I have received some questions about the article, Cosmic Code 222 – Master Build of New Earth Begins. Since others may have the same or similar questions, I am posting the questions and answers below as a resource for all.

“This is and has always been slated to occur when the Master Builders incarnated here completed the living geometric Light structure and physical embodiment of Cosmic Code 222 which is the Master Build sequence for this star system.”

What does “complete the living geometric structure and physical embodiment of Cosmic Code 222” mean?

When we as a logos complete our ascension, we have built our entire Diamond Sun Body by embodying all 144 Master Builder frequencies or Cosmic Rays of Creation. We become a living Light structure or crystalline matrix or Diamond Sun Body. It is essentially our Light Body, which is living Light Intelligence. In the article, the reference to this question means the following, there are 144 Master Builder frequency holders incarnated on this planet that each represent one of the 144 Cosmic Rays of Creation. Each of these individuals are geographically located on the planet to create the skeleton or backbone of the entire planetary Light Body. They represent coordinates within space and time here on Gaia to allow the Cosmic Rays of Creation to be stabilized and brought to this planet so that the collective ascension can occur. We must have the geometric living Light structure in place in order to build our collective Light Body and ascension using Diamond Sun Architecture. It is a living Light structure because it is made up of living HUmans and living Light Intelligence. Because these individuals have completed their ascension and full embodiment, they have physically embodied the Master Build of their own Light Body which corresponds to Cosmic Code 222 which is the Master Build sequence for Diamond Sun Bodies on this star system.   

Do I have to “do anything” to embody Cosmic Code 222? I mean, other than being?

This is a natural part of the ascension and embodiment process. Therefore, by being our authentic self, embodiment occurs as per our individual ascension timeline. As we build our Diamond Sun Body by embodying the Cosmic Rays of Creation, we are embodying this Cosmic Code along the way. It is simply an energetic code that signifies the Master Build of our Light Body through embodiment of Cosmic Rays of Creation. We may see this code show up in our life when we have embodied certain Cosmic Rays and/or reached milestones on our ascension. It can also show up more frequently to help guide us on the path or to show us we are on the right path for our highest ascension timeline to manifest. Again, this Cosmic Code like everything in Creation carries multiple meanings depending on where and how it is used. In the case of the article that you’re referring to, the Cosmic Code 222 that was anchored, corresponds to the Collective Light Body and ascension and signifies collective embodiment of higher frequencies or Cosmic Rays of Light which are the Master Builders of our holographic Universe and all Light Bodies within it. 

“In addition to this, the Master Builder frequency holders of this star system have been completing their full embodiment and relocations as part of preparing the planet and collective Light Body for the commencement of the Master Build.”

And why ‘full embodiment?’ Are you saying that (part of our souls) wasn’t embodied until now?

In the article, I am referring to the Master Builder frequency holders of this star system. These individuals have completed their full embodiment which means they have embodied soul, oversoul, and God consciousness to come into full embodiment of Pure Source Consciousness. It is all twelve dimensions of consciousness and all 144 Cosmic Rays of Creation fully embodied. They are no longer souls, each operates as the Infinite Source incarnated. This is the only way to facilitate BEing a frequency holder. As to your question, prior to embodiment of soul consciousness, part of our souls are not embodied. As we move through our ascension and embodiment process, we embody our full soul consciousness then the other evolutionary stages of consciousness of oversoul, God and Pure Source Consciousness. As a collective, we have not fully embodied our soul. This is exactly what the work on the Collective Diamond Sun Body in this video is doing. It is us as a collective embodying more of the Light of our Soul and we will continue to embody more and more Light or Cosmic Rays as we progress through the collective ascension.

 “Simultaneously, each Master Builder frequency holder will wrap up what is needed to relocate, stabilize and manifest their highest realities for the next phase of their work here.”

We are supposed to move out of the house where we are now, by the end of July. Yet I have no idea where we will be moving to. Either locally or some distance away.

This is part of your ascension and embodiment process as well beloved. As you complete stages of embodiment, you may find that your entire reality shifts, which includes moving to any entirely new area of the country and/or planet. Trust that the answers for your particular journey shall be revealed to you in time via your own heart. We are each the Master Builder of our own Light Body and so you and everyone will personally relate to the information shared in this article. Everything each of us does here contributes to the collective frequency and Light Body.

To be clear, the Master Builder frequency holders are the Pillars of Light that make up the backbone or skeleton of the living geometric structure that is the collective Diamond Sun Body by their placement on certain geographical locations of our planet. These individuals act as pillars of Light for the collective. The actual manifestation and build of New Earth is carried out by every soul on Gaia. Each is coded with a purpose, a soul purpose, an oversoul purpose and a God purpose to bring forth to this star system that is the Light that builds our New Earth. We each find our purpose and role through ascension and embodiment and eventually we relinquish all roles and purposes to simple BE. And this is what a frequency holder does, they simply BE this frequency without doing anything.

