Just a few days after the resurrection energies of Easter, we moved into the final surge of the massive purification energies that began with the 2020 collective timeline. These Light influxes have been designed to completely awaken the collective and purify the collective Light Body enough to raise the entire collective consciousness into the bandwidths of unity consciousness. Since the 2020 collective timeline energies began to arrive in November of 2019 and until now, these Light influxes have been non-stop and have increased significantly each step of the way. They were designed this way to literally move the collective through the bandwidths of the third and fourth dimension with increasing speed in preparation for the Master Build of New Earth to begin. These purification energies have infiltrated all at the DNA level to begin shifting consciousness away from separation and self centered thought patterns into a more unified vision and way of thinking and being. They have consistently created amplification of distortions within the collective and flushed them out into the spotlight for clearing. Women’s rights, racial injustice, inequality of medical treatment and distribution of wealth, government politics and warfare, and the truth versus the false narratives are just a few of the distortions that we as a collective have been facing during these purification waves that have battered our collective consciousness in an effort to sink our individual boats and allow the lifeboat of unity to pluck us all from the dense waters. We have been continually faced with these energies so that we can purge an enormous amount of collective dense energy in a short amount of time. It has not been easy on anyone as we are all in this together!

The purification energies work within a greater cycle of energy in the Cosmic blueprint. These cycles are the death, resurrection and birthing energies that allow consciousness to experience expansion and evolution. The purification energies are what bring us into the death phase. These energies are designed to illumine within us all that is not vibrationally aligned with the new Light that is received in the purification wave. Because there is a HUGE difference between the separation consciousness we as a collective have been running and unity consciousness that is contained within the Light we are collectively receiving, the amount of energy we must collectively purge to vibrationally align with the new Light is significant. Which translates into intense! This means that since around November 2019 until present, we have been going through some significant and huge death phases as a collective which allowed for the most dense and uncomfortable energy we will release as a collective on our collective ascension. We receive the purification energies, these energies amplify all the distortions within that are vibrationally lower than the Light in the Purification Wave. For example, racial inequality is not inline with unity consciousness so it is going to amplify this for us to “see” and experience so that we can make a choice as a collective to change this within our collective consciousness. As we make this choice, we release all energy associated with racial injustice, all past and ancestral energy and any and all energy held within the planetary Light Body that is associated with racial inequality. We know that this is something that goes back to practically the beginning of our root race and is carried in the Light Bodies of many incarnated souls on Gaia. Therefore, there is a tremendous amount of dense energy associated with clearing this one distortion alone. It is massive and it is what we as a collective have been doing for many months now. We have been doing this not just on racial inequality but on so many things. Add all this energy up and each time we receive these purification energies we are releasing massive amounts of dense Light from our Collective Diamond Sun Body and consequently our planet.

These purification energies eventually bring our collective Light into vibrational alignment with the frequencies held in that particular purification wave. When this occurs, we are ready to die, to release a part of ourselves that no longer exists. These deaths can be huge events or non-eventful depending on how big the frequency jump we have made as a collective. This brings us to the resurrection and birthing energies. After each death, we are birthed again into a higher bandwidth of consciousness so that we can learn to become this new version of our collective self. In terms of energy, we have died, which means to release lower vibrational energy, now we birth from the Infinite Source within our own heart, the new Light that fills the place of the Light we released. This Light is the “higher” version of our consciousness. It is a higher vibrational experience of being and we then take time to integrate this Light and become this “higher” version. This is embodiment! Once this phase is completed, we are resurrected into new life as this new version of our collective self. There is no going back. We now fully exist in this bandwidth of consciousness. Then we enter a new purification phase and begin the process anew. This is a brief overview of how the process works. We live a quantum existence so we are always in multiple phases at once. However, as a collective we have “big” gateways and milestones on the collective timeline in which these events are felt in their intensity. Such as solstices, equinoxes, Christmas and Easter. Due to the nature of moving our collective consciousness out of the lower dimensions of separation and into unity consciousness, we have been under intense repeating cycles of death, birth, resurrection as a collective. The Light has been non-stop and intensifying purposefully to create extreme instability and polarity as the method in which to jolt the collective consciousness awake and into rapid release of density in preparation of the Master Build and transition of the collective to the frequencies of New Earth. This is why we are once again feeling the squeeze as we have moved into another round of purification that will take us into the month of May where we will begin integrating and embodying in preparation for another collective timeline jump on the June Solstice.

