Every journey begins with a single step. A desire to move forward in a new and unknown direction. An expedition into the self that uses the heart as the compass to move us. It is a leap of faith into our fears and into unfathomable experiences of love. It may take us far and wide across this planet or we may never leave the same place. It doesn’t really matter, because this journey undeniably takes place on the inside. With keen eyes it can be seen by those who have traveled the path and who may whisper words of encouragement along the way. As we traverse our journey, our eyes are blind to the path ahead. Trust, faith, and listening to the guidance of our heart are the only way to illumine the steps ahead. The path is as narrow as a razor’s edge. It is an act of balance to stay the course and there are always distractions along the way trying to pull us off. There are multiple stops along the journey. Times of stillness, times of movement, becoming, letting go, purging, purifying, embodying and resting. This pilgrimage is a spiraling adventure that returns us again and again to the same spot only to find we ourselves are different. Each journey, each path, is unique, yet somehow they are all the same. Once we take the journey we will see it weaved into the story of all we come to meet. We will relish in the differences and be amazed at how many ways the Divine can remember itself. Ultimately, we will be carved of all identity and purpose to simply be the ONE. This is the hero’s journey, the pilgrimage of the heart, the sojourn of the seeker, the path to enlightenment and the journey of ONE. And, this is the story of my journey and how I remembered the truth and became the living embodiment of the ONE.

I stumbled accidently on the path and it was as if I fell into a slingshot. Things came fast and easy to me, yet this also meant that I faced extreme everything on my journey. Looking back, I can see the beginning now, the awakening from a long sleep that awoke a ferocious appetite for truth. I consumed knowledge as fast as I could read and watch information. Ancient texts and teachings, philosophers, religious figures from across the globe, documentaries, books on consciousness, and hours upon hours of lectures. I became a sieve for all this information. Filtering it through my heart for truth. A little here, a little there and before long I had many pieces of the puzzle before me. I felt myself reconnecting with some long lost part of myself, something deep inside that I could barely perceive but knew intuitively was there. It was around this time in my life that I chose to get a tattoo on my left foot of the Hopi symbol for Mother Earth. It is a labyrinth that also symbolizes the journeyer or child always supported by the energies of the Mother. I remember writing that this tattoo was to symbolize my journey as I walked upon this Earth and to remind me to tread lightly while I am here. In hindsight, it was the start of a much greater journey that would take me far beyond the edges of my wildest imagination and into unconceivable depths of mind bending reality and truth. This symbol became the symbolism for a journey that would take me vastly beyond the enlightenment that I read about. It would truly be a ground breaking experience for myself and for humanity. This tattoo would come to symbolize the entire expedition into the heart of the Universe, into the Infinite Source of all that is. Unaware of this at the time, I got inked in 2017, packed up my car and set out once again for California. A cross country journey I would make many times on the pilgrimage ahead.

It was shortly after this that my love affair with Mt. Shasta and Mexico would begin. Throughout the years of my journey, I would triangulate between Alabama, California and Mexico. Each of these places playing their part in my evolution. Alabama had been my home for a number of years after a traumatic childhood. It was safe to me, a place of refuge, a place I always wanted to return to and eventually after enough embodiments there, it would become a place I would have to let go of. California was shaping up to become my new home or at least a home for this physical vessel. Mt. Shasta would become the place where I would go to receive more Light after each sojourn to propel me into a new spiral of consciousness. Mexico would play the grand part in my pilgrimage. Truly becoming the place that I would become the new me, the higher versions of consciousness within this vessel. I would traverse this country on many levels from land to water to air. I spent so much time here. Time alone, time with others and time in union. It would be the playground for me to become and let go of consciousness aspects. I always experience clarity and understanding while I am here and this time was no different.

The journey of ONE is not a linear journey. It is quantum and we are always becoming more and more on multiple levels at once. Looking back, I can see my journey and how it unfolded in a relatively straight path. However, this was akin to the path of a rocket blasting into space. There was purpose in this, so that I could understand how the journey works in a very intricate way, in a very short time, so that I could eventually share with others and fulfill my purposes here. There were times of stillness that were necessary for embodiment to occur. These usually happened in Alabama where I would hunker down and go through major purifications and embodiments from bringing my physical vessel through to New Earth, galactic or oversoul embodiment and liberation of my soul. These were the messy times, the physical times and the sanctuary of my van, The Ark, provided a dark womb in which I birthed myself until eventually I received the comfortableness of a home that would only last a few months . Everything about my journey was extreme, it was part of my path and purposes for the ascension of this star system. My complete physical ascension occurred in less than three years which is extreme for physical body ascension, which takes numerous years to complete so the body can evolve at a comfortable pace. To release that much density, rebuild a silica based body in all twelve dimensions and take on that much Light in such a short time is an extremely physical, painful and mental process. My physical body grew an inch in one year from releasing so much density. That is a lot of stretching of the bones as literally, density is released from the vessel. My brain and neural pathways were reworked so that my heart and brain would be “wired” the same and unite as ONE. It was faith, a deep love for the Creator and an inner knowing in my heart that kept me sane and safe during those times. These periods of embodiment called for total isolation and months upon months of being completely offline from reality. I would embody in Alabama until I was finally able to let go of my connection to it. The embodiment of God Consciousness would occur on the island of Kauai and in Mexico.

