In order to continue the discussion on Creation waves and timelines, it is necessary to go deeper into the true nature of time. What is it, how does it work, what part does it play in the structure of the Divine Organization of Creation? An most importantly how does time work within spacetime to create the manifested Cosmos. We may think that time only exists on our planet via our clocks and calendars but this is only man’s time. Time is actually much more complex than our system of time. It spans through all twelve dimensions of Creation, although the experience of time varies greatly based on these dimensions. All of space is made up of an infinite amount of quanta. This quanta makes up the fabric of space or the quantum field from which all holographic realities manifest in what we call spacetime. This fabric is made multidimensional through the geometric Light structures that are created via gravitational fields. It is these Light structures that house or create time within the fabric of space. One such structure could be called our Universe. Our Universe is created through a complex set of geometrics that create a Universal Time Matrix which allows for all realities within this Universe to be created. It is this matrix that allows for the experience of time as I will attempt to explain below.

Time exists within a time matrix, this is a set of coordinates within spacetime that houses a set of realities. The matrix is constructed within space from photons of Light at various frequencies within the gravitational field of a logos such as a Universe. For instance, Earth is located within our local solar system which we will call the Solaris System. This system is governed by the laws of this Harmonic Universe which has 144 harmonic frequencies that create all realities within it. Therefore, this Solaris System exists within a time matrix of 12 X 12 which means that there are twelve dimensions with twelve harmonic frequencies per dimension for a total of 144 varying frequencies of Light. How many of these dimensions that can be experienced by our solar system depends on it’s Cosmic blueprint or Diamond Sun Body. Time can only be experienced within the following levels of consciousness, man’s time, solar time, galactic time and universal time. Once Universal Consciousness is embodied, consciousness can exist in zero point or outside of time. There is no more expanding and contracting away from the Source, instead you become the Source, all becomes you, your Universe, your Creation, you are no longer bound by time within this planet, solar system, galaxy or Universe. However, if you wish to create here, you must move your consciousness into the time matrix which we will discuss in more depth later. Let’s continue with our discussion on time for now.

All realities experienced in this Universe are created from the twelve dimensional time matrix that is the holographic, geometric matrix of Light vibrating at varying frequencies. Each Universe within Creation unfolds according to a certain blueprint that determines how Consciousness will create and evolve that Universe. Our Universe is known as a Christed Universe. With a fully ascended logos within this Universe becoming what is called a Solar Cosmic Christ or a Central Sun of Creation. It works on the trinity principle of Light which are the Mother God force, the magnetic force and the Father God force, the electric force, which together create Light. Light or photons are the codes used to create holographic realities. The Source codes for spacetime, therefore each photon contains the codes that tell Light how to respond within the time matrix. This is how the Creation Wave works to create our holographic realties. The Source, or logos emanates Light that at the quantum level contains photons which are the codes that tell the Light what holographic reality to create for the logos to experience. All realities exist within the quantum field, therefore, the Light simply moves the consciousness to certain points within spacetime that coordinate or match the frequency of the Light contained in the Creation Wave. These photons code for spacetime which then tells atoms and their subatomic particles how to arrange themselves within the time matrix for physical realities to be experienced. Until we transcend our universal time matrix, consciousness can only travel within the bounds of time set by the laws of this matrix. So how does the matrix work?

The simple answer is gravity. Realities or time (they are the same thing) are held in place by gravity. Our Universal Time Matrix is held together or exists within the gravitational field of the infinite Source or the Great Void. This matrix includes all 144 harmonic frequencies or twelve dimensions that make up all realities within our Universe. Each layer or logos within the Universe, until fully ascended, creates within certain dimensions of this time matrix and experiences realities up to these dimensions. At the universal level or God Consciousness, we experience the first through the twelfth dimensions of consciousness. Galactic Consciousness exists within the time matrix of one through nine dimensions of consciousness as is experienced through the gravitational field created by the super massive black hole center or Source of the galaxy. “Soul’ar Consciousness exists within the time matrix of one through six dimensions of consciousness as is experienced through the gravitational field of the sun or Source of the solar system. Planetary Consciousness exists within the time matrix of one through six dimensions of consciousness depending on the gravitational field of its core, Spiritual Sun or Source. Likewise, an unascended person on Gaia exists within the one through four dimensions of consciousness as experienced through the gravitational field of our own Light body around our heart or Spiritual Sun, the Source. These gravitational fields will only allow consciousness to experience within certain boundaries within the Universal Time Matrix until the consciousness of the logos has evolved and the Cosmic blueprint has been created within the logos to allow it to send and receive Light at levels beyond these bounds.