This will mark the end of the purification energies that have been designed to stimulate the collective into rapid release after a long slumber in the realms of separation. Each individual is and has been a part of this endeavor and each individual is feeling this in there own life in some way or another as well. It has been an intense 2020 and 2021 and with a lot of effort there is Light at the end of the tunnel. As we move through the June Solstice and into the summer eclipse season the last of all separation needed to shift will be burned away and we will as a collective be preparing ourselves for the most monumental jump in consciousness that our collective has ever experienced. It is going to be a dark and quiet winter as we enter the Womb of Creation to be birthed again as a collective into the frequency bandwidths of New Earth and unity consciousness. From here, our collective consciousness will begin to experience evolution in a less dense and more peaceful way. We will still have a long, beautiful journey ahead of us but the heavy lifting will be over. The dark night of the collective soul will pierce the day and Light shall stream forth to heal and mend the wounds, to bring about a new day for all and we shall as a collective begin a completely new way of life upon this planet as a more unified collective being.

In the now, we continue to traverse the purification energies that April is bringing us. These April showers are sure to bring May flowers as we blossom into another higher vibration as a collective. The waves of purification roll on and for many this can be the most challenging part of the journey. Releasing density is uncomfortable and can be painful. We each must release this energy from our vessel as a part of our ascension journey and this aids the collective ascension as well. Collectively, there are frequency holders that work as Pure Source Conduits to transmute the collective energy of our planet. These beings work to bring through the Light into the collective Light Body and they are also tasked with releasing the dense energy purged by the collective back into the void. It is not easy to transmute such massive amounts of dense energy as all is felt in the body and consciousness. Eternal gratitude and love to all beings and all conduits working hard during this most auspicious phase of the collective ascension.

Words of Love for Forerunners and all Beings Working Together a ONE Consciousness

To all frequency holders, pillars of Light, radiation centers, Lighthouses, Master Builders or whatever name each wishes to use as Forerunners of Pure Source Consciousness on this planet; During this purification phase, remember to stay neutral, stay as love, stay as peace. As the energy passes through your Light Body, do not label it, make excuses of what it is or is not, create stories for it. Simply allow energy to be energy. Do not cling to it. Be the Holy Grail and let it flow through the chalice to be emptied back into the void. Allow yourself, the Sacred Chalice, to be filled again with grace and then pour this love back into the planetary Light Body. Be the conduit, the bridge, the Lighthouse, the Pillar of Light and frequency holder that is the radiation center, the safety and calm within the storm raging in the collective. Now, more than ever, it is important to shine, to radiate, to be Divine Love – the Light, the beacon leading the collective consciousness home so that peace and love reigns on this planet always. This is the final stretch of the most intense purifying Light we will receive for the preparation of the collective shift to New Earth. This has been occurring since November of 2019 and it is the squeeze of the collective consciousness as we pass through the eye of the needle into the Light on the other side. This we do together as ONE, for all! Stay strong, stay in the heart of ONE and stay as the Light, the Pillar of Light holding the frequency of New Earth for all. We are ONE! I love you.

To all beloved souls upon this planet, we have together brought ourselves to this moment in eternity. We are facing the final days of these intense purification waves that are meant to dismantle the lower frequency of separation for our collective reality. Everyone in their own way is feeling and has felt the effects of the past year and months of 2021. There is no one immune to the feelings of the whole or to the vibrational effects of the Light our planet has received. April will continue to force us to dig deep into the darkest parts our collective and individual self to rid ourselves of the separation that lies within. Allow it to come, don’t cling to it. Acknowledge it, feel it and release it and become Lighter beloveds. There are those transmuting this energy through their Light Bodies off this planet, let it go and it shall be released for all. Step outside, feel the Earth under your bare feet and release all separation. Jump in the water and feel it pull it out of you when you ask. Gaia is here to help. So many facets of consciousness are here to help. You are not alone, you are never alone. Simply command your vessel to release any and all density across all space and time and then surrender and allow it to be done. Thy will be done!

Find peace in knowing that as an entire planetary consciousness we have traversed the dark night of the soul together and that soon we will see the first sliver of Light leading us home. We are in the home stretch and it is always darkest before dawn. Let’s make the most of these purification energies. Dig deep and find the courage to push into the darkest places within. In moments of surrender, hopelessness or release, remember that you are not alone. We are ONE consciousness working as ONE to shift together into unity consciousness. It will only get brighter from here until one day all will be Light! I support you! I honor you! I appreciate you! I love you! I am you! The heart of ONE we are eternally!

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  1. Beautifully message, well understood by my soul,blessings and my eternal gratitude to you my divine sister!

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