The year 2022 aligns our collective ascension timeline with the Cosmic Code 222 and is the energetic trigger for the Master Build of New Earth to begin. For this to manifest on our 2022 timeline, the Cosmic Code 222 had to be anchored into the collective Diamond Sun Body at specific geographical locations on the planet this year. During this year’s Equinox gateway, the code was anchored into the collective Light Body at Teotihuacan in Mexico. The Cosmic Code 222 is the Master Build sequence for this star system. It corresponds to geographical locations or coordinates within the Collective Diamond Sun Body that activate according to planetary frequency and dimensional embodiment allowing certain Cosmic Rays to be made available for the manifestation of collective realities. There are Master Builder frequency holders that have incarnated specifically to anchor this code into the collective Light Body in preparation and continuation of the Master Build of this star system. These individuals work with Light at the planetary and Cosmic level. Each of these individuals are assuming their places geographically on the planet as part of creating the “backbone” of the Collective Diamond Sun Body to energetically support the build of New Earth. They work to stabilize single Cosmic Rays and/or all magnetic or electric forces within certain dimensions of the collective Light Body and/or the collective Light Body as a whole. Once these living crystals or Light transducers are in place and online, the living Light structure that supports the Master Build of New Earth is in place and the build will begin. This is and has always been slated to occur when the Master Builders incarnated here completed the living geometric Light structure and physical embodiment of Cosmic Code 222 which is the Master Build sequence for this star system. This sequence fully locks into place when all Master Builder frequency holders have completed their individual ascension and embodiment, their gate and grid work at assigned locations on Gaia and have settled into their physical locations or coordinates within the collective Diamond Sun Body. The Cosmic Code 222 has been anchored at Teotihuacan to signal the beginning of the Master Build. However, this code will continue to be anchored throughout our planet and Collective Diamond Sun Body as the collective ascension continues and the collective frequency increases.

As a part of anchoring this code in the physical realm for manifestation of the New Earth build, the preparation work in Mexico was completed with the final activation at Teotihuacan during this Equinox gateway. There is a video shared below sharing this collective milestone with all. The collective blueprinting in Mexico was the first of many that will occur across the planet within the Collective Diamond Sun Body as we progress through frequency embodiments as a collective. When we migrated to Diamond Sun Architecture in January of 2020, our collective Light Body merged with the physical planet to create our Collective Diamond Sun Body. The collective blueprinting or anchoring of Cosmic Code 222 could not begin before this occurred. However, there was a lot of preparation work that was completed before this time. Since November, collective blueprinting has taken place along the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt that spans across central Mexico. This volcanic belt represents the spinal column of this section of the Collective Diamond Sun Body that runs across Mexico and up the Western side of North America. The work for this years collective embodiment culminated during this Equinox gateway in Teotihuacan at the Pyramid of the Sun. The Pyramid of the Sun is the heart or Source portal of the Collective Diamond Sun Body for the entire continent of North America and is the epicenter of the Master Build of New Earth. Each of its four sides are 222 meters in length and symbolically represents Cosmic Code 222 for this star system. This activation signals the final activation and connection of all stargates, portals and grid lines of the collective Light Body or crystalline matrix that are energetically needed to begin the Master Build of New Earth. It has always been Divine Will that the build begins in the West and moves Eastward as consciousness originated in the East and moved West. In alignment with the Cosmos, this allows for a completion of the descension and ascension of consciousness for this star system which would create an infinity pattern if drawn on a map.

