What is The Event – Comprehensive Outline and Explanation

***This is a long informative post of what The Event is and what to expect*** One of the possessions that I brought to Mexico with me this time was a copy of the book War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. I knew that I was to read it sometime during my stay. It has sat […]

Learning to Love Descension too

Since last year I have been firmly planted within the lower realms of Old Earth. When I left Kauai in March of 2020, I descended in consciousness into the lower realms in order to assist with the Collective Dark Night of the Soul. At times, this has been challenging for this vessel and this consciousness. […]

Collective Shift to New Earth via The Event

This has been the most intense two years (2020-2021) for being a soul within the third and fourth dimension or a conduit of Pure Source Light and frequency holder/stabilizer on Gaia working within these realms. Since November 2019, the collective consciousness of Gaia entered the Dark Night of the Soul in order to fully awaken […]

Purification Energies of April – Light at the end of the Dark Night

Just a few days after the resurrection energies of Easter, we moved into the final surge of the massive purification energies that began with the 2020 collective timeline. These Light influxes have been designed to completely awaken the collective and purify the collective Light Body enough to raise the entire collective consciousness into the bandwidths […]

Love is All There Is

When we have emptied our cup, poured the contents of our life experience back into the melting pot of consciousness, what remains? When we ourselves have become the Holy Grail, the Diamond Sun (Light) Body of Consciousness with its Source in the Heart of ONE…what is it that we have become? What does it feel […]

Death into Everlasting Life

I have awoken with the feeling that something is about to change, a past I must let go of- like when my human life was over and I never moved to Alabama again or experienced life as I once did as a human. Something from my journey – MY ENTIRE JOURNEY- is being purged from […]