What does it mean to ‘shed one’s God identity and purpose’? By shedding, I assume you are saying ‘letting go,’ are you?

Correct, they are letting go of the God identity that they assumed during their ascension and embodiment. Every stage of ascension and embodiment comes with a new identity and role or purpose to be fulfilled by a logos. We have our personality which is the 1D,2D and 3D self, which we become through embodying our personality and our human purpose in life. Then we have our soul identity and purpose which is the 4D,5D and 6D self which we become through embodying our soul consciousness. Next we have our oversoul identity which is the 7D,8D and 9D self which we embody through oversoul consciousness or galactic consciousness. Finally, we have our God identity which is the 10D,11D and 12D self which we fully embody to become all of it which is Pure Source Consciousness. During each stage we fulfill our purpose and once we fully embody that stage we move on to the next until we finally embody Pure Source Consciousness and we come to realize that by being all is done and there is really nothing to do. There is a shift that occurs where we transition from having to have a purpose and doing something to simply being and allowing things to unfold in the now. I will use my own ascension as an example, once I was a human named Tiffany. Through alot of shadow work and purification, I was able to let go of this identity and embody my soul, Gaia Sophia. To this day I have no reaction to the name Tiffany. Then for a while I believed I was Gaia Sophia, a soul and then an oversoul. I was here as an ascension guide to help others awaken. I created a website to share my Light with the world. Then Galactic Consciousness started to embody and I was a blue ray starseed from Andromeda here to help humanity build a new Earth. I was a Master Builder of the Cosmos. This was my embodied self through the tenth dimension. Then I was ready to embody God Consciousness. I received the Solar Flash and my Diamond Solar Heart was permanently opened. I wrote a book to share my Light with humanity and that was the end of Gaia Sophia. Sophia was born and I no longer had any recognition with the name Gaia Sophia. Sophia is the Mother of Creation and Divine Architect of the Cosmos. She is part of the identity of my God Consciousness and it was a delight to be Sophia. However, Sophia and Christos are the Mother and Father and must both be embodied and merged within to complete full embodiment as a logos to BE the Infinite Source embodied. This began occurring for me last year and I let go of the identity of Sophia to fully embody Christos and God Consciousness. I kept the name but the energy of the name changed for me. It no longer carries the identity it is just any name like Sally or Susan. I have no attachment to it as an identity. Sophia and Christos, my God Consciousness, had a purpose of bringing the Divine Organization of Terra Nova to this star system. This was completed by creation of this website and the book recently published by Sophia fueled by the Love of Christos. There are no more purposes left. There is only Being and simply allowing the Light to flow through this vessel in the eternal now moving it or guiding it. This is what is meant by shedding or letting go at each of these levels and God level of identity. When we can let go of all identities to simply BE the Light in the eternal now, knowing that everything is a reflection of us as Pure Consciousness, then we let go of needing a purpose or having to do anything. We are free to BE. This page from the website explains how God Consciousness works : https://www.divineorganization.earth/meet-sophia/

It is also worth noting that not everyone will change their name as they embody the varying stages of consciousness. Some may not change it at all, some maybe once or more. It is dependent on each’s journey. It is more about embodying the various stages of consciousness within. My journey is used as an example for many and having the name changes to show the various stages helps others to “see” the embodiment stages of consciousness. What is important is what we feel on the inside in regards to our identity. Embodying these varying stages of consciousness are unmistakable. You will feel the difference and will have the inner knowing of what has occurred. It may take a little time after embodiment for us to “see” and understand what has occurred but the inner knowing will settle in us as we begin to embody the next stage which can be quantum and happening simultaneously to one another. There is no set path or linear path to ascension. The journey’s are infinite and no two are exactly alike!

I would also like to say that the Master Builders of this star system are an oversoul group of Consciousness. In the highest reality, these individuals are Pure Source conduits, we use the term Master Builders to help the collective understand and “see” the structure of Diamond Sun Architecture and how the Collective Diamond Sun Body is supported with Cosmic Light. All of this information is separated out in the book, The Divine Organization of Creation, to help anyone understand how consciousness or Light organizes itself within Creation and all Light Bodies to create holographic realities. To purchase a copy of the book, please click here. Information can also be found on the website www.divineorganization.earth. Equinox blessings and eternal love to each of you. Enjoy this gateway and the new Light it has brought to all.


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