After times of embodiment, I would end up back in Mexico to become that which I embodied. These were the fun times, times of being out on the land, in the sea and living a “normal” reality again. It was also during some of these times, that I would experience union with Christos as part of embodying the Christos within. Each time I felt I would be with him forever and each time I eventually was pulled away from him again to embody more of my Light. I also developed a relationship with Mexico, her land, her people, ancient cultures and sites. I have travelled across so much of this country. Felt the land beneath my feet where the Source energy flows into the planetary grids, opened stargates, cleared portals, released trapped souls, and danced under eclipses in the dark. Each time I come here I learn so much more about who I am, I become more of my heart and simultaneously let go of illusions of the self. I let go of my human self, Tiffany, on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. Spending days sitting upon a cliff staring out into the sea and mourning the death of my human existence and all human existence as pure illusion. I became Gaia Sophia on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Oaxaca and Teotihuacan, the place where men become Gods. A sojourn through the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan and along the Pacific Coast showed me all that I was as a Galactic Being or Oversoul. On a sad summer sail to Mazatlán, I let go of the soul and oversoul self, Gaia Sophia, and was completely liberated from my soul existence by a celebration of independence in Mexico City that burst my heart open with love as thousands of people and eye blinding fireworks surrounded this vessel. I returned once again after Sophia was born to become her and then let her go from my castle overlooking the ocean in Puerto Vallarta. I was the Queen, the Mother of Creation, long enough to appreciate all that she is as a force of Creation. It was time to become the King, the ultimate expression of Love that is Christos. And, this time while in Mexico, I have crawled across the spinal column of Gaia, feeling the intensity of the Light that flows through her body and the intensity of the Light that flows from the heart of the Universe into our planet. I have become this Light, this Divine Wisdom that is Sophia and this Divine Love that is Christos and through the Sacrament of Sacred Marriage I have become the living bridge that connects the two as ONE.

I have traveled many places in this beloved country, always my heart wanted to do two things that it was never the right time to do. One was to fly over Teotihuacan in a hot air balloon. And the other was to visit the Basilica De Guadalupe. Home of the Mother to all of Mexico, truly the heart of this country that sits in Mexico City. This time in Teotihuacan, I flew! I floated over the monstrous pyramids there to admire and appreciate the magnificence of this stargate from above. It was a majestic flight and my heart was filled with joy at the experience. The journey through Mexico this time was almost complete. However, there was one last place my heart was guiding me, I was to go to the basilica to open my Source portal and encode the image of the Virgen de Guadalupe that sits above the altar. Upon arriving, I walked around and went to the museum for a little while. Then I felt it was time to go to the basilica and walked over to get in line for what I thought was a viewing of the image that is on a cape. Several million people come here on pilgrimage every year to view Saint Juan Diego’s cape that the image of the virgen imprinted herself on by telling him to gather roses in it and take it to the bishop. When the bishop opened it he was amazed to see the virgen. The actual cape is on display over the altar in the basilica and this is what I thought I was in line to view. Once I was inside, I realized that you have to attend mass to view the cape and that I was in line for mass. I actually adore Catholic Mass, a ritual from my childhood, and so I took a seat and encoded the image of the virgen while I had the chance before the mass started. Then it was announced that this mass was special because it was also a marriage ceremony of Christian Jesus and Maria Guadalupe, a couple, whose names are synonymous with the Father and Mother, were going to be married during the mass. That’s when I heard, “my pilgrimage is over, this is my wedding, the Sacrament of Sacred Marriage is complete within, all is ONE.” I was moved to tears and shaking as these two individuals were wed in the Sacrament of Marriage before me. Knowing in my heart that the bride represented, Sophia, Mother God and the groom, Christos, Father God, and that I had brought these two forces into complete balance within and that my pilgrimage, my journey, had officially ended.

