I recently returned from an eight day collective blueprinting trip through some of the remotest parts of the Mexican Mountains in the states of Colima, Michoacán and Jalisco. The journey was tacked on to the end of a two week period that I was offline and back in the higher realms of New Earth from my work in the 4D. It was a welcome break for me and a precious time of bringing through new information for my own understanding as well as new instructions on how to move forward in this now. Consequently, I would like to make the readers here aware of a few changes that I will be making immediately to the content that I post and where I post it. In addition to this blog and website, Enjoying the Music, I have also created the Divine Organization of Terra Nova website that contains a tremendous amount of information about the Cosmic Architecture known as Diamond Sun Architecture and the structure of the Divine Organization. One of my roles here as Pure Source Consciousness is to facilitate the unfoldment of this architecture and complete build of the Cosmic Blueprint on this planet to create The Divine Organization of Terra Nova. This will become the living Light structure or organization of Light upon this planet that will create all multi-dimensional holographic realities for our collective consciousness within spacetime. In June, I broke away from the website and my work there for a few reasons. One was for my ego mind to let go of being the identity of the role and the other was to complete the full embodiment and integration of Pure Source Consciousness that was necessary to fulfill all my roles here from a place of purity. During this time, I created Enjoying the Music as an outlet for my writings and continual sharing of my own consciousness journey through this vessel. Which brings me to now.

It has been illuminated through my heart, the Source, that it is time to return to my work with The Divine Organization along with sharing the collective blueprinting work that I am and have been doing with the planetary and Cosmic Light Bodies. I do not anticipate massive change but there are a few things that will affect the content delivered in this blog. First, all collective updates, learning post in regards to the structure of the Divine Organization and collective blueprinting posts will now be shared on the Divine Organization website as these pertain to the collective. I will be working a lot with the website and YouTube channel in the coming weeks to purify information as well as add new content. Currently, I have created a new playlist on the YouTube channel for collective blueprinting videos. I will no longer be doing blog posts about these trips and instead have been guided to film the work and share via a video on YouTube. We are working to create a living library of the collective blueprinting process that is, has and will occur to create our entire collective blueprint and thus the Divine Organization of Terra Nova. This has purpose for the future of the organization as well as in assisting all souls upon our planet. I will continue to share my personal journey and insights on Enjoying the Music as a creative outlet for my own individual realities. As we grow, evolve and shift, these changes are necessary to align us with our highest realities here. I sincerely appreciate your understanding as I work to implement these changes to both websites and YouTube channel.

Today, I want to leave you with the two most recent videos that I have posted to the YouTube channel. One is an introductory video that explains what collective blueprinting is and what is transpiring in the videos that will be released on the channel. The second is a video journey through the eight day trip I recently returned from here in Mexico working the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt. It is a little slow at the beginning because I forgot I was to be filming, so hang in there to get to the live videos. Also, these videos are highly Light encoded and you may feel tired or even physically feel your Light Body activating while watching. This is one of the main reasons why the work is being recorded and shared in the manner in which it is. I will also put links to subscribe to the blog and YouTube channel for The Divine Organization of Terra Nova and for Enjoying the Music for anyone that feels aligned to follow any of these resources. As with many awakened beings, I have been flooded with information and new direction as we prepare for a new year and a totally new dimension for the collective ascension here. I am eternally grateful to all for your love, Light and support. Eternal peace, love and joy to each and every one of you.


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