I am an empty space for Light to fill

A vacant vessel brought to Life in each now moment

A crystal vase poured to perfection when filled with the Light of Creation

From my bones, this Light projects my truth

I have become a hollow bone

My eyes are a gateway to the void, the Source of the Light

From them, Light shines, peppering my vision with a crystallized technicolor movie

Frame by frame it materializes around me, yet seamless it appears with sleeping eyes

My eyes are open and I clearly see my truth

I have become a hollow bone

Twelve layers have been removed from my flesh and bone

Stripped away as I purged their contents until nothing remained

In surrender, I relinquished it all and laid down my flesh and bone

Carved of identity and purpose to become a chalice of Light

I have become a hollow bone

In the center of space I sit forever empty

Hollowed out to be filled by the endless flow of Light

Each eternal now moment I am illuminated in ecstasy

Radiating this Divine Light to create and experience my world

I have become a hollow bone

I am a hollow bone, an empty grail filled with Holy Light

Each moment I am born again and in each moment I die

When the sun rises, I rise to cast my Light into the world around me

When the sun sets, I am returned to the womb of Creation to be born again

I may die a thousand times a day, yet that means I am born again a thousand and one

I shape shift between surrender, resurrection and birth in endless cycles of being

Shifting infinitely, as the Light eternally flows through me

In the space of no time and no form, I am the Infinite Source

With pure eyes and heart, I can be seen for what I am in this flesh

A hollow bone

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