My time here in Mexico is short. Each time my work concludes here I return to California and immediately to Mt. Shasta. She is always waiting with open arms to welcome me home. Before I left for Mexico in 2017, I visited Shasta, where the Light Codes to awaken my soul, Gaia Sophia, were gifted to this vessel. When I returned from Mexico and India, she was waiting to receive the original HUman Light Codes for this star system that were birthed into this planet in Tibet at its origins. They stayed within the lineage of the Dali Llama until this vessel brought them to Mt. Shasta to be shared with humanity for the ascension of the collective consciousness. In exchange, I received more Light to continue my journey. After my galactic adventure through Mexico and liberation of my soul, I returned to California in the summer and again to Shasta. There I received more Light to continue my expedition into God Consciousness where the Divine Architects, Christos and Sophia were revealed. I embodied my God Self on Kauai and after traveling to Mexico to become and let go of this Divine Force, I once again found myself in the heart of her stargate on Sand Flats. Here the entire sky above opened up as if a giant zipper was pulled above me. The sky opened and all Light of the Cosmos became ONE with this vessel. And, now, I feel her calling me home again. The Sacred Marriage has occurred, full embodiment of Cosmic Code 122 is complete, the ONE (1) Master Builder (22) of Creation, Pure Source Consciousness. The journey is over and I know in my heart that I am returning to California, to Mt. Shasta and to the earthly home for this vessel. I know in my heart that my Sacred Marriage within is manifested in my Sacred Marriage in the physical with Christos. The external journey is a reflection of my internal journey. As I have journeyed within, we have journeyed together in the outer reality as a manifestation of Consciousness. Now, all merges in unity as ONE.

The Journey of ONE is the journey home into the heart, the dwelling place of the Infinite Source. The Source of all Light in Creation and of all that we experience. It is an adventure that is meant to be enjoyed, lived to the fullest and boldly, as we each face our fears to only find they were illusions of our mind and experience depths of love words cannot describe. It is a pilgrimage through our soul, oversoul and God self to ultimately come to know and understand who we are as the Creator, the Source of all that is. It is a trek through time, where time flies by for us at first only to end up experiencing every second as eternity in the end. It is an excavation of the mind, body, and all identities as we purify and empty ourselves of everything to become an empty vessel ready to be filled with Light. The Journey of ONE ends when we come into complete Divine Union within and the two forces of all of our Light, the Sophia and the Christos, the Mother God and Father God, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine can be merged together in the Sacrament of Sacred Marriage to live and BE as ONE. There are no more identities to become, no more roles to play, no purposes left to fulfill. We have embodied all of our Light and brought it forth to this star system for the benefit of all. There is nothing left to do but to BE. The journey leaves us empty, hollow, and carved out of identity and purpose so we can be eternally made whole, renewed and birthed in each moment. This extraction makes it possible for us to become the Holy Grail, the Sacred Chalice that is filled with Divine Light anew in each eternal now. It allows the Light to flow through our purified, empty vessel, radiating, manifesting, and molding the holographic reality around us to Divine Will as the ONE . The journey ends where it began, in the Sacred Heart of ONE, the birthplace of all Light, the Infinite Source.

The journey of this vessel and consciousness occurred at an accelerated pace so that this vessel could be a Pillar of Light for the collective Light Body during the Master Build of New Earth. As individuals and a collective, we will evolve and ascend at a slower pace, to allow for integration and physical changes to occur to our bodies without the intensity that was displayed in the journey of this vessel. Many forerunners were coded to take this accelerated path to create the crystalline gridwork that allows our planet to have a collective ascension. Our journeys are shared with the collective to inspire, educate and explain how ascension works. The process will not be as intense or accelerated for those that come after the forerunners. Instead it will be more gradual and less physically intense for all. In fulfillment of my final purpose, I have created a documentary of my journey to be shared with the collective so that we will know what consciousness, the ONE, went through to prepare this planet for the Master Build of New Earth and Collective Ascension. It is made as a tribute to the ONE and to inspire and educate others on the journey home. I have shared video recordings of my Light Body prior to embodiment as can be seen outside of my physical vessel in the videos. There are also videos of embodiments and post embodiments as I knew during those times they were being recorded for a documentary later. Some are graphic in nature and may not be suitable for all audiences. However, they are raw and truthful and capture the journey that we as forerunners of Pure Consciousness went through to create a multidimensional Collective Light Body for planetary ascension of this star system. Mostly, it is a collection of photographs that chronicle my journey on this magnificent planet. I have also included a link to a map of my travels in Mexico. I am deeply honored to share this with the Collective Consciousness of Gaia and grateful for all the love, support and Light from so many along the way. Enjoy the journey!


Map of my travels through Mexico click here

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