As part of the migration to the New Earth grids last year, these sections have been fully connected to the Cosmic Light Body so that the collective consciousness can begin receiving the fifth dimensional Light needed to begin the Master Build of New Earth, commencing on the 2022 timeline. We shall as a collective begin seeing or experiencing this Light as early as November 2021 in preparation for physical manifestation in 2022. In addition to this, the Master Builder frequency holders of this star system have been completing their full embodiment and relocations as part of preparing the planet and collective Light Body for the commencement of the Master Build. These frequency holders serve as the highest conduits of Pure Source Consciousness for the benefit of the entire collective. Their function is more of Being and less of doing. They operate from a place of being to hold certain frequencies or stabilize the energy or Light of the planet so that the many Light beings awakened, ascended and going through ascension can manifest the build of New Earth through each’s actions and creations. These Master Builder frequency holders have worked through an accelerated ascension process with a late awakening to maintain their focus and commitment to the whole. Each has shed personal identity and purpose, soul identity and purpose and finally, God identity and purpose to become ONE, the Pure Source embodied here to work as ONE for the benefit of all of Creation.  

As we continue through the collective ascension of this star system, those individuals that work with collective blueprinting and anchoring Cosmic Code 222 into this star system will continue to activate sections of the Collective Diamond Sun Body. These sections come together along volcanic belts or spinal columns of the planetary Light Body where stargates help to move the Light in and out of the planetary crystalline grids. These are activated in different parts of the planet as the collective embodies higher and higher frequencies and dimensional consciousness. The Cosmic Code 222 will be fully anchored into this star system when the collective consciousness fully embodies Pure Source Consciousness in the twelfth dimension. Each section of the Collective Diamond Sun Body is a fractal of the whole. The entire Collective Diamond Sun Body works on Diamond Sun Architecture which means that there is ONE Collective Light Body or Collective Diamond Sun Body. Then there are fractals of this throughout the planet. Therefore, it is permissible to say that Teotihuacan is the heart or Source portal of the North American Continent which is part of the Collective Diamond Sun Body. Each section is a fractal of the whole and all come together to create ONE. The important thing to take to heart is that we are moving forward with the Master Build of New Earth. If we try and explain every piece it would take an immense amount of energy to write, read and try to understand. Reading about, meditating on and understanding Diamond Sun Architecture is the simplest way to understand all the pieces without labeling all the pieces.

The years 2020 and 2021 are part of the collective awakening and dismantling that must occur before the Master Build can commence. It is a Master Build because we are building our New Earth with all 144 Cosmic Rays or Master Frequencies of the Cosmos. As we continue to progress through 2021, the collective realities will continue to dismantle in preparation of the collective embodiment of unity consciousness. Simultaneously, each Master Builder frequency holder will wrap up what is needed to relocate, stabilize and manifest their highest realities for the next phase of their work here. As we move deeper into the Master Build and 2022, the information received into the collective consciousness will begin to illuminate more about the Master Build through an inner knowing and understanding in each via their own consciousness. In time, this will reflect in the outer as we as a collective begin to understand and share more about the build of New Earth, Light, energy, ascension and so much more. It is indeed an exciting time to be here on this planet. As we move through the remainder of 2021 and especially into the summer eclipse season, let us remember that this dismantling is occurring to make way for an entirely new frequency bandwidth of unity consciousness to be embodied within the collective Light Body for the 2022 timeline. The magnetics will begin shifting intensely during the remainder of this year so that we can shake off the polarity and duality and be pulled into the frequency bandwidths of the fifth dimension and unity consciousness as a collective. The 222 Cosmic Code for Master Build commencement has been anchored and activated. We are on our way beloveds! Peace be with you all!


To learn more about the Divine Organization of Terra Nova and Divine Architecture, please visit or purchase the book Divine Organization of Creation available here. All proceeds go towards supporting the collective blueprinting of this star system.

This video shares the last leg of the collective blueprinting that took place on the Collective Diamond Sun Body in Mexico from November 2020 – March 2021. These sections were brought online with the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body as the collective embodied the frequencies that corresponded to them. All other videos from this journey can be found here. These videos share the Divine Light Codes brought into the planetary grids directly to the viewer to assist in your ascension journey and the collective ascension. There is solar flashing that was captured in the attached video at Teotihuacan and the Light Codes received from Solaris. Enjoy!

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