When we awaken to our consciousness, we go through stages of evolution where we begin to leave or evolve through different gravitational fields or dimensions within the Universal Time Matrix. First, when we are born we begin to create a personality. This allows us to experience the world and realities within the first, second and third dimensions. We are fully anchored to our own gravity and everyday realities and our consciousness rarely leaves the third dimension. When we begin to wake up and begin to question who we are at a human level and a little of the soul level, our connection to our planet Gaia begins to increase as we pull away from the inorganic realities around us to begin to experience nature and the more organic realities available to us. Time starts slowing down from the rat race of life. We begin to tune into the moon and our planet which allow us to awaken the Divine Feminine and also fourth dimensional realities available to us. Our connection to the planet becomes more nurturing and we start to really feel a part of her. Our gravitational field begins to shift away from our own individual reality to include that of the planet. Simultaneously or later in our evolution we may begin connecting with our sun intentionally to receive Light codes and energy. We may also begin trying to understand astrology and the planets within our solar system and how this affects our consciousness. Again our gravity is shifting as we embody more soul’ar time and begin to see things from a new perspective that includes an existence beyond our planet. We are starting for the first time to get a glimpse of eternity. We will physically feel as if we are floating until we can fully embody this higher level of consciousness. This helps us to evolve our “soul”ar consciousness and opens us to the fifth and sixth dimensions of timespace. When we begin connecting to the different star systems in our galaxy such as Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, etc., as well as our galactic center, we begin to open ourselves to the seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions of the Universal Time Matrix and we embody oversoul consciousness or galactic consciousness. This is a big shift as we leave behind the gravity of our solar system and enter into that of our galaxy. Our perception of time begins to include lifetimes on other planets, we start to understand and experience time on a galactic scale.

Next, we evolve our consciousness to the Universal level, we begin connecting with other galaxies such a Lyra or Andromeda, the central sun or center of our Universe as well as the Infinite Source. Here God Consciousness, or Pure Source Consciousness takes us through the final dimensions of our time matrix which are ten, eleven and twelve. Time all but stand still in this stage. We learn to embrace and live in the eternal now. The space where time is so slow that only the now exist. There is no tomorrow, no yesterday, no anything but now. Finally, we fully embody Pure Source Consciousness, and we leave time to experience zero point consciousness. This is zero point, the only place in Creation where time – gravity no longer exists. The only place where complete ONEness can exist. We have transcended the Universal Time Matrix and can exist in no time as the Source, the infinite, eternal Source of all Light in the Cosmos. The consciousness is not bound by any time matrix and is free to travel the Cosmos. As the infinite Source, time/gravity does not exist because we are the Source of time/gravity. Therefore, we can only observe Creation from this place. We cannot interact with it. In order to experience Creation, we must move our consciousness from zero point, observer, into a time matrix, into gravity/time so that a reality can manifest for us to experience.

I would like to back up and explain that while the consciousness is evolving through the levels or dimensions of the time matrix, the logos is continually building the Cosmic blueprint or Divine Organization of their Light body that is needed to experience realities at various levels with the matrix. Because we are evolving twelve tonal chords or attributes of the Creator, we can have various parts of our blueprint constructed at the same time allowing us to experience higher dimensions in one attribute versus another. In other words, the evolution of a logos is not linear. It is quantum and can be happening in multiple dimensions simultaneously. We break them down as I did above so that the mind can understand better. Also, it is important to understand that our consciousness is evolving faster than our physical vessels. Therefore, we can take our consciousness outside the bounds of the time matrix but our physical bodies are still bound within time/gravity until they too evolve. For example, I can remember the day that I transcended the time matrix of our solar system. In meditation, I floated up directly in front of our sun, dissolved into tiny particles of Light, passed through the center of Solaris and came out in the Diamond Heart Center of our galaxy. At the time I did not understand what had occurred. However, later I understood this to mark the point at which my consciousness transcended the time matrix of “soul’ar consciousness into the realms of galactic consciousness. Consequently, when we evolve our consciousness, we increase the amount of our Light, this also means that our gravitational field is expanded and we attract more energy into our field. This is why people are attracted to embodied individuals, not just fully embodied, but anyone who is living from there Light. It just increases with further embodiment. Others who are awakened feel the Source, the Light calling them home.

