I have awoken with the feeling that something is about to change, a past I must let go of- like when my human life was over and I never moved to Alabama again or experienced life as I once did as a human. Something from my journey – MY ENTIRE JOURNEY- is being purged from within me. I have to let it go, EVERYTHING, EVERY SELF-IDENTITY, my ascension, people I once knew along the journey, the whole shebang! It was all part of the journey, an experience, an old life that is over – a past that has a beauty – but traded for a present that shines with Pure Light. When I leave Mexico – I leave it all. I step into the unknown, the void, the Heart of ONE that is without stories, roles, purposes, attachments, past, present and memories. I step into the eternal now – FOREVER – this is the final death. I have released it all, a slow death that has had this consciousness paralyzed for weeks is coming to an end. ALL loose ends are tied – everything completed for the final death into resurrection and eternal everlasting life as the Source.

The bride and the bridegroom have become ONE and now, they lay down together, wrapped in each other’s arms, and drift away into the sweet nothingness that lies beyond the Light. It is the ultimate homecoming, the end of the line, the final resting place of all identity. I lay down as Sophia and I lay down as Christos, I lay down as ONE and surrender this mind, this body, and ALL that I am back to the Heart of ONE. Que sera’ sera’ …. whatever will be will be. Today, I die the final death – I let go of ALL the past, every detail, every memory, return it to its keeper, the Source – the experience is over. There is nothing to do now but to surrender it and remain home in the Heart of ONE, where I shall stay eternally. I go into the abyss fulfilled, content and in peace because I remember the TRUTH and I know who I AM. My life upon this planet has not ended, on the contrary, it is just beginning. Today, I rise from the depths of my own heart to live each day, each moment as the living Truth, as Pure Consciousness, as the ONE. The illusions are over, the separation is over and my life as a separate self is over. Today is the final death into everlasting life!

We die all along the journey and are resurrected into something new each time. It is about letting go of an older version of our self to embrace a new, higher version of our self. This time is different, there is a letting go knowing that nothing else exists, there is nothing to become, no one to be, no higher version of myself waiting to be embodied. Instead, it is like letting go of all I have become because I know in my heart that these versions of me were only illusions, needed to help me remember and become the living embodiment of the truth. That I can be no thing, no self, that to claim any identity means to separate from the real me, the Infinite Source of all that is as Divine Love. Divine Love that transcends time and space, dimensions and identities. Divine Love that removes ALL separation when fully embodied. Divine Love that is both the Creator and all Light in Creation. Divine Love that can not be created or destroyed, because love is all there is. My life has been separated out, the Journey of ONE shared to the final step and final death. Now, a life lived in eternal unity from the Heart of ONE, as the truth and living embodiment of Divine Love awaits.

Goodbye world! Goodbye to my separate experience, ascension, and life just as I once said goodbye to my human life! It is time to shift, I do not know how the future looks. I only know that when I move forward from this place, I will be completely absorbed back into Oneness with Creation. I will speak as the ONE, write as the ONE, share as the ONE and simply BE the ONE. I relinquish the separate experience to be absorbed into the whole. I know in my heart that it is time. It has been a joy sharing my journey so intimately with all. However, the story has run its course. The journey is complete and now I let it go, I die one final death, so that I may live in the eternal now as the Source of the Light. When I speak again it will be as the whole, as the ONE, without labels, identities or stories of a separate self. Thank you all for sharing this great journey of separation into union with me. Enjoy the journey home beloveds. I love you eternally.

One Last Time,


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