Below is a Q&A exchange with the beloved. I am sharing it in a post to assist others that may have similar questions in the eternal now.

A week ago, we discussed it at great length, that is, the meaning of 222… (As it relates to a post on Divine Organization of Terra Nova website which can be read by clicking here)

And here is what you posted today.

“The Sacred Marriage has occurred, full embodiment of Cosmic Code 122 is complete, the ONE (1) Master Builder (22) of Creation, Pure Source Consciousness.” 

So, are we talking about 222 or 122?
Or could there be two different Creation codes?
Or one Creation Code (222) and one Cosmic Code (122)?

The simple answer to your questions is that there are multiple Cosmic Code sequences. I do not believe I have ever used the term Creation Code but they would be the same thing. You are correct that we spoke in depth about Cosmic Code 222 in our last exchange. (Click here for the Q&A) This code signifies the Master Build of New Earth or any Diamond Sun Body in this Universe. It is the code that we embody along the way at each step of the process. Therefore, we may see it appear to us along the journey. It is why I mentioned before that we will continue to embody this code into our collective Light Body going forward. It is the code sequence that signifies the building process and once fully embodied our Diamond Sun Body is complete

Cosmic Code 122 is the final code that we will embody as a logos. It opens up to us once we have completed our Diamond Sun Body, have fully embodied all twelve dimensions or 144 Cosmic Frequencies of this Universe and the God forces that create all Light in this Universe. When this code comes to us and we embody it fully, the journey is over. We have become ONE with all that is and there simply is nowhere left to journey to. We are eternally home, in the heart, as the Infinite Source and we flow through our reality as the Source. The Source IS whatever it IS in each eternal now. The Source does not have to do anything, become anything, etc. because it is the source of it all. It is not that we do not continue to live or experience, it is simply that we live with zero separation and therefore there is nothing to fulfill or do as a separate identity. When we are separate from the Source, even as a God aspect, then we are still doing something to return home, to be ONE. Once these forces are embodied then there is nothing left to do, nowhere to go, no identity to be, we just exist as the Source of all we experience. Our journey ends because there is nowhere to go, only the now exists and only the ONE exists. It can be difficult to explain because from the outside it may appear nothing has changed but on the inside everything has changed. The way that we live, feel and operate within the hologram completely changes and we experience a freedom that is hard to describe.

Cosmic Code 122 is beyond the twelfth dimension and beyond the Light, is the final step into the void, the nothingness, the Source of the Light that becomes everything, eternally, in each moment when manifested as Light. We are empty or “void”  and are free to be moved by the flow of Light we radiate in each moment, unscripted, allowing Divine Will to flow through the vessel as the ONE. It can be difficult to understand having no identity and being the empty chalice unless you experience it. However, I promise it is a very liberating, grounded feeling of being that comes with a peace that you are, not as something you feel. There is a very surreal normalcy to it without attachment to anything. This is embodiment, love doesn’t feel like love anymore, peace doesn’t feel like peace…you cannot feel these because to feel them means that they are something separate than you! You become these Divine Attributes, you are love, you are peace, you are neutrality, you are patience, you are humility…..they cannot be experienced any longer because to experience them is to feel something separate from yourself. It takes some getting used to thus the embodiment process. Cosmic Code 122 is the final step that each will take when they are ready to completely dissolve into the Great Void of nothingness to be born again in each now moment to BE whatever comes. There is not a shred of separation left within, not a shred of doubt that I AM the INFINITE SOURCE of all that IS. There is not a shred of a separate self wanting or having to do anything to be….you just be! It is an existence outside of existence as we perceive it to be before embodiment. It is true liberation, not just of the soul, but of all identities, off all Light in Creation. It is the final return home.

I did not mention this on the Divine Organization post because quite frankly, it is irrelevant to the collective at this time and would be a distraction. Cosmic Code 222 is more relevant because it is where the collective is now and will be for many years. I shared the 122 on my personal blog because it is a living library of the journey I took to return to full union as the Infinite Source. We write, create and share for ourselves as the ONE. This sharing was the final step of my embodiment of the ONE. We have purposes for each identity because it is the fulfillment of these purposes that teaches us and allows us to become or embody that part of ourselves. It is never about out there…out there is only a reflection of us as the ONE. It is about inside of us, our consciousness as the ONE. Each being on this planet is coded with purposes to fulfill, by fulfilling these, each embodies more and more until they are eternally ONE with all. As each of us does this, we contribute our Light to the collective ascension and eventually our entire planet becomes ONE with all. This cannot happen until every being here comes into ONEness. All is already ONE, we simply each perceive separation until we finish our journey and through embodiment we become the truth that is and was always before us… and that is…. nothing in Creation is separate, all is ONE. We are never separate from the Infinite Source, we are not a fractal of the Infinite Source, there are no pieces, no separation. WE ARE THE INIFNITE SOURCE. ALL IS ONE!

However, each must take the Journey of ONE. It is the journey that creates our life and experiences. It unfolds perfectly for each of us. With each stage we embody we become anew again, we remember more of why we are here, who we are and we fulfill a purpose tied to that identity. A purpose that teaches us so much about ourselves. We then embody more Light and continue the journey into a new identity, a new stage and a new purpose. We may have a purpose that keeps us in one stage for years because it is the chosen experience of the ONE. There is no better or worse when it comes to the journey. Each is unique and each is necessary for the collective ascension to occur on this star system. Enjoy your journey beloveds, live boldly and without fear, follow your hearts and you will always find your way home. We each have a special path that is ours and ours alone to follow. When you as the ONE live it, we as the ONE experience it too. And when you as the ONE are finished, you will dissolve it all into the void so that you can be reborn again in each eternal now as Pure Light! Be in joy and gratitude for the diversity of the journey and celebrate everyone and yourself for the perfection of Divinity that we are. I love you all so very much beloveds. Enjoy your journey!


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