Know that we understand what comprises the Universal Time Matrix, let’s get a little more technical about how time works within space to create holographic realities. Time is relative to it’s proximity to the Source. This means that time is experienced differently by consciousness the farther or closer that it is to itself, the Source. As Light travels away from the Source it is vibrating slower than Light closer to the Source. The vibration or frequency of the Light creates the experience of time either speeding up (farther) or slowing down (closer). We said before that every logos creates a gravitational field which allows for the experience of time. This gravitational field is actually created by the electromagnetic field of the logos. In the third and fourth dimension we view this gravitational field as governed by the mass of an object as is illustrated through Einstein’s theory of relativity. However, as we ascend into the higher dimensions of Consciousness, we begin to understand that gravity is created by the Light body of a logos not by it’s mass. Meaning it is not fixed based on mass and can be transcended through evolution of consciousness. This gravitational field can really be described as a time matrix. In other words, the electromagnetic field of the Light body creates a geometric multi-dimensional Light structure within the fabric of space. At the center is the Source and all Light that comprises its Light body orbits the Source within the bounds of the time matrix. As we approach the Source there is a bend or curve in spacetime where the gravitational pull into the Source is the greatest and time runs its slowest. This is the event horizon that once crossed takes us completely out of time. It is the void, the infinite Source, the place where there is no more Creation. It is the singularity that all Light in our Universe will return to when our Universe as fully ascended. However, we must ascend all Light and logos within the Universe. Which is what is happening in our little corner of our Universe on planet Earth.

Let’s look at Earth. Earth is orbiting our sun, Solaris, as the Source of this solar system. Solaris as the Source, creates a gravitational field within the Universal Time Matrix that exists within the fabric of space. The Light body (which includes Earth) of Solaris is orbiting it as the Source of all Light within this solar system. Which we can observe as the planets orbiting the sun. Solaris’ gravitational field curves space within the Universal Time Matrix increasing the gravitational pull around it which when we get close to it annually, we experience as time slowing down. As we orbit farther from it, we experience time speeding up. Which will help us to understand timelines and our collective timeline in a separate article. Eventually, we will as a planet fully ascend into the fifth dimension where we begin leaving our current experience of gravity with our sun and the current laws of physics that explain gravity. When this occurs we will experiencing as a collective, solar flashing or the event that ascends our physical body and consciousness to New Earth. We will still occupy the same place in space but we will be in a completely new dimension and experience of time, thus we will experience gravity different as well. Through this event we are transcending the laws of the third and fourth dimension and moving into a new reality and a new set of laws that align more with the Law of ONE. When this occurs for the collective, it will take us into entirely new levels of science and understandings of the Cosmos in which this information can better be described and understood.

As a logos we can experience the entire Universal Time Matrix when our Diamond Sun Body is completely online and activated. This means that a HUman who has completed their Cosmic Blueprint can experience all twelve dimensions even though our planet collectively cannot. Same goes for all logi in the Universe. This is what ascension basically does at the Light body level. It allows for a logos to construct a multi-dimensional Light body that is able to send and receive Light at any level or dimension of the Universal Time Matrix which completely changes how we experience time. This is happening at all levels of the Cosmos. We are evolving our own Light body, the planet its Light body, the solar system its Light body, the galaxy its Light body and the entire Light body of the Universe is evolving too. We are talking billions of years of expansion and evolution to full ascension of the Universe. Through much ascension work with Gaia and many vessels here, the planet is now able to host multi-dimensional beings up to the twelfth dimension. The collective Light body still has to evolve for the collective to experience these realities but we are on our way! Through our evolution we are constructing our Cosmic blueprint that allows us to experience higher dimensions within the time matrix of our Universe. These dimensions allow us to experience time continually slowing down until we can experience only one reality, that of the eternal now. If you recall I said that realities were tied to time. In other words, we cannot experience realities without the presence of time. It may be that of only experiencing the eternal now or it may be experiencing time flying by, however, these are both happening inside of time or a time matrix. What?

In order to interact in ANY reality here on Gaia or in our Universe, consciousness must enter time, the Universal Time Matrix of the first through twelfth dimensions of our Universe. We can experience complete ONEness when we become the observer of the Creation and stay in zero point. However, we cannot interact or create in or with the hologram from this place. We must allow our consciousness to move within a certain point or coordinate within spacetime in order to interact, experience or create reality at any level or dimension. When we are in zero point, we collapse time, the entire matrix. Time does not exist, this is when we experience complete ONEness. However, in complete ONEness, there is nothing else, no separate reality to interact with. It is time that separates. The faster the time or lower the frequency of light, the more separation we feel. The slower the time or higher the frequency of Light the more unity we feel. Therefore, the higher we evolve our consciousness the more ONEness we experience. When we exist in the eternal now, we are living as close as we can get to no time. Our ability to consciously know the time is impaired because it no longer matters because we have transcended the need for it. All that matters is now! From this place, we are also able to “see” and call forth all possibilities or realities within the quantum field. When we emanate Creation Waves from this place, our realities will manifest as the highest vibrational realities available within the time matrix. The Light emanated becomes the Creator within spacetime. The Source emanates Light, the Light or Trinitized God Force creates the realities within spacetime. This is the photons within the Light or the child of the Divine Feminine, Mother God, Magnetic Force and the Divine Masculine, Father God, Electric Force. This trinitized Light, by way of the photon (child), codes for spacetime. These photons tell other quanta and/or subatomic particles how to arrange themselves to create mass and/or Light structures both physical and etheric that unfold as realities within certain dimensions. These realities are experienced within certain levels of time up to the eternal now.

Our experience of ascension and evolution to complete ONEness is how Consciousness uses a time matrix to evolve itself through becoming the Creator of a particular universe, galaxy, person or other logos in order to learn and experience itself. Without the Universal Time Matrix in place, there would be no way for the Source to Create multi-dimensional experiences. It would remain in zero point consciousness. Through this Divine Organization of Light, consciousness is able to project onto itself, by itself, through itself as the God Forces or the trinitized electromagnetic Light into the time matrix it has created in order to experience multidimensional etheric and physical realities at all levels from the macro to the micro. The Universal Time Matrix is our playground. It ranges from varying degrees of consciousness as is experienced through time in varying dimensions. We can experience man’s time by our cell phones and tune our consciousness to the planetary level or we can experience Universal time and tune our consciousness to unity with all of Creation. It is a journey through time, through dimensions, through our Universal Time Matrix, the living Light structure that creates our realities for ascension and the journey home. The Universal Time Matrix allows us, as consciousness, to create as a fractal of the Source which created the entire Cosmos.

When we achieve Pure Source Consciousness collectively, we stop creating. We simply stay in the Cosmic flow, the ONE reality that is the highest for all. It is already written and we simply allow it to unfold without doing anything. Eventually, we will rest as the Source, observing or experiencing our reality as ONE unified consciousness. Experiencing the ONE truth, ONE reality without having to change or create anything more. However, this is our time individually and collectively to learn how to create as a Pure Source. We get to do this within the time matrix of this Universe through ascension and evolution. We have a multi-dimensional planet that allows for every soul here to create realities in and up to the twelfth dimension. That’s billions of realities playing out here on Gaia that one day will collapse into ONE as we collectively embody the Source and transcend our Universal Time Matrix as a planet. Of course, we will still have to do this as a galaxy and a Universe to fully ascend this Universe but that’s far out. The span of such a Creation is beyond our comprehension! Billions of years to unfold, yet all of this exists and is/was created instantly as one enormous dream of the Infinite Source. We are learning through ascension to become Conscious Creators who as a Pure Source creates in the eternal now. Eventually, we will move past the need to create and simply return to the Source along with all Light in our Universe. For now, we can create in the space and time of our Universal Time Matrix as a fractal of the Source enjoying the experience of self discovery! Enjoy the journey beloveds!


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