When we have emptied our cup, poured the contents of our life experience back into the melting pot of consciousness, what remains? When we ourselves have become the Holy Grail, the Diamond Sun (Light) Body of Consciousness with its Source in the Heart of ONE…what is it that we have become? What does it feel like to be absorbed into the whole? To let go of all identities, cling to nothing and empty our selves of all that we ever thought we were. Who are we now? How do we move through this existence of form in a HUman vessel as the ONE? When we step off the ledge into the abyss that takes us beyond these concepts of the mind, what are we really?

Have you ever been so completely wrapped in the feeling of love that in that moment nothing else existed? Perhaps, a birthday when you were little, the moment you stared into another’s eyes and lost yourself, the birth of a child and the tender first cry echoing through the delivery room, a loving speech from a parent that you still hear to this day, the moment your heart awoke on your journey and you felt your true self for the first time. Yes, these tender moments of unconditional love that transcend time and space and allow us to forget about everything, who we are, where we are, that we exist separately from this feeling that is consuming us in this moment. THESE are the moments when we become the ONE, we become absorbed into the whole, the eternal sea of Love that is the only real identity we could ever profess to be. Yet, this love exceeds the definition of identity because it transcends all labels. It exists independent of titles, stories, or identities. It is a fire that consumes all and rages throughout Creation burning brightly from the Heart of ONE.

In each now moment this experience is available to us. The experience of being completely absorbed into the sea of Love, the Heart of ONE, to BE Love. In these moments we don’t feel love, we become love! We experience love as something we are, not something that is felt separate from us. These moments define our lives and shape us on our Earthly path and through ascension we learn to live these moments as our everyday life! However, we have become so rooted in separation that these experiences are hard to achieve and sustain. When we were children, this feeling was our normal. We played carelessly, had no concept of being an identity or separate anything. We did not label our outside world with words like tree, bird, man or woman. We had no concept of time outside of the now. We simply stayed rooted in the Heart of ONE and experienced the magic of being! This feeling lasted until we began to separate, form ideas and concepts of separation in our minds. We journeyed through life only to find it left us closed and separated from that place we once knew but long since forgotten about. Then we awoke and vowed to return to that place, find our way home and return to everlasting life as love. This is the Journey of ONE, it is not about going anywhere, but about remembering, remembering the fundamental truth that love is all there is! We journey far outside ourselves only to come back to the very spot we left when we ventured out into this world of form to become a separate self. It takes some time but little by little we begin to sustain the experience of being love, being the ONE. More and more we become this love, our heart opens and opens and opens until we can take on all Light in Creation as our own. It is always there as ours and we are always it, only our minds must stretch and purify enough to allow us to remember and accept that which we truly are and our physical vessels must rebuild themselves to allow that much Light to flow through them.

Then one day, we are ready. We find that the time to dissolve any and all separation has landed on our doorstep and we must move forward and close the door on our separate experience. We find a distaste for being separate, a separate identity, story, or anything. It no longer makes sense to us because our mind, our brain has been completely wiped clean of separation, the selves we created, the experiences we played, it becomes like a dream that we awake from and we know it is time to let it go. So, we make the final step and we let go of it all, every experience we had, every story we created, every identity we got to experience, it all goes away. Our cup of life is poured out into the eternal sea of Consciousness, the entire hologram collapses and we find ourselves hollowed out, void and ready to emerge from the ashes once again into everlasting life as the ONE. It is our birthday, the moment we are birthed anew into this existence to live a life as love, never separating again, this time there will be no identities, no stories, no attachments. We will live perpetually as a child, free to wander this great big Earth as love. The Holy Grail that is our Diamond Sun Body, filled in each moment with Pure Light, Pure Love radiating out to the world around us creating a reality of unity.

When we are ready to die the final death and resurrect our consciousness into eternal everlasting life, we are born again into a life of freedom! In each moment, we are free to BE who we truly are as the ONE. We are free to do, say, write, sing, or be silent as radiant Pure Divine Love. It is not that we do not exist in this world of form. On the contrary, we are able to live a life of complete, eternal freedom as love. Free of roles, purposes, identities, stories or anything that binds us into separation. Instead, we are free to live from the Heart of ONE, always interacting with the hologram as a part of it, from the ONE frequency that all harmonic vibrations play together as ONE song of the Cosmos….the frequency of LOVE! Our friends, family and others in our life may remain. However, we have let go of the titles, the roles each played in our life, just as we did with our own identities. We no longer see them through the lens of separation but from the lens of unity. Our child is not our child, our father is not our father, our significant other is not our significant other. NO, each of these beings and ALL beings become us as the whole, the ONE Pure Consciousness. We unify all through love! We are free to interact with any consciousness because it is us and when we meet another from this state of Pure Love, then all unfolds around us to support a reality of unity. When we truly let go of it all and are absorbed into the whole it does not matter what anyone calls us, for every name becomes that of the ONE. The name we once used carries no charge when spoken, it does not mean anything to us any longer therefore it does not move our consciousness into identity when we experience it. We are free of its meaning to us as a separate identity. When we truly let something go in our heart then it looses it’s power or meaning or charge to us. From the outside it may look like nothing changed. However, once again, it is about what happens on the inside as Consciousness!

When we are born into eternal everlasting life, we are born into unity consciousness forever. There is no going back to separation. We are free from all bondage across all dimensions within space and time. We are free from all identities, labels or judgement. We are free to be the Eternal I, that is Pure Consciousness, Pure Love, the Source of all Light! Each of us are the I, Consciousness, expressing itself in a unique way, each of us are Love, each of us are the ONE. When we speak from our hearts as an authentic expression of love then there is no ego or separation carried within the I and we speak as the ONE. Do not be afraid to be who you are as the I, as the ONE, the eternal Source of all Light that is Pure Love. When we purify and let go of all identities, all separation in our minds, then we are free to be the authentic express of love that is the Eternal I, the Infinite Source of all. We let it all go to live each day as the living embodiment of the truth, as love…because Love is all there is!

When we are ready to release all separation and return in perpetuity to the Heart of ONE, everything changes and yet, nothing changes. It is the paradox of enlightenment, ascension and evolution of Consciousness. What is now, always was and what was always is now. Love is all there is, it exits here now, waiting for you to “see” it, to remember that you are it and when you are ready and only when you are ready, you will surrender everything to simply be it. You will live each day, each moment as love! It will transform your life yet somehow, you will feel normal and the same. Everything will change and at the same time nothing will change. Inside, you will be born again into this world of form to live as a child in Heaven. Outside you will see and experience Heaven where it has been all along…..right in front of you!

I love each and every one of you beloved beings of Light shining as Pure Love upon this planet. Continue following your path and one step at a time you will become more and more of this Divine Love that is the ONE. In every fiber of your being, in your mind, your body and your heart you will become the living embodiment of Divine Love that is existence itself! In my heart you are always beloved! I love you so very much!

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