unity consciousness. The remaining humans and “jesters” caught the Creation Wave again in the third dimension which means that they will continue to receive third dimensional realities. Third dimensional realities will still be a part of the physical Earth for several more years to come. The souls that chose to remain here on Gaia, unawakened, will literally support the current infrastructure at a pace that supports the evolution and consciousness expansion of the collective consciousness.  As the collective begins to expand its consciousness, our entire civilization will undergo changes in how we live, eat, work, consume energy, etc. There will be an entirely new infrastructure built that is based on unity consciousness. As this happens, more and more of the third dimensional infrastructure will crumble and the population within the third dimension will diminish until one day there is no more physical third dimensional realities playing on Gaia.

It is just like the individual ascension journey of going through the higher dimensions of unity consciousness. On the journey, the third and fourth dimensions literally become non-existent unless one consciously chooses to interact with these dimensions. However, these dimensions still exist and occupy the same space. This is what has and will continue to happen with the collective consciousness. We have chosen to catch the fourth dimensional wave for the first time collectively. The third dimension still exists for some souls. However, each year this will dwindle until the third dimension disappears and eventually the fourth as well until all that remains is the New Earth, the new infrastructure, the new ways of living and unity consciousness. This is the split of worlds. It is not instantaneous, the third dimension doesn’t just go away in an instant nor will the fourth. However, all souls remaining in the third have chosen not to ascend and will play out those third dimensional realities and will not re-incarnate on Gaia after death. Also, all souls that have chosen the fourth dimension will continue to evolve and continue their ascension journey on Gaia. 

One way to view this is to look at the world today and see how we eat. We consume animals, plants, seafood, etc. These are raised, farmed, caught, harvested by people. Food is processed in factories by people. Then all this food is shipped, by people, around the world for consumption. Now, if tomorrow everyone caught the fourth dimensional wave, what would happen to humanity? If everyone stopped at once working long hours, eating meat or processed food, etc??  The answer is the whole thing would collapse due to supply and demand and our food is just one example. Therefore, we must evolve at the right pace to hold the structure in place and this also means that the remaining third dimensional souls still play a part in this until the third dimension is completely phased out. This is why not all souls have chosen ascension. Therefore, we have another reason to hold these souls in our hearts in deep compassion. They are asleep to this choice but we are awake to it. Which means that we act with greater compassion and understanding for the role that each soul plays as the Source.

Collectively we have seen the Jester, the third dimensional ego self, unmasked. And collectively we have chosen to ascend out of that dimension and continue the journey into unity consciousness. The Jester may choose to drop the mask and come along, to leave the body or to continue to play in the illusion as the Jester – only now that he has been unmasked and seen by all – he will simply fizzle out as the collective vibrates further away from the third dimension. The Court Jester can kick and scream for attention, still believing he is in the play but it is in vain because the court, humanity, has seen through him. The jig is up and the court has moved on and no longer will pay him any attention. Eventually he will disappear! He will no longer see the new court, it will be beyond his capabilities and realities. January is the turning point, the Jester and the entire third dimension is crumbling before our eyes. Allowing us the space to build a new collective stage and new collective realities. The build of New Earth begins beloveds. Remember that compassion and gratitude towards the Jester and the third dimension will be key to bringing collective and personal peace as we leave behind these old realities and begin building the new. All is ONE regardless of frequency or dimension. It is ONE play, ONE Creation, ONE Pure Consciousness. Let us release this part of our collective self with love and grace. January brings a new year and a new reality for the collective consciousness of Gaia! Enjoy